M-1 Challenge: Damkovsky vs. Figueroa Live Results

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Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Jose Figueroa Defeats Champion Artiom Damkovsky

M-1 lightweight champion Artiom Damkovsky (8-4) took on Jose Figueroa (9-4) in the main event of Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. It was the capper on a pretty entertaining night in the first effort of M-1 on premium cable.

Damkovsky looked to use his striking early but was taken down by Figueroa. It didn't take long for Artiom to find his way back to standing but Figueroa was able to hold his own standing, landing a head kick that caused the champ to start bleeding. A takedown by Figueroa had Damkovsky in a bad position eating big shots and coating the mat with blood. SB Nation scored the round 10-9 Figueroa.

The champion came out aggressive in the second looking to throw heavy strikes but Figueroa got a takedown and started to let his hands go from inside the guard again. A failed triangle choke attempt by Damkovsky allowed Jose to pass and end up in full mount before taking the back and locking in a body triangle. Figueroa ended up back in full mount and unloaded with punches. Damkovsky was covering up but wasn't doing anything else and the ref jumped in to stop it.

Jose Figueroa became the new M-1 Global lightweight champion with the victory.


Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Magomed Sultanakhmedov Wins Middleweight Title

Tyson Jeffries faced off with Magomed Sultanakhmedov in the co-main event of the evening on Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. The bout was to determine the new M-1 Global middleweight champion.

Jeffries came out aggressive with leg kicks and an ax kick while looking light on his feet. Unfortunately for him Sultanakhmedov managed to land a hard kick and punch that staggered him and seemed to stop his aggression. Sultanakhmedov would land a hard body kick shortly thereafter and use a nice throw to end up on top in side control. Sultanakhmedov was content to strike though so the stood the fight back up and began to let his heavy kicks go once again. A beautiful left hook, body kick combination kept things going in Magomed's favor.

The kicks to the body of Jeffries appeared to be taking their toll not just in bruising but also in his energy level as the second round started. But Tyson did manage to get a takedown and end up in full mount where he looked for an arm triangle but Sultanakhmedov defended and stood back up before starting the assault to the body once again. A knee to the body clearly hurt Jeffries and opened up the head where Sultanakhmedov drove huge strikes. Tyson valliantly tried to hang on but the assualt eventually sent him crumbling to the mat, forcing the ref to stop the bout.

With the win Sultanakhmedov became the M-1 Global middleweight champion.


Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Vinny Magalhaes Stops Jake Doerr In First Round

Runner-up in The Ultimate Fighter, Vinny Magalhaes (6-5) took on Jake Doerr (6-0) in the third fight on Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. It did not take long for Magalhaes to quickly prove he was the more capable fighter and pull off the win.

Magalhaes quickly landed a hard shot that staggered Doerr and sent him tumbling to the mat. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert jumped at the opportunity to work from the top where he qas quick to end up in full mount. Doerr gave up his back in an attempt to get out of trouble and Magalhes landed a flurry of punches that forced the referee to jump in and end the bout.

While it's a long shot that we see Vinny back in the UFC at any point in the near future, he does continue to impress against lower level opposition. Doerr was finished as soon as his back was on the mat.


Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Jason Norwood Controls Mojo Horne

Jason Norwood improved to 11-2 on his career with a dominant win over the tough Mojo Horne at Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge. Norwood managed to get a quick takedown in the first round and get to side control where he landed knees to the body of Horne. While Norwood worked, Horne fought valiantly back to his feet and landed a few knees before quickly being taken back down into north-south position. An inverted triangle choke attempt by Horne followed but Norwood qas quick to get out of trouble. Same song a bit later as Horne managed to stand, land knees to the body only to get slammed back to the mat quickly as the first round ended.

Horne took over early in the second round with a solid striking exchange capped off by a hard knee to the body that drove the wind out of Norwood. Jason managed to push through it and get a takedown. Horne got back up fairly quickly only to get taken back down quickly. This time Norwood was able to work with good shots to the body before being stood up despite actively trying to lock an arm up for a kimura. On the feet Horne again threw knees to the body and some nice punches and a heavy leg kick before being taken down. Horne did land a nice upkick during the late stages of the round but it appeared that Norwood was now up 20-18.

Horne got taken down quickly in the third and looked entirely frustrated with his inability to stay standing. Norwood was not doing enough work to avoid the ref standing them up but in less than three seconds he had taken the fight right back to the ground. Norwood managed to get to full mount with half of the final frame left. The crowd didn't enjoy the strategy of Norwood at all but it was entirely effective to win the fight 30-27 on all three official scorecards.


Showtime Presents M-1 Challenge Results - Alexander Sarnavskiy Dismantles Beau Baker

The first bout of M-1 on Showtime saw undefeated prospect Alexander Sarnavskiy dominate late replacement Beau Baker. Early in the first round Sarnavskiy landed a hard kick to the body before Baker was able to clinch him up against the ropes. Baker fought hard for the takedown but couldn't get it before separation was achieved and from there it was all Sarnavskiy working from distance with a variety of punches and strikes that took the wind out of Baker's sails.

Baker was game, eating huge shots even while being dazed and winded and still coming forward. He just couldn't find a way to get the fight to the ground even as Alexander began to gas himself. Baker tried to find different methods for his grappling including going for the Thai clinch but still ate uppercuts. The first round appeared to be a clear 10-9 Sarnavskiy round.

Baker bulled his way forward early in the second looking to force the fight to the ground or at least wear down Sarnavskiy but despite his best efforts the fight remained standing with Beau eating huge knees to the body. Finally, Baker's aggression with the grappling backfired as he slipped off while going for a takedown and had his back taken. Sarnavskiy managed to sink in the rear naked choke quickly and force the submission.

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