The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 3 Recap: Len Bentley Falls


Cast member Anthony Ferguson of season 13 of Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' talks about Len Bentley's fight with Ryan McGillivray, his view of Junior dos Santos' assistant coach Lew Plley and how the team felt about coach Brock Lesnar calling them 'chicken shit'. He also talks about Chris Cope being a potential mole and other inside details.

What's up, everyone? Happy to be back here on SB Nation MMA for another week of recaps. I hope you're enjoying the show and while I haven't been front and center on the show just yet, be patient. It's coming.

Go here for last week's recap and here for week 1. Alright, on to the show.

Right away the show gets into the whole "chicken shit" thing. As you could see, none of us were happy about it, but it wasn't even the first time we had heard about it either. Chuck O'Neil, who came in as an alternate after the show started, said he found stuff online where coach Lesnar was referring to us the same way. I never personally verified that, but it didn't matter. Personally, I know who I am and I know I'm not garbage. I'm not going to be talked to that way. Most of the other guys felt the same way. After Chris Cope's win where Lesnar said it again, the whole team was kind of in shock and turned off. You saw us running in the parking lot when Erik Paulson said something to coach Lesnar about it. None of us were really talking to him (Lesnar) and he could tell something was off. I even yelled out during those drills "chicken shit!" to just be funny or whatever. When coach Lesnar finally pulled us aside and made himself clear, it made things a little better, but people were still on edge. More on that later.

You saw Lew Polley and Junior dos Santos butt heads over coaching. I never had a bad experience with Coach dos Santos, but I also didn't spend a lot of time with him. Same goes for Lew Polley. Coaches dos Santos and Polley would come over sometimes to the house to hang out with their team and grill out. I would talk to Polley in the kitchen and he was nice, but kind of a dick. He just didn't seem like he ever wanted to give anyone else the time of day. I can't really comment on him taking over practices. I didn't really see any of that, but that was my experience with him.

Fight selection time and coach Lesnar puts Len Bentley against Ryan McGillivray. Coach Lesnar says Bentley is on edge and needs to fight. That was true, but it was true for the whole team. After the "chicken shit" comment, we were all kind of on edge to get in there and fight. Len probably was more on edge because he was the first pick, but he all felt the same way.

One thing the show didn't mention was the military rivalry between Bentley and McGillivray. Bentley was in the U.S. Army and McGillivray was in the Canadian military. They would debate and argue over whose military was better. This all happened before they fought, so bragging rights were also on the line when they fought.

Then there's Chris Cope. Maybe it looked like our team was paranoid and maybe we kinda were, but not totally. There were times when the team was trying to bond and Cope was nowhere in sight. When someone does something like that, it's sends a message. On top of that, who knows what they are saying? Him not hanging out was strange, but in a house full of fighters with pent up energy and not much to do, it made us suspicious of anything. For example, during this whole time I lost some of my gloves and gear after I had washed it. I went around asking everyone if they had seen it including Cope and no one knew anything. On top of him not hanging out, I thought in the back of my mind Cope could've been the one to take it. It turned out as I learned later a producer had taken stuff, so I felt horrible even thinking people on the show were stealing. I apologized to everyone later. At the time, though, I didn't know what to think and I was not there to be played or messed with.

Before Bentley and McGillivray fought, I knew Bentley had the talent to win. He was the top pick for a reason. He was a hard puncher with good boxing and was tough as nails. We knew McGillivray was tough, too, and also a very friendly dude. I'll admit I thought Bentley had a big edge going into the fight especially since he didn't have to cut much weight. McGillivray had a big frame and was going to be at a disadvantage since he had to get sucked out like that.

I'll say I scored the fight 19-19 and thought there should've been a third round. The second round was McGillivray's. The first was close, but I thought Bentley did just enough. Only one of the judges agreed, but that's the way most of the team genuinely felt. Bentley's a good guy and a great fighter, but he had cardio issues despite not having to cut as much weight. I give credit to McGillivray for gutting through and finding a way to win even if I believed there should've been a third round.

After the fight hanging out in the training center you saw Dana White tell Len to gather his family around because his fight so great. I know it made Len feel better, at least for a little while. He was still mad about not having a third round and at himself for not doing what he wanted to do, but props to Dana for the confidence boost. Len needed it and it worked.

You guys see that tease for next week's episode? That's me doing the granby roll when rolling with Matt Hughes. I'll be sure to get all into it next week.

That's all for right now. Thanks for watching the show and keep tuning in to see more of me! If you want to contact me, get at me on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks again to SB Nation and I'll talk to you guys next week!

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