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UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: The Preliminary Fights

The UFC 127 fight card features some decent preliminary action for SpikeTV's "The Ultimate Fighter" season 11 veteran Nick Ring, PRIDE and K-1 veteran Mark Hunt, Polish prospect Maciej Jewtuszko, Chinese flag bearer Tie Quan Zhang and many others. All but two of these fights will either air on or ION Television.

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UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: Spencer Fisher Vs. Ross Pearson, Zhang Tie Quan Vs. Jason Reinhardt

The two remaining preliminary bouts on the UFC 127 fight card are Spencer Fisher vs. Ross Pearson and Zhang Tie Quan vs. Jason Reinhardt. Fisher vs. Ross features a battle of lightweight strikers while Zhang vs. Reinhardt is more of a test for a Chinese fighter whose presence is part of a larger hope by the UFC parent organization to make entry into his home country.

Here's my prediction for Fisher vs. Pearson:

Two years ago this would be a close fight and I'd even favor Fisher. He's still got decent speed, but so does Pearson. Moreover, Pearson is a physical bruiser who can keep Fisher off balance with takedowns or positional control in the clinch. Pearson by decision.

Fisher is just too shop worn at this point while Pearson, though he has trouble with reach, is still very fresh and new in his UFC career. He's also a physical fighter who can dictate where the fight takes place.

This was my prediction for Zhang vs. Reinhardt:

The UFC is giving their sole Chinese fighter a chance to improve in the Roger Huerta track of matchmaking against the world's most accomplished journeyman. Zhang by TKO.

Zhang is aggressive and can compete at the lower echelon of the UFC level. Stated plainly, Reinhardt cannot. He has the best record for being what is essential a journeyman of the midwest regional MMA circuit. Zhang should have his way with him.

Zhang vs. Reinhard is a featherweight fight that will air on Facebook. Fisher vs. Pearson is a lightweight fight that will air on ION Television.


UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: Anthony Perosh Vs. Tom Blackledge

A fight that is sure to be of more interest to Australian fans is Anthony Perosh vs. Tom Blackledge. Australian Perosh makes his UFC return after getting crushed by Mirko Filipovic at UFC 110. The Brit Tom Blackledge fights out of the Wolfslair Academy alongside co-main fighter Michael Bisping.

This was my prediction for this bout:

Tom Blackledge vs. Anthony Perosh

Blackledge and Warburton are being grandfathered in because of their Wolfslair association. Perosh isn't anything to write home about, but he's got enough submission skills to give the Brit trouble. Perosh by submission.

It's important to note many disagree with me. Others believe the striking power of Blackledge is probably enough to get the job done, something I won't really dispute. I just don't find that more probable. It's also safe to say the jiu-jitsu black belt in Perosh has a sizeable advantage on the floor.

Either way, I doubt either Perosh or Blackledge has much of a future in the UFC.

This is a light heavyweight bout and will air on Facebook.


UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: James Te Huna Vs. Alexander Gustafsson

One of the best fights on the under card of UFC 127 is James Te Huna vs. Alexander Gustafsson. It features a New Zealand physical brute against a top Swedish prospect. It also promises to deliver a ton of action. Here's a basic way to understand this fight:

Brutalizer James Te Huna from New Zealand makes his return to the UFC after UFC 110 when he locks horns with Sweden's Alexander Gustafsson. Gustaffson enters this bout fresh of UFC 120 win over Cyrille Diabate.

And the Swede looked good in dispatching Diabate, too. This is an excellent fight if for no other reason than top UFC light heavyweight prospect Gustaffson will be a stiff, but beatable challenge in Te Huna. Here's how I predicted it would end:

Even when he's lost I've been impressed with Gustaffson. Strong willed, much more well-rounded than he's given credit, calm in the pocket or bad spots, etc. He's got exactly the type of skills to deal with a first-round destroyer like Te Huna. The New Zealander might still be able to turn off the lights, but I suspect he'll get dragged into later rounds where the poise and skill of the Swede take over. Gustafsson by TKO.


UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: Nick Ring Vs. Riki Fukuda

The third fight on the UFC 127 prelim card is Nick Ring vs. Riki Fukuda.

Nick Ring is a former cast member of Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter" season 11 and Riki Fukuda, formerly training with Norifumi Yamamoto and Krazy Bee, is now a Grabaka middleweight with considerable wrestling ability.

Casual fans know about Ring, so here's more on Fukuda:

Riki Fukuda is a Japanese middleweight mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter with an extensive career in Deep, Shooto, Pancrase and numerous other promotions. Fukuda wrestled for the Yamanashi Gakuin University team and was the Deep middleweight champion.

He trains at the Grabaka dojo.

He holds notable wins over Maurilo "Ninja" Rua, Yuya Shirai and Brandon Wolff. He has notable losses to EliteXC and Strikeforce veteran Joey Villasenor and UFC veteran Joe Doerksen.

This is one of the toughest fights on the card to predict, but here's how I saw it:

There's no telling what Ring's injuries have done to his ability. All things being equal, he's more talented than Fukuda, but the Japanese middleweight has been more active. Fukuda by decision.


UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: Mark Hunt vs Chris Tuchscherer

Mark Hunt vs Chris Tuchscherer is the second fight on the UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch card and is of very, very little significance.

Mark Hunt's resume is impressive:

Better known for his accomplishments in K-1 where he earned top honors as the World Grand Prix champion, Hunt has nonetheless faced many of MMA's top heavyweights on their own turf. He's fought in K-1, PRIDE and the UFC.

He has notable losses to Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, Josh Barnett, and others. He has notable wins over Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic and Wanderlei Silva. He is currently signed to a one-fight deal with the UFC.

Except that to say he's fallen on hard times now would be a massive understatement. He's hanging onto this UFC run by the tinniest of threads and whatever standing ability he once possessed is all but gone.

That said, outside of being Brock Lesnar's training partner, not much can be said for Chris Tuchsherer. He has a respectable background in collegiate wrestling and that's about it. If either wins here tonight they are guaranteed to be cut. Frankly, even if they win a cut wouldn't surprise me.

The only upside is that Hunt is a New Zealand native and should have some measure of crowd support behind him in what could be his last run in the big shows of mixed martial arts.

This was my official prediction for the fight:

As bad as Hunt is or has become or maybe always was, I still think there's upset potential here. Hunt could and should get kimura'd in a round, but maybe he'll pull one off for the hometown crowd. If there is such a thing, he's got a higher upset quotient than other fighters. I'll be brave and say Hunt by TKO.


UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: Maciej Jewtuszko vs Curt Warburton

Maciej Jewtuszko vs Curt Warburton is the first fight on the UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch fight card and is actually of significant value, albeit long term.

Jewtuszko is a legitimate Polish talent with a ton of promise who needs the requisite experience against relevant competition at the appropriate time in his career to take the next step. Here's his bio from SB Nation:

Born and raised in Szczecin, Poland, Jewtuszko has become of the best lightweight prospects in the region, sporting an undefeated 7-0 record before debuting with the WEC in August of 2010.

He made his Zuffa debut against legitimate striking threat Anthony Njokuani at WEC 50 and absolutely demolished him.

Curt Warburton, on the other hand, is by no means a sub-standard fighter, but it isn't clear he's a legitimate UFC talent either. He went the distance with Spencer Fisher in his UFC debut, but it's difficult to tell what that means in this stage of Fisher's career. There's also a case to be made he's been grandfathered into the UFC because of his Wolfslair association.

This was my official prediction for this bout:

Warburton is going to get creamed by one of the best European lightweights competing in the sport today. Jewtuszko by KO.


UFC 127 Fight Card Preview: The Preliminary Fights

SB Nation MMA already has you covered for the main card previews, but Senior Editor Luke Thomas (@MMANation) is also going to give you the quick previews for tonight UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch under card. from the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia.

The first preliminary fight begins at 8:00 p.m. ET on Facebook, followed by the first set of Ion Television fights at 9:00 p.m. ET. The total preliminary card is as follows:

Spencer Fisher vs. Ross Pearson
Alexander Gustafsson vs. James Te Huna
Riki Fukuda vs. Nick Ring

Tom Blackledge vs. Anthony Perosh
Jason Reinhardt vs. Zhang Tie Quan

Mark Hunt vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Maciej Jewtuszko  vs. Curt Warburton 

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