UFC 126: Belfort vs. Silva Results

Live results and commentary for UFC 126, headlined by the UFC middleweight championship bout between champion Anderson Silva and former light heavyweight champ Vitor Belfort.

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UFC 126 Results - Forrest Griffin Outworks Rich Franklin

Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin fought in the co-main event of UFC 126. It was a battle of former champions as Griffin had won the light heavyweight title from Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rich Franklin was a former UFC middleweight champion. The two men were both in desperate need of a win to remain relevant at the upper end of the 205 pound division.

The first round saw Griffin get a quick takedown where he worked ground and pound for the entire round while Rich Franklin was unable to get anything going. It was a dominant round for Griffin and it appeared that Franklin may be in for a very long night. The second round saw the two men do battle mainly on the feet with Griffin again getting the better of the exchanges. This time it was leg kicks and the occasional punch that got through. Franklin would come back fairly strong in the third, landing some nice punches and kicks. SB Nation saw the fight as a 29-28 win for Griffin. The three judges all saw the same score.

Griffin admitted to being rusty after the fight and hopefully he can get right back in the cage to get back to his old form.


UFC 126 Results - Jon Jones Submits Ryan Bader

Jon Jones and Ryan Bader met at UFC 126 in a battle of two of the top prospects in the sport of mixed martial arts. Jones' only career loss to this point was by DQ in a fight he was dominating against Matt Hamill while Ryan Bader had not lost a professional fight. One man was going to get a huge win while the other would suffer his first ever legitimate loss.

Jon Jones controlled the first round with takedowns and positioning on top. Bader was clearly uncomfortable fighting off his back and Jones took advantage, moving to north-south position and looking for a choke. Bader managed to survive but clearly lost the round. In the second Bader had some decent moments and landed a few punches but Jones took over with leg kicks and scored a takedown. From there he secured the neck of Bader and forced the submission with a guillotine choke.

Jon Jones begged for a title shot after the win and Mauricio Rua stepped into the cage and appeared to say that he would be up for the challenge. But first, Shogun has to get through Rashad Evans.

Nevermind, they just announced that it is now Shogun vs. Jones and Rashad Evans is out with a knee injury.


UFC 126 Results - Jake Ellenberger Wins Snoozefest

I am obviously a huge fan of mixed martial arts. I devote a crazy amount of time to watching fights and following the daily developments of the MMA world. But even as a fan of the sport it is hard to appreciate the second and third rounds of the UFC 126 fight between Jake Ellenberger and Carlos Eduardo Rocha.

In the first round Rocha managed to get a takedown and move to side control where he dominated the round from side control. There was a brief moment where the fight was almost finished in an americana submission but Ellenberger survived. The second and third rounds were fought standing up with neither man doing much in terms of effective work. Ellenberger would occasionally land punches while Rocha would throw wild shots that tended to miss. In both rounds Ellenberger scored late takedowns to make a case for winning the round.

SB Nation scored the fight 29-28 Ellenberger.

The official scorecards read 30-27 Rocha, 29-28 Ellenberger and 29-28 Ellenberger.

Jake had been in position to face #1 contender Jon Fitch but this performance will likely see him go off to the prelims.


UFC 126 Results - Miguel Torres Jabs His Way To Decision Win

Miguel Torres and Antonio Banuelos was a fight that, on paper, should have been one of the most exciting fights of the night. Instead Banuelos had no clue how to fight a much taller man and spent three rounds getting jabbed in the face. Torres never had to deviate from the gameplan of using his reach and simply stood outside jabbing and throwing the occasional right hand.

The crowd was not pleased with getting a slow paced strategic effort from Torres but there was no reason for him to risk danger when Banuelos was unwilling to throw punches to try to close the distance. All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for Torres.

Miguel has now won two fights in a row and is looking to get back into the title picture at 135 pounds. He will need to continue picking up wins as the 135 pound division is filled with talented fighter including the recently relocated Urijah Faber.


UFC 126 Results - Donald Cerrone Submits Paul Kelly

Donald Cerrone was a regular challenger for the WEC lightweight championship and now that he is in the UFC he was looking to make some waves against veteran Paul Kelly. Cerrone is known as a slow starter and that played out in this fight as well.

The fight got started with an odd moment as Kelly and Cerrone went to touch gloves before Kelly pulled back and landed a hard punch. Cerrone wasn't hurt and got a quick takedown before they ended up back in the stand-up. Kelly was getting the better of the stand-up for the first part of the round before eventually being taken back down. Cerrone landed a hard elbow that opened a nasty cut above Kelly's eye.

The second round was similar as Kelly was doing well in the stand-up but got taken down again. This time Cerrone moved to mount where he unloaded with punches. Cerrone moved to the back and locked in a body triangle. From there it was a few punches and Cerrone locked up the rear naked choke to force the submission.

Cerrone is a long way from the UFC championship picture and he needs to shore up his stand-up defense but this is a nice first win for him.


UFC 126 Results - Chad Mendes Roughs Up Michihiro Omigawa

Chad Mendes and Michihiro Omigawa met on the first fight of the Spike TV broadcast of UFC 126. Both men were highly ranked featherweights with Omigawa having found success since dropping to 145 and Mendes yet to lose as a professional. Mendes managed to beat Omigawa up on the feet and when the fight went to the ground he was on top landing hard punches and elbows. From bell to bell it was almost all Mendes.

In the second round Mendes landed a hard shot that sent Omigawa stumbling to the floor. Chad followed up with several hard punches but Omigawa was able to survive the onslaught. In the third round Omigawa attempted to step up his punching output and find a way to finish the fight but Mendes again landed hard punches. With ten seconds left in the fight Mendes put an exclamation point on his performance landing two hard punches.

As the judges scorecards were read a dejected Omigawa, bleeding from the nose and a huge cut over his eye, knew what was coming. All three judges saw the fight 30-27 for Mendes who now improves to 10-0 in his career.


UFC 126 Results - Demetrious Johnson Decisions Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto

Norifumi Yamamoto was once considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts. He made his UFC debut at UFC 126 against Demetrious Johnson. Johnson wasted no time in making it clear that the time of "Kid" Yamamoto has passed.

For three straight rounds Johnson ducked under the punches of Yamamoto to secure takedowns. Even though Kid was able to get back to his feet in every case it let Johnson set the pace for the fight and win all three rounds on the SB Nation scorecard. Johnson also handled himself ably on the feet, occasionally getting caught but landing solid flurries of his own.

The judges scorecards read 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 all for Demetrious Johnson.

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