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Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results - Jonathan Brookins Wins TUF Against Michael Johnson

Jonathan Brookins came into The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale as a heavy favorite against Michael Johnson. It wasn't easy but he did manage to have that favorite status hold up and earn a decision. With the win Brookins should likely be in the UFC for a long time (very few TUF winners have found themselves without a job).

The first round saw Johnson land several hard shots that badly hurt Brookins and looked to have him on the way out. However, Brookins survived and continued to press forward and the pressure did get to Johnson. Much as through the reality show, Johnson showed cardio problems when he couldn't finish early. In the second, Brookins took advantage of Johnson fading and took him down several times and even landed some very hard blows that were bothering Johnson badly. The third round was more of the same as Brookins got takedowns and controlled the action.

Two judges saw the bout 29-28 Brookins with the other also seeing it for Jonathan but with a score of 29-27.

With the win Brookins is the champion of season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter.


Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results - Stephan Bonnar Controls Igor Pokrajac

Stephan Bonnar cemented The Ultimate Fighter as one of the most important things in the history of MMA when he and Forrest Griffin had their war in the finale of the first season. He fought on the finale of The Ultimate Fighter season 12 against Igor Pokrajac and won his second fight in a row.

Bonnar managed to fight a much more smart and disciplined fight than he is known to do throughout the three rounds. Rather than get into a mindless brawl, Bonnar repeatedly got takedowns and worked his advantage in the grappling department to dominate the fight. Most of the three rounds were spent with Bonnar on top utilizing a ground and pound attack.

Even with a clear decision, the fight was not without controversy. In the second round, while Bonnar was on top and in side control, Igor landed a series of illegal knees to the back of Bonnar's head. The knees opened a cut and led to a point deduction for Igor. Not to be outdone in the illegal blow department, Bonnar would land a series of hammerfists to the back of Pokrajac's head in the third round with 10 seconds left that forced a point to be deducted from him as well.

The point deductions led to all three judges scoring the bout 29-26 for Stephan Bonnar.


Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results - Demian Maia Dominates Kendall Grove

One of the top fighters in the middleweight division, Demian Maia, got a chance to fight Kendall Grove on The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale. Grove won the third season of TUF but was clearly not on the same level as Maia. Grove attempted to use his long reach for the duration of the bout but he couldn't pull the trigger often based on a fear of Maia ducking under to get the takedown.

Maia used slightly improved boxing to not get dominated in the stand-up and time Grove's punches to duck under and get takedowns. On the ground Grove managed to defend submission attempts by Maia but could not handle the positioning and the ground and pound attack of Demian.

SBN scored the bout 30-27 for Maia and all three judges saw the fight 29-28 for Maia. With the win Demian should remain in contention for the UFC middleweight title.


Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results - Rick Story Upsets Johny Hendricks

At The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Rick Story made a statement by defeating Johny Hendricks by decision. Throughout the fight Hendricks looked flat and at many points allowed Story to push the action. In the first round Story was much more active but Hendricks did manage to land some solid counter punches to the face. Story was able to flurry hard to the body and that was probably the difference in the opening frame.

Round two saw Story win clearly with takedowns and sheer aggression. Hendricks never looked comfortable in the round. The third saw Hendricks push forward and put Story's back in the cage where he repeatedly fought for takedowns and even though he couldn't do it, he still controlled the round and earned a win for that round.

In the end all three judges saw the fight 29-28 for Story. It was Rick's fifth straight victory and the first loss in the career of Hendricks.


Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results - Nam Phan Dominates, Loses Decision To Leonard Garcia

Nam Phan dominated all three rounds of his bout with Leonard Garcia, coming extremely close to finishing the fight in round two. Garcia used his typical style of coming forward and throwing wild punches that rarely land but look "flashy" while Phan was controlled in landing combinations to the head and body. Garcia was exhausted starting in the second round and it allowed Phan to simply avoid damage in the early part of the rounds but take over during the later part.

Most fans had a feeling that Garcia would win the judges decision though and that is exactly what happened. While SBNation saw the fight 30-26 for Phan, giving him round 2 10-8. Two judges saw the fight 29-28 for Garcia with the third seeing it 30-27 for Phan. It is nothing new for Garcia who rightfully could be 0-7 in his last seven bouts but instead is 3-3-1 winning three split decisions with a split draw thrown in for good measure.

Judging in MMA is something that has to change and no system is going to work with judges who do not understand that walking forward throwing arm punches that don't land does not beat out the other guy actually landing short, crisp punches.

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