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WEC 51 Results: Jose Aldo Retains Featherweight Title With KO Of Manny Gamburyan

The first round of the bout between Jose Aldo and Manny Gamburyan at WEC 51 may not have pleased everyone in attendance as both men fought at a measured pace but Jose Aldo made sure there were fireworks in the second frame.

Throughout round one both men circled, not wanting to make any huge mistakes. Aldo used leg kicks to do his damage thoughout the round, leaving a nasty welt on the outside of Manny's thigh. In the second round Aldo landed a hard counter right hand that buckled Gamburyan's knees, seeing he was hurt Aldo threw a very hard uppercut that dropped his foe. Jose followed him to the ground where he landed a flurry of punches that switched off the light of the challenger.

With the win Aldo remains the WEC's featherweight champion and undefeated in the Zuffa promotion.

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WEC 51 Results: Donald Cerrone Dominates Jamie Varner In Rematch

WEC 51's co-main event rematch between Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner was dominated by Cerrone. He was able to work a solid striking game throughout the three rounds and even incorporate some surprising wrestling in getting takedowns in every round. Varner had moments where he landed hard punches but for the majority of the fight was ineffective in sustaining a high level of success.

Following the fight Cerrone said that he would be willing to grant Varner a rematch to settle the score as each man now holds one win against the other.

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WEC 51 Results: Miguel Angel Torres Submits Charlie Valencia

Former 135 pound champion Miguel Torres submitted Charlie Valencia at WEC 51. The first round was fought at a very slow, measured pace before Valencia slipped to his back late in the round. At that point Torres pounced and landed some hard shots to make a clear statement that he had won the round. In the second Torres landed a hard punch followed by a body kick that hurt Valencia. As Charlie went down Torres pounced doing some nice damage. Eventually Torres took the back and worked patiently to secure a rear naked choke for the win.

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WEC 51 Results: George Roop Scores Brutal Knockout Of Chan Sung Jung

At WEC 51 George Roop did what no other man had managed to do yet and stopped "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung.

Through the first round both men looked very measured while trading leg kicks and straight punches. It was a close round with neither man making too much of a statement but Roop probably edging out the round on the scorecards. In the second round Roop decided it was time to make a statement. Jung dropped his hands and Roop landed a hard head kick that knocked Jung out cold.

It was a fantastic knockout that ranks among the best of the year.

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WEC 51 Results: Mark Hominick Dominates Leonard Garcia, Only Gets Split Decision Win

In the opening fight of WEC 51 Mark Hominick and Leonard Garcia met in a striking battle. Garcia managed to land some punches and big leg kicks in the first round and won the round very close on the SB Nation card. Over the first round Hominick was starting to set things up for later in the fight as he landed counter left hands and went to the body with hard punches. In the second and third round Hominick dominated the bout making Garcia miss almost every big strike he threw while landing sharp counters that bounced off the head of Leonard. What seemed to be a clear decision win for Hominick was tainted when one judge scored the bout 29-28 for Garcia, the two other judges had their heads on straight and gave the bout 29-28 to Hominick, giving him the split decision victory.

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