UFC On Versus 3: Pat Barry Talks Brock Lesnar, Being Captain Of The Bowling Team

UFC's Pat Barry at the UFC on Versus 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann fan Q&A is talking now. Helping him moderate the discussion is Versus commentator Todd Harris. Here are the highlights:

- After the Joey Beltran fight, Barry says it's the first time he's ever come out of the fight with no injuries.

- Also shot a Tapout commercial. Says it was 12 hours of sparring Ray Sefo with no gear.

- Says the fight with Beltran fight didn't go as expected. Says a head kick landed and Beltran didn't even blink.

- Barry says he sang "White Christmas" in all of his kickboxing matches. Outloud. Said it helped him concentrate.

- Barry says a guy in a bar he leg kicked on a request had to go to the hospital to get his leg checked after it went numb.

- On the issue of female fighting, Barry is not against it. Says he doesn't understand the impulse of women to want to fight, also says the market won't bear out support for female fights.

- Barry is asked if he's ever had his leg kicks measured for impact and he says he hasn't, but would love to.

- Barry said a personal is to leg kick someone and give them a nose bleed.

- Asked if he's going to fight Matt Mitrione soon and said "not anytime soon", but wouldn't write it off completely.

- Barry doesn't seem enthusiastic about going to five-round non-title fights. Says the way he fights doesn't lend itself to fighting over the long haul.

- CroCop fight was one of his best fights ever. Said he's never gotten his ass kicked before or worried about continuing. Says fighting in the second round with a broken foot and hand was a true test of will. Never been in a situation where he had to choose to continue.

Also says he once threw a high kick at a guy in China, missed and the guy walked out of the ring after that.

- Apparently Barry is a huge caffeine addict.

- Contrasting what happens in training with actual fights, Barry says watching Brock Lesnar train made him want to lose weight (go to light heavyweight).

- Other than the New Orleans Saints competing in the Super Bowl, Barry says he's never watched a professional football game. Barry says he was captain of the bowling team in high school.

- Apparently Anthony Pettis' brother, Sergio Pettis, is going to be a MMA phenom.

- On the state of MMA judging, Barry is not overly concerned about the questions around the competency.

- "I'm from New Orleans, man, eating makes me happy." Barry says his diet isn't as clean as it should be, but he espouses the value of eating clean. "I'm not cutting weight ever," says Barry.

- Chuck Norris jokes now being told. That's when I say goodbye.

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