Bellator 39 Results: Eddie Alvarez Decisions Pat Curran, Hawn, Freire, Saunders Win

Complete coverage of Bellator 39 including live results, commentary and analysis of Eddie Alvarez vs Pat Curran, Rick Hawn vs Lyman Good, Toby Imada vs Patricky Freire and Ben Saunders vs Matt Lee.

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Bellator 39 Results: Eddie Alvarez Dominates Pat Curran

Eddie Alvarez held on to his Bellator lightweight belt beating Pat Curran by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) over five brutal rounds at Bellator 39.

Curran landed first with a right hand but Alvarez answered with a hard leg kick and a lead right hand. Alvarez circled Curran then landed a straight right. Body punch from Eddie. Curran landed two lefts. A third. Made Alvarez miss. Curran with a leg kick. Alvarez grabbed a leg and tripped Curran to the mat but the challenger hopped right back up. Alvarez went all out for a take down and ate a knee to the body. Leg kick from Curran. Alvarez backed Curran up, winging body punches and uppercuts. Left from Curran. Alvarez caught a Curran kick and followed up with a series of punches to the face with his free hand, backing Curran to the fence. They separated and Alvarez worked the body. Curran landed a couple of lefts to close the first round.

Alvarez came out showing lateral movement in the second. Alvarez shot in and Curran sprawled and landed a knee. Curran with a push kick. Alvarez charged in behind some combos. Alvarez looking for the uppercut but Curran avoided it. Alvarez pushed Curran into the cage and landed to the body and knees to the legs. Curran landed a right and broke the clinch. Alvarez answered with a straight right. Another. Hook-uppercut from the champ. Alvarez forced another clinch. Knee from Curran. They separated. Leg kick from Curran. Alvarez scored with body shots then ate a left. Alvarez with a right. Forced the clinch again. Knee from Curran. Alvarez with a take down but Curran fought back up.

Alvarez opened the third round landing bombs but Curran stood in the center of the cage answering with leg kicks. Alvarez fired body shots, eats a knee. Alvarez with a right. Alvarez switched stances and landed with both hands. Curran answered with a combination. Alvarez forced a clinch, Curran fought free. 1-2 to the body from Alvarez. Inside leg kick from the champ. Alvarez mixing body punches and head shots. Alvarez slammed Curran with a double leg. Curran scrambled to his feet.

Going into the fourth it seemed clear that Alvarez had won all three rounds, requiring Curran to get a KO or submission to win.

Alvarez opened the championship rounds with body punches and another clinch. Curran traded punches in the exchanges but Alvarez seemed to be getting the better of them. Curran with a hard knee. Alvarez turned up the heat with body punches and head shots from a lot of odd angles. Curran, bloodied, was forced to cover and back up but he never stopped answering with his counter shots. Alvarez landed a take down in the final seconds.

The final round opened with Alvarez stalking Curran with lateral movement then shooting in for a take down. Curran fought back to his feet, giving up his back briefly but ultimately getting free. Alvarez landed five shots to Curran’s one. Curran landed some body kicks and left hands but Alvarez was landing at will with everything but the kitchen sink: lead rights, body shots, uppercuts, knees and leg kicks. Hard uppercut-left hook combo seemed to stagger the bloodied Curran. Curran got a take down with thirty seconds leftAlvarez stood up as the fight ended.

Champion Alvarez brought a six fight win streak into the bout, having gone undefeated since joining the promotion in 2009. Alvarez’ last defeat was a submission loss to Shinya Aoki on New Year’s Eve 2008.

Curran pulled off three straight upsets in the Bellator 2010 tournament, beating Mike Ricci, Roger Huerta and Toby Imada to earn this shot. He had to pull out of an October challenge to Alvarez and Huerta took his place. But Alvarez beat Huerta badly to set up this bout.


Bellator 39 Results: Rick Hawn Squeaks Past Lyman Good

Rick Hawn took a split decision (30-27, 29-28 28-29) over Lyman Good to win the first semi-final of Bellator’s 2011 welterweight tournament.

Hawn will face the winner of Jay Hieron and Brent Weedman at Bellator 40 next week.

Hawn pushed forward behind double jabs. Then he shot in and forced Good back against the cage. Hawn threw knees to the legs of Good. Hawn established double underhooks. Good answered with a knee to the head. They separated to trade punches and another knee from Good. Hawn tried for a trip then backed away. Hawn landed a right hand. Good with jabs and hooks. Good caught Hawn coming forward with an uppercut. Another. Hawn forced a clinch and pushed Good back against the cage. Hawn landed knees and punches then went for a trip. Good avoided it. They separated and Good landed a high kick. Hawn with a leg kick then attempted a high kick that Good ducked under.

Good opened the second with a leg kick . Good charged forward behind a barrage of punches but Hawn used the opportunity to land a trip and put Good on his back. Hawn with a right hand to Good’s face. Hawn landed some lefts from the top. Hawn ate an upkick but countered with punches from the top. Hawn flirted with a can opener and landed some hammer fists. Hawn made no effort to pass Good’s guard. Hawn threw a barrage of right hands to the body and head.

They went into the third having to assume they were even at one round each. Hawn backed Good up with aggressive footwork. Hawn landed a hard right hand. Good seemed hesitant for fear of Hawn’s take downs. Good countered with uppercuts but kept backing away. Hawn forced a clinch and attempted a trip. Good fought it off and landed a knee. Good landed a hard leg kick. Hawn with a body kick-backfist combo, Good answered with a right hand. Hawn forced another clinch then landed a right hand and backed away. Good peppered Hawn with punches and backed away. Hawn tried another trip. Hawn shot forward for a single leg but got nothing. Hawn threw knees from the clinch. Hawn finally got the take down towards the very end of the round. Will be a tough call for the judges.


Bellator 39 Results: Patricky Freire Levels Toby Imada

Patricky “Pit Bull” Freire caught Toby Imada with a brutal flying knee to the face at 2:53 of the opening round of the first semi-final of the 2011 Bellator lightweight tournament. The knee dropped Imada and Freire followed up with some punches to get the stoppage at of the first round.

Freire now advances to the final round of the Bellator tournament where he will face the winner of Michael Chandler vs Lloyd Woodard. Chandler and Woodard will meet at Bellator 40 next week.

Freire opened the fight with a sharp inside leg kick then he went up high for a head kick. Freire stalked Imada across the cage, landing jabs and leg kicks. Freire landed a hard body kick and kept making Imada’s punches miss. Freire hurt Imada with a flying knee and followed up with a left hand to finish Imada


Bellator 39 Results: Ben Saunders Bloodies Matt Lee

UFC veteran Ben Saunders utterly dominated a very game Matt Lee in a 175lb catchweight fight to open Bellator 39. The ringside physician had to stop the fight at 1:23 of the third round after Saunders opened a huge gash over Lee’s left eye.

Saunders backed Lee up with body kicks to ope nteh bout. Lee charged in behind punches trying to close the distance against the rangy Saunders. Saunders countered with punches and looked for the clinch. Saunders got the Thai plum and began to throw knees to the body. Lee got an over hook and slowed down the action. More knees to the body from Saunders before the break. Saunders caught Lee with a right hook that hurt the Korean then followed up with the clinch. From there it was more knees to Lee’s body. Lee escaped. Saunders stalked him down. Saunders came forward behind some jabs then got the clinch again. They stalled in an over-under stalemate before a bleeding Lee pushed Saunders away. Saunders landed another pair of right hooks then got the Thai plum again before launching a barrage of knees.

Saunders came out aggressive and immediately got the plum again. More knees followed by a high kick and some more hooks. They separated and Lee came forward behind some body punches. Saunders countered with straight lefts then took an inadvertent groin shot. After the break, Lee caught a leg kick and tried for the trip but failed. Saunders got the plum again and landed more knees to the face. Lee managed to get separation and they traded punches with the bloodied Lee coming forward aggressively. Lee went for a single leg. but that just led to him eating more uppercuts. Saunders mixed up standing elbows and knees from the clinch but Lee kept pressing forward. The action slowed in the last minute but a bloodied Lee hung on.

Between rounds the ringside physician examined Lee closely but let the action continue.

Saunders opened with a body kick and then forced the clinch again. From there more knees and elbows opened up a huge gash over Lee’s left eye. The referee stopped the action with a little more than 3:30 left in the round and the doctors called the fight.

UFC veteran Saunders made his Bellator debut after racking up one win in a smaller promotion after being cut from the UFC last August after going 4-3 in the promotion.

Lee, a 39 year old with 10 years of pro MMA experience, has previously lost to Eddie Alvarez and Jorge Masvidal.

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