Dana White Attempting To Get Nick Diaz To 'Play The Game', UFC 130 Open Workouts

Dana White and Dustin Green

On this edition of CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix', host Dustin Green attends the UFC 130 open workouts and speaks to UFC President Dana White about this event, Nick Diaz and much more.

Dustin Green, host of CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix', is back with more UFC 130 coverage. Yesterday he attended the UFC 130 open workouts and today's video includes footage of Frank Mir, Rick Story, Quinton Jackson and others getting work in for the media. Perhaps most importantly, however, Green got a one-on-one with UFC President Dana White. In this exchange, White and Green talk about trying to promote UFC 130, pay-per-view expectations for the event, a potential B.J. Penn vs. Jake Shields fight, and trying to get Nick Diaz to 'play the game' as a professional just enough to make his career count. Here's the video with the transcription:

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Rick Story
12 secs, on why he called out Thiago Alves: "In the past, Thiago has had troubles with strong wrestlers that grind on him, that keep the pressure on, and he's had trouble making weight.  At this point in his career, it was time for him to have to prove something."

Frank Mir
42 secs, on working all facets of his game together: "Technically, I feel that I'm the best right now I've ever been as far as putting it all together - not just working on striking, not just working on grappling Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling.  As far as being able to throw combination to takedowns, and coming back and striking, and working everything on the ground, I'm very happy where I am right now."

Rampage Jackson
59 secs, Rampage hits the pads

Dana White
1:30, on if this was the 1st time he lost both combatants in a main event title fight for the 1st time: "That' a good question.  I think it is.  I think it's the 1st time.  And not only both injured in a title fight, but both the same week."

1:50, on the difficulties of promoting the card after the injuries: "It's never easy.  I been doing this for almost 11 years now and when a big fight falls off, it sucks.  It's horrible, but one of the things we do is we sack the cards so deep that the show will go on."

2:13, on his expectation for the PPV buys after changing the main event: "That's tough to tell.  I don't really know until - the week of the fight, it's the week of the fight - the couple days leading into the fight, we'll have a better gauge and a better idea of how we'll do on pay-per-view.  Listen, this is one of those things.  And this is what i always say: you get fans and their chirping that 'Aw the main event!  You should put this on [TV].'  If you don't like this one, you just shouldn't buy it.  It's that easy.  First of all, if you're a fight fan, you know that this is a good card and there's a lot of great fight on it.  We're giving you a bunch for free on Facebook.  You're gettin' the other ones free on Spike.  And if you wanna see the rest you buy the pay-per-view.  If you don't like this card, I'm not sittin' here trying to sell it to you, tellin' you buy.  Don't buy it!  We'll have another one next month.  Buy that one.  Doesn't matter to me."

3:04, on the possibility of making Shields vs Penn: "Yea, I've been talking to BJ and BJ is fired up and ready to get back out there and fight.  I don't know what we're gonna do yet.  I don't know who he'll be facing, but he'll be fightin' soon."

3:37, on ironing out issues with Nick Diaz on his personality and promoting him as a pro MMA fighter: "Absolutely.  We did talk about it.  You're the first guy to ask me that question too by the way.  That is what we talked about.  We talked about that.  We talked about the boxing thing.  And he seemed to have got it.  He understood and he said he get it.  We'll see what happens."

4:02, on talking to Nick Diaz about hi complaints over earning less money: "Yea, and it' funny because we talked about that too.  He made a lot of money in Strikeforce.  He made some damn good money.  Considering what Strikeforce was making and what Nick Diaz was making, Nick Diaz did pretty good."

4:24, on what Diaz asked for specifically when it came to money: "i want more.  I want more money,' which is human nature man.  Everybody wants - you want more money too, and so doe you're cameraman, and everybody else standing in this room.  It's human nature.  Everybody has these expectations and it's about letting guys know what's realistic and what's not.  My worries with Nick Diaz isn't money - it's not about money or any of that kinda stuff.  That stuff's whatever.  It's all the other issues with Nick, you know.  I always say I don't want Nick to not be Nick.  I don't want to tell anybody, any fighter or anyone else not to be themselves, but to be a professional athlete, you have to play the game this much.  Just a little, ya know?  And that's all I'm looking for."

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