UFC 130's Thiago Alves Delivers Message To Rick Story On The Fight Fix

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Host Dustin Green recaps the weekend in boxing news plus talks to Thiago Alves about his upcoming fight against Rick Story at UFC 130 on The Fight Fix.

Dustin Green is back with another Fight Fix! This episode begins with a recap of the major news in boxing from this past weekend including Victor Ortiz's fantastic win over Andre Berto, Amir Khan's domination of McCloskey and more.

Green then gets to his interview with UFC welterweight Thiago Alves who faces Rick Story at UFC 130. Alves goes into detail about his preparation, working with Mike Dolce to keep his weight down, his reaction to being on the preliminary card and how he feels being called out by Story.

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Full transcription below:

10 secs, Ortiz defeats Berto recap
27 secs, Khan defeats McCloskey recap
45 secs, Full Weekend Boxing recap

Thiago Alves Interview:

1:21, on his training camp for Rick Story: "Bro, I've been having the best of my life.  I got everybody on the same page - all my coaches.  [Mike] Dolce's doing a great job getting everybody together.  Everybody from American Top Team.  Dan Lambert, [who] is my manager, has been pressing big time to bring the best sparring partners for me.  Bro, I can't wait.  I'm in great shape right now this far out from the fight.  I just can't wait to see the results when I step in there."

1:58, on how Mike Dolce prepared him for John Howard & how he's helping him prepare for Rick Story: "That's the thing though.  When I fought Howard, I was on the Dolce diet for 2 months, but didn't really learn much until Mike moved into my house - he moved in 3 weeks before.  For this [fight], he's gonna come 6 week's before, so I'm that'll be twice [as long].  It just changed everything.  I thought I knew how to cut weight.  I thought I knew how to manage my body and cut the weight out whenever I had to.  I realized that everything I was doing was completely against me - against my performance on fight day, but you live and you learn.  I had a lotta...lotta experience with cutting weight and I learned that I didn't know anything.  Everything was just what my old coach used to say.  It didn't work for me.  I'm glad I went through this though.  Today, I'm another guy.  My energy level is through the roof.  My training is just much, much better now.  I walk around much leaner than I used to.  It's not just a diet, it's a lifestyle.  He talks a lot about positive stuff, positive people around you, how you conduct yourself through the day.  It's pretty good man.  [If you've never heard about it], Dolce diet is the way to go."

3:24, his reaction to being on the preliminary card for UFC 130: "Bro, I was a little bit bummed out, upset.  I was like 'What's going on?' Especially after my last performance, but I talked to Dana White and he was like 'Bro we're gonna use you to sell the pay-per-view.  Your fight's gonna be live on Spike TV, so you're gonna get more views than the people on pay-per-view because not everybody can afford to pay $50 to watch the UFC.  Do it as a favor.  Make it happen.'  I said 'Alright, no problem.  If that's the way it is, whatever you guys want me to do I'll do it.'  But, it was a little bit weird being on the undercard after 5 years."

4:18, on needing to win convincingly against Rick Story after being called out: "?It's very, very important.  I'm going out there to make a statement.  I'm not looking for points.  I'm going to finish the fight.  Either I'm gonna knock him out or submit him."

4:37, his message for Rick Story: "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it brother."

4:45, Tease for Luke Thomas' appearance on next week's show

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