The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 4 Recap: Brock Lesnar Cares


Cast member Anthony Ferguson of season 13 of Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' talks about training with UFC legend Matt Hughes, teammate Charlie Rader's loss to Ramsey Nijem, the comments of rival assistant coach Lew Polley and the lecturing his team received at the hands of coach Brock Lesnar.

What's up, everyone? I'm back for another recap. Before we get to last night's show, be sure to check out all of my previous posts. There's last week's, a recap from week 2 and  week 1. Be sure to read them all and share them on Facebook or Twitter. Alright, let's talk about last night's episode.

Team dos Santos' Lew Polley starts off the show saying the difference between Junior and Brock is that Junior cares and shows he cares. I don't really know Lew personally, but the guy just talks out of his ass. Brock definitely cared. I don't know why Lew would say something like that. It's a competition and I get that, but whatever. Lew can say whatever he wants. It wasn't true then and it isn't true now.

Besides, everyone saw coach dos Santos have to check Lew on occasion for trying to run the show. I think Lew's got a lot of ideas about things and that's his right to have them, but it doesn't make them true.

The show then moves to a team practice with coach Lesnar calling the four of us who were left The Four Horsemen. I don't know why that name among all was picked, but I liked it. It also added pressure. We were the only ones left from our team and we were being talked about as a group. That kinda makes you feel like if the group falls apart because of you, you're the worst of the bunch. I didn't want to have that feeling. It didn't matter, though. We went from being The Four Horsemen to The Three Wiseman, anyway!

As you saw, former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes showed up on Brock's request to help us train. Hughes is a cool guy. He's always been one of my favorite fighters. He wasn't there very long with us on the show. I'd say maybe an hour and fifteen minutes. However, he did spend the entire time giving advice and showing us technique. I was thrilled to be able to roll with him. He accidentally uppercutted me when we did, which is a favorite memory of mine from the show. He's also as tall as he is wide and really, really strong. I was 'surprised' at how strong he was, but when you feel it for the first time it definitely opens your eyes.

It came time to pick who from our team was going to fight next. Honestly, I never would've suspected they'd pick Charlie Rader. We called him 'The Superstar'. Rader's not only a great dude, but a great fighter. He's aggressive and was a state wrestling champion. When they announced he'd be fighting Ramsey Nijem, I was a not expecting that. I thought against anyone on their team Charlie would do well. He was feeling great when the fight was picked, so I gave him a very good chance of winning the fight.

Speaking of Ramsey, I don't have anything bad to say about him. He was as light hearted as you saw on the show. I don't know about the toenail painting thing. Maybe he was trying to cover up fungus or something. Whatever he was, he never bothered me and was genuinely a kind guy.

In fact, it turned out to be a small world. I knew Ramsey was a college wrestler and what not, but when we got to talking I found out I fought his roommate! His name is Brock Jardine and we fought for four rounds for the Pure Combat welterweight championship at Pure Combat 12. For the record, I won! The thing is when we found that out together that that was who I fought, he was still cool with me. That tells you what kind of guy Ramsey is.

None of us coached Charlie on what he had to do like it was a real training camp, but the coaches definitely had some things they wanted him to do. The game plan was for Charlie to drive forward with punches and stay on the offensive. We knew if he spent the entire time trying to defend the take down or play defensive it was going to be hard for him to win. The coaches told him to have faith in his wrestling and push forward. No back pedaling.

For whatever reason, Charlie just couldn't do it. I said it before, he's a great fighter. In training and at the show trials, Charlie was a beast. I don't know what it was. He just kind of lost composure or let the moment get to him. We're all trying to go after a six-figure contract with cameras in our faces. Some guys don't handle it all that well.

On top of that, Charlie got a stinger in his right shoulder from one of Ramsey's take downs. If you've ever played football and had a stinger, you know you lose feeling in your hand or arm for a little while. Charlie landed on his shoulder in that second round and it affected him when the choke came. Dana White is right that Charlie didn't fend off the choke very hard. Sometimes, though, you've got a little window and sometimes you don't. If you're already down an arm because you can't feel it, that's going to make stopping any choke pretty hard.

After the fight was over they showed coach Lesnar throwing the stool into the cage after Charlie lost. I believe Dana White is right. It does show Brock cares. He wants to win, badly. Nothing that happened on the show told me he didn't take his job seriously. Throwing a stool maybe isn't the most professional thing ever, but so what? I liked that Brock cared. That's what mattered most to me.

As for Brock's speech after Charlie lost, it was tough love. He wasn't being nice, but he wasn't trying to be. He didn't have to be. He was tryin to get us fired up. He wanted us to take winning seriously. Everyone saw Len Bentley walk out of the room after the ass chewing was in full swing. Len is a great fighter and a tough guy, but he's sensitive, too. Maybe the emotions were raw from losing his fight, but I didn't have any problem with what coach Lesnar said. I don't think Len takes criticism as well as others might.

All right, that's it for this episode. I can promise some big doings next week, so you have to be sure to tune in. Thanks for watching the show and reading these blog posts. If you want to contact me, get at me on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks again to SB Nation and I'll talk to you guys next week!

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