UFC 128 Fight Card: Urijah Faber Talks UFC Debut On The Fight Fix

urijah faber

As part of a UFC 128 fight card preview, host Dustin Green catches up with Urijah "The California Kid" Faber before his UFC 128 fight with Eddie Wineland. The two talk Faber's drop to 135lbs, prepping for Wineland's style and looking ahead to a title shot against Dominick Cruz.

Host Dustin Green takes a look back at the action in combat sports from last week, specifically boxing's Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga and the UFC takeover of Strikeforce.

More specifically, he talks to UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber about his upcoming fight at UFC 128 with Eddie Wineland. Faber talks about the drop to 135lbs, prepping for Wineland, getting close to a title shot and thoughts on current champion Dominick Cruz.

You can also see The Fight Fix at CSNWashington.com.

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Full transcription below:

1:11, on fighting at 135 lbs: "I feel great.  I actually kinda walk around the same [weight] that I did at 145.  Just gonna be a bigger cut at the end of the day.  I feel awesome.  I been feeling great in training.  Of course there's nicks and bruises all the time, but that's the sport I'm in."

1:32, on what he wants to accomplish against Eddie Wineland: "I wanna put on a great show and I wanna win.  He's a great opponent for that because he comes with fire and he's an exciting guy also.  I think I'm the more well rounded of the 2 of us.  I'm dangerous in all aspects of the fight game.  He's got pretty good hands and kicks, but I think I'm gonna come out on top."

2:00, on staying honest in the ground game vs a striker: "You just honor any position.  You've seen it time and time again - guys that are getting submitted as black belts by guys who don't have [any] business submitting them.  The reason they're black belts is because they've studied these moves that work.  If someone else knows the same move, you gotta respect that.  I'll be aware of all positions and defend before I start doing damage."

2:28, on how close a win at 128 gets him to a title shot: "Oh, I think I'm right there.  I think it's just a matter of when these guys decide to make it happen.  Because he (Dominick Cruz) had his hand surgery it set things back, but I could've easily gone in and had a title fight right off the bat.  This is good man.  Just keep fighting and winning.  That's what I gotta do.  I think I'll be ready after this fight, but if they wanna give me 10 more fights, it doesn't matter to me."

2:53, on being a coach on The Ultimate Fighter: "There's never been any talks about that.  From a management side or from the UFC side, I haven't heard any of that.  It's been pretty much speculation, but i think it's something that could happen in the future for sure.'

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