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Bellator 45 Results: Richard Hale Vs. Christian M'Pumbu, Patricio Freire Vs. Daniel Straus And More

Bellator 45 airs live on MTV2 at 9 p.m. ET, featuring the conclusion of Bellator's season four light heavyweight tournament to crown their inaugural 205-lb. champion. In the co-main event, Patricio Freire and Daniel Straus meet in the finals of the featherweight tournament, with a chance to fight champion Joe Warren hanging in the balance. SB Nation MMA will be covering the event during the MTV2 broadcast.

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Bellator 45 Results: Christian M'Pumbu Knocks Out Richard Hale, Becomes Bellator Champion

This is the live blog for Richard Hale vs. Christian M'Pumbu. Richard Hale is 17-3-1 in MMA, defeating Nik Fekete and D.J. Linderman to advance to the Bellator light heavyweight tournament finals. Christian M'Pumbu shares the same record as Hale. He defeated Chris Davis and Tim Carpenter to reach the finals. The winner of the bout takes home $100,000 and becomes the inaugural Bellator light heavyweight champion.

Play-by-play provided by Bloody Elbow's Dallas G. Winston.

Round 1 - The winner of this bout will be crowned the first Bellator light-heavyweight champion. Herzog handles the final clash of the night. Jab by Hale. M'Pumbu with the low kick. Double kicks, left and right, from Hale to the upper thigh of M'Pumbu. Two more body kicks from Hale, who then leads with the double jab. Low kick from M'Pumbu connects. Double jab from Hale again, M'Pumbu counters with a roundhouse kick, and Hale flurries to push M'Pumbu on the fence.

M'Pumbu connects and Hale is wobbled, staggering backward while M'Pumbu smells blood and lets his hands go. Hale now on his back with M'Pumbu fishing for a D'arce, but Hale clears space and sneaks back to his feet. Hale seems tentative, then hurls a high kick that M'Pumbu blocks.

Round 2 - Hale comes out swinging hard. Double jab by Hale, then setting up the uppercut with his left. Hale leading exchanges though his chin is dangerously exposed. Left body kick is sidestepped by M'Pumbu, and Hale taps his chin with his double jab. More kicks from Hale who is much busier in this round. Now a left hook and jab from M'Pumbu, right straight-left hook combo from Hale, then again. Hale switches to southpaw, throws a right hook and eats a straight punch from M'Pumbu.

Low kick landing to Hale's lead leg and may be causing his change in stance, as he swtiches back to southpaw again. M'Pumbu more accurate, but Hale stalking and much busier. Side-kick by Hale. M'Pumbu too complacent and only retreating with few counters. Finally a straight right by M'Pumbu. Ugly left hook by Hale closes the round.

Round 3 - Left over the top lands for Hale early. M'Pumbu spins off a nice combo to slow the charging Hale's pace. Hale now holding southpaw, pawing with his jab, then a right low kick, followed by a left low kick. M'Pumbu counters but is getting out-punched. Straight to the body by M'Pumbu, then a straight left to the head gets through. Hale flicks out a jab from southpaw, then follows his right hook with a nice straight left. Triple jab now by Hale, then follows with a straight left.

It doesn't matter how often Hale is actually landing, because M'Pumbu is barely even throwing; just defending. Uppercut penetrates M'Pumbu's guard, who retreats and connects with a body kick. Now M'Pumbu advances with a left with a sense of urgency, counters Hale with a right, then clocks Hale with a huge right that drops him flat. M'Pumbu hesitates, then commences a storm of hammerfists and hooks from the top that inspire the referee to intervene for the third round TKO.

Christian M'Pumbu defeats Richard Hale by TKO at 4:17 of round three.


Bellator 45 Results: Patricio Freire Edges. Daniel Straus By Unanimous Decision

This is the live blog for Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Straus. "Pitbull" Freire is 16-1 MMA. He advanced to the finals of this tournament having beaten Wilson Reis and Georgi Karakhanyan. Daniel Straus is 16-3, defeating Kenny Foster and Nazareno Malegarie in the prior two rounds. The winner of this fight wins a $100,000 purse and a shot a Bellator featherweight champion Joe Warren.

Play-by-play for this fight provided by Bloody Elbow's Dallas G. Winston.

Round 1 - The featherweight tournament finale begins with Jason Herzog at the helm again. Pitbull takes the center and wings an overhand right. They clinch and Straus hits a hip throw, but Pitbull springs back to his feet and digs in with Straus against the fence. Pitbull looks for a trip that Straus defends. The fighters play the circle-out game with over-under, Straus knees and again goes for the hip throw. Pitbull counters and they break back to the standing position.

Straight left by Straus, then a high kick, both blocked by Pitbull. Straus shoots directly into a Pitbull guillotine, but he's patient in defending, then nails a takedown. Pitbull bounces immediately back to his feet again, and we're back to clinching against the fence. Straight left to the body from Straus, inside low kick by Pitbull, who then pursues with a lunging left hook. Straus shoots, but Pitbull with the picture-perfect sprawl. Straus grabs wrist control, transitions to the body lock, and Pitbull shakes him off. Pitbull unleashes a hard flying knee that partially connects to close the round. 

Round 2 - One-two by Straus, Pitbull ducks under to threaten with a takedown. They retake the center, and Pitbull springs for a huge double-leg to plant the All American high school wrestler on his back. Straus shrimps out, gets to a knee, and Pitbull hammers a knee that could have been to the head when Straus was downed. The replay shows that it was clearly to the midsection and perfectly legal.

We restart with Pitbull striking aggressively, then alternating in a takedown attempt that Straus defends. Pitbull attacks again with firm strikes to set up his takedown attempt, which Straus defends, which is all the southpaw can do as the momentum shifts to Pitbull. Double jab from Straus; Pitbull switching from counter-strikes and level changes to keep Straus at bay. Now we have a cup-kick from Straus, who apologizes, and they re-engage. Left high-kick by Straus is blocked. Now Straus commits to punches, but Pitbull again changes levels and hits a takedown, but Straus is quickly back to his fee and counters with his signature hip throw. Another close one.

Round 3 - Straus opens the third with a purpose, leading with strikes and shooting a double. Pitbull repels him, and Straus fires on the feet again. Straight left by Straus, Pitbull ducks under to halt him. Pitbull measures with the jab and uncorks a three-piece, closing with the uppercut. Straight right by Pitbull lands clean again, and Straus dives for a takedown. Pitbull sprawls soundly, and controls the head as Straus turtles. Straus with wrist control to stand, but eats a hard knee for his effort.

Inside low kick lands for Pitbull, who still presses the action. A Straus left hand beckons Pitbull to taunt him, sticking out his chin. Straus responds with punches that Pitbull handles with another level drop, ushering Straus to the cage. Another one-two by Straus. Pitbull raises his arms in celebration with twenty seconds left, then follows with a hard flying knee. Straus blocks it but is back on his heels, then slams Pitbull from the rear waistlock. Pitbull scampers loose and ends the round peppering Straus with punches from the top.

Patricio Freire defeats Daniel Straus by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).


Bellator 45 Results: Sam Alvey Upsets Karl Amoussou By Split Decision

This is the live blog for Karl Amoussou vs. Sam Alvey. Karl Amoussou is a former M-1 fighter with a 12-3-2 MMA record. He is making his Bellator debut. Sam Alvey is 14-2 in MMA. He won his last fight over Jason Guida in November. This bout is a middleweight tournament qualifier.

Round 1 - Jason Herzog is our referee for this bout, wearing his purple Undertaker gloves. Sam Alvey smiles at Amoussou while Herzog gives directions. Alvey is dating some chick from America's Next Top Model or something. Bell rings. Amoussou falls after throwing a kick. Ninety seconds in without much landing. Just as I type that, Amoussou sweeps Alvey off his feet with a low kick. He takes the back, but Alvey spins into guard. Short punches from Alvey. Amoussou tying up well from the bottom. Rib shots from Alvey before Herzog asks for a standup. Wheelock compliments Herzog for the standup. Meh. Amoussou throws Alvey and ends up straight in the mount. Elbows from Amoussou. Alvey trying to turn. Amoussou maintaining position. Alvey bleeding now. More elbows from Amoussou. Straight punches to the face now. Small pool of blood collecting on the mat. More elbows. Amoussou attempts the armbar, and predictably ends up losing position. Alvey bleeding all over Amoussou now. If the cut is as bad as the resulting blood, it'll be a shock if a doctor allows this to continue. Round over.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Karl Amoussou.

Round 2 - As we come back from break, Wheelock lets us know that Alvey suffered two counts in the first round. Looks like the cutman has the cuts under control, and we're going to round two. Amoussou opens with a leg kick thirty seconds in. Amoussou comes in, but Alvey sends him back with a straight left. Amoussou steps in again, but eats a one-two from Alvey. Amoussou seemed to hurt Alvey with a leg kick. He jumps in with a flying knee, but misses, and Alvey has him pressed up against the fence. Herzog with a quick break off the fence, now telling Amoussou to put his trunks back up. Not sure what was going on there. Halfway through the round. Amoussou slowing down from his round-one pace. Right hand from Amoussou forces Alvey to clinch. Amoussou pressing him along the fence. Knees to the midsection from Amoussou. He follows with a trip, but Alvey rolls him over. Amoussou tying up well again. 

SB Nation scores the round 10-10.

Round 3 - Amoussou counters an Alvey punch with a body kick. Follows up with a combination of strikes. Alvey with knees to the midsection as Amoussou presses him along the fence. Trading knees in the clinch. Amoussou getting the better of the action here. Herzog separates. Good flurry from each fighter. Clinch again. Amoussou tries to throw, but Alvey ends up with trip takedown. Short, active punches from top. He opens up when he hears the ten-second notification.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Sam Alvey, and scores the bout a 29-29 draw.

Sam Alvey defeats Karl Amoussou by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).


Bellator 45 Results: Richard Hale Vs. Christian M'Pumbu, Patricio Freire Vs. Daniel Straus And More

Join us tonight at SB Nation MMA as's Mike Fagan (@Mike_Fagan_13) will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 45. Our coverage will begin in conjunction with the MTV2 broadcast starting at 9 p.m. ET, so be sure to make SB Nation MMA your home for this event.

This is the final event of Bellator Fighting Championships' fourth season, taking place at L'Auberge du Lac Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The commentators for this event will be Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith.

For analysis about this event, has previews, predictions and much more.

Tonight's televised card features four bouts:

Richard Hale vs. Christian M'Pumbu
Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Straus
Karl Amoussou vs. Sam Alvey

In addition to winning this season's tournament, Richard Hale and Christian M'Pumbu are fighting to become the inaugural Bellator light heavyweight champion. Patricio Freire and Daniel Straus meet in the finals of the featherweight tournament, with the winner fighting featherweight champ Joe Warren next season. Karl Amoussou is making his Bellator debut.

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