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Bellator 42 Results: Richard Hale Vs. D.J. Linderman, Tim Carpenter Vs. Christian M'Pumbu And More

Bellator 42 airs live on MTV2 at 9 p.m. ET, featuring two featherweight semifinal fights and the Bellator featherweight champion in a non-title affair. The card includes Richard Hale vs. D.J. Linderman, Ronnie Mann vs. Josh Arocho and Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M'Pumbu. SB Nation MMA will be covering the event during the MTV2 broadcast.

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Bellator 42 Results: Richard Hale Takes A Split Decision From D.J. Linderman

This is the live blog for D.J. Linderman vs. Richard Hale. D.J. Linderman is 9-1. He defeated Raphael Davis at Bellator 38 to advance to the semifinals. Richard Hale is 16-3-1. Hale defeated Nik Fekete to advance past the quarterfinals.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Kevin Nix. Hale has a couple inches on Linderman. Linderman looks more like a NASCAR driver. Hale opens with an outside leg kick. Follows with an inside kick. Hale drops his hands when he throws these kicks. Linderman gets inside and lands punches. Leg kick and jab for Linderman. He blocks a head kick from Hale. Hale's going to go to sleep if he keeps dropping his hand when he throws. Double jab from Hale. Nice one-two from Linderman. Hale doing a poor job at using his length to control the distance. Jab and front kick from Hale. Linderman gets inside to clinch, but he ends up against the fence. Short punches from Hale. Linderman spins him around, and the two disengage. Nice jab from Linderman. Poor spinning back fist from Linderman misses. Right hand from Linderman lands. Wild exchange. Hale looked to get the better of it. 

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Richard Hale.

Round 2 - Linderman comes out with a spinning back fist that stuns Hale. Up against the fence now. Linderman with a takedown, but Hale stands up quickly. Referee breaks the action for an accidental foul. Replay shows a groin shot in the clinch from Hale. Restart. Wild exchange. Wheelock notes swelling around Linderman's right eye. Good body kick from Linderman. Knee by Linderman. Straight left. Hale not utilizing his size. Another straight from Linderman. Weird Superman punch from Hale lands. Back-and-forth action at the end here. 

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for D.J. Linderman.

Round 3 - Linderman presses Hale up against the fence. Looking to slam him down, but Hale maintains a vertical base. Linderman's had him pressed up for near a minute now. He gives up on the takedown and has a body lock. Nevermind, he tries to throw him, and Hale ends up in mount. Linderman gives up his back. Hale has both hooks. He's looking for the choke, but he doesn't have the arm under the chin. Linderman turns back into mount for a second, but Hale's on his back once again. Two minutes to go. The first two rounds were close, so Hale can't afford complacency here. Linderman trying to turn over, but Hale maintains position well. One minute to go. Linderman trying to stand, but that's going to take a lot of energy. Thirty seconds. 

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Richard Hale, and awards him the bout 29-28.

Richard Hale wins a split decision over D.J. Linderman (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).


Bellator 42 Results: Ronnie Mann Dominates Overmatched Josh Arocho

This is the live blog for Ronnie Mann vs. Josh Arocho. Josh Arochi is 6-9 in MMA. He broke a three-fight losing streak with a win over Charlie DuBay at Tristate Cage Fights. Ronnie Mann is the current Shark Fights featherweight champion. He owns a 18-2-1 record. In his most notable fight, he lost to Hatsu Hioki in the semifinals of Sengoku's featherweight grand prix.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Kevin Nix. Josh Arocho is just a body here, folks. He'll last as long as Mann lets him. Arocho counters a head kick with a stiff right hand. Mann throws a front kick to the head. Left hook lands for Mann. Arocho takes Mann down into half-guard. Mann sweeps and ends up on top in half guard. Arocho works his way back into full guard. Mann throwing elbows from top position. Right hands land clean. Short elbows. Body, body, head. Elbows with the left hand. Arocho trying his hardest to break Mann's posture without much success. No need for Mann to work to pass the guard here. He's mixing strikes to the body and head well. Arocho's head is pressed awkwardly against the cage. His face is all messed up. Arocho throws up a triangle that Mann shrugs off. Mann lands a bevy of punches as the round ends.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Ronnie Mann.

Round 2 - Arocho comes out with wild strikes. Very nice right hand counter from Mann. Nice knee from Mann as Arocho shoots in. He ends up on top of Arocho in the center of the cage. More of the same from the first round. Punches to the midsection followed by shots to the head. Arocho's left eye looks messed up. Mann just landing whatever he wants from the guard. Constant body punches and elbows to the head. One minute left. Wheelock describes Arocho's left eye as a "disaster." 

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Ronnie Mann.

Round 3 - I'm a little surprised that this is going to a third round. Arocho's corner needs to protect their fighter here. That says he begins the round with two lefts that land. Mann ends up on top of Arocho now. In side control. He gives up on a kimura attempt early. Short elbows. Arocho's left eye looks like the aforementioned disaster. Repeated short elbows. Arocho trying unsuccessfully to work back to guard. Mann has Arocho's head and arm locked up in an inverted triangle, throwing punches back to Arocho's head. Arocho works out of it, but his face is touched up here. I really don't see any reason for this fight to continue. Arocho's shown little offense, and he's just taking punishment for punishment's sake. Ninety seconds left. Two big lefts from Mann, who's in half guard. He's trying to isolate the left arm, but Arocho breaks free. Wheelock talks about Mann impressing Bellator head Bjorn Rebney, but let's not forget that Arocho is 6-9.

SB Nation scores the round 10-8 for Ronnie Mann, and awards him the bout 30-26.

Ronnie Mann defeats Josh Arocho by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27).


Bellator 42 Results: Christian M'Pumbu Knocks Out Tim Carpenter In Round One

This is the live blog for Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M'Pumbu. Tim Carpenter is perfect in seven fights. He defeated Daniel Gracie at Bellator 38 to advance to the semifinals. Christian M'Pumbu is 16-3-1, and he defeated Chris Davis to advance past the quarterfinals. M'Pumbu submitted K-1 legend Stefan Struve in an MMA-rules bout in 2007.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Kevin Nix. M'Pumbu opens with an inside leg kick. Follows with another. And an outside kick. M'Pumbu lands to jabs. And a right hand. M'Pumbu throwing a high volume of leg kicks. Left hand to the body. Carpenter having little success on the feet in the early going. He lands with a left hook. Left hook lands for M'Pumbu. Right hand stuns Carpenter, and he's ripe for the picking here. Right hand sends Carpenter crumpling to the mat, and referee Kevin Nix rushing in. Carpenter claims he's OK, but M'Pumbu turned his lights back on.

Christian M'Pumbu knocks out Tim Carpenter at 2:08 of round one.


Bellator 42 Results: Luiz Nogueira Edges A Decision Over Jerod Spoon

This is the live blog for Jerod Spoon vs. Luiz Nogueira. Luis Nogueira is 11-4, and he lost his last fight to Renato Carneiro at Jungle Fights 25. Jerod Spoon is 5-1-1. He is currently riding a 5-fight winning streak. This fight is being fought at 135 pounds.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Kevin Nix. Sean Wheelock informs us that this bout is under the Unified Rules, and elbows to the head are allowed. Cautious start, Spoon lands the first kick 30 seconds in. Nogueira lands a combo, but Spoon comes back with an overhead right that stumbles the Brazilian. Nice straight right, left hook combo from Nogueira. Leg kick. Spoon responds with his own. Big right hand from Nogueira. Combo from Nogueira hits Spoon's forearms. Jumping knee from Nogueira lands. He's controlling the stand up so far. Straight left from Spoon lands. They trade leg kicks. Nogueira shoots in and completes a takedown. Scramble ends with Spoon in a front headlock, but he works back to his feet. One minute to go. Nogueira throws looping hooks that land with varying success. Spoon shoots a single as the round comes to a close.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Luiz Nogueira.

Round 2 - Spoon grabs a leg kick, and he attempts to take Nogueira down without success. Back to striking distance. Nogueira catches a leg kick, and he unloads a series of strikes. They clinch in the center of the cage and trade punches and elbows. Wild right hand from Spoon misses. Spoon lands two big rights. Nogueira responds with a right of his own. Nogueira's 5-punch combo meets Spoon's forearms. He has Spoon up against the fence now. Spoon spins out. Center of the cage now. Left hand counter from Nogueira lands. Nice right hand to the body from Nogueira. One minute to go. Spoon lands a jab. Nogueira changes levels and completes a double-leg. 

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Luiz Nogueira. 

Round 3 - Each fighter throws a combo that misses. Body kick from Nogueira lands. Spoon throws a leg kick that Nogueira catches. Spoon struggles, but Nogueira eventually plants him on the mat. Spoon crawls toward the cage and up to his feet. Nogueira lands a right and left hook as they disengage. Flying knee lands for Nogueira. Spoon jabs. Spoon lands an overhand right. Another jab. Leg kick and body shot for Nogueira. Nogueira comes forward with a combo, but Spoon responds with a takedown. He can't maintain control, however. Nogueira stuffs a takedown attempt. A minute left to go, and I don't see any urgency from Spoon. Nogueira ducks under a punch and completes a takedown. Spoon back to his feet. Left-right combo from Nogueira. Spoon lands a big jab-hook combo as the round ends.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Luiz Nogueira, and award him the fight 30-27.

Luiz Nogueira defeats Jerod Spoon by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).


Bellator 42 Results: Richard Hale Vs. D.J. Linderman, Tim Carpenter Vs. Christian M'Pumbu And More

Join us tonight at SB Nation MMA as's Mike Fagan (@Mike_Fagan_13) will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 42. Our coverage will begin in conjunction with the MTV2 broadcast starting at 9 p.m. ET, so be sure to make SB Nation MMA your home for this event.

This is the seventh event of Bellator Fighting Championships' fourth season, taking place at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma. The commentators for this event will be Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith.

For analysis about this event, has previews, predictions and much more.

Tonight's televised card features three bouts:

Richard Hale vs. D.J. Linderman
Ronnie Mann vs. Josh Arocho
Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M'Pumbu

A heavyweight superfight between champion Cole Konrad and challenger Paul Buentello was cancelled after Buentello suffered a back injury in training. The winners of Richard Hale vs. D.J. Linderman and Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M'Pumbu will meet in the finals of the season four light heavyweight tournament. This is Ronnie Mann's Bellator debut.

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