The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 6 Recap: My Heel Kick Knockout


Cast member Anthony Ferguson of season 13 of Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' talks about his first fight on the showing, his "dream box", why Lew Polley was fired by Junior dos Santos and the bad attitude of Len Bentley.

You finally got to see me fight! I was so stoked watching that I could hardly believe my eyes. Before we get to this week's episode, though, be sure to catch all of my recaps: there's week 5, week 4 week 3, week 2 and week 1. Make sure to read those before you get here. Alright, onto last night's show.

The episode opened with Lew Polley again rubbing Junior dos Santos the wrong way. I've said this all season long. I don't know Lew Polley. We didn't have much interaction. When we did it was fine, but always seemed like a bit of a tool. I just know it takes a lot to piss off coach dos Santos, but Polley managed to do it. I can't comment on whether it was the right decision or not. I didn't even really know about it when it happened. We just thought Team dos Santos was shuffling out coaches. For example, Greg Nelson was with us for part of the season and absent the rest. There's no conspiracy there, he had other things he had to do. We figured Lew was like that until I asked the team later in the season what happened. They told me he was fired because he undermined coach dos Santos' authority. It didn't matter to or affect us, but it seemed like Junior had enough.

Clay Harvison and Len Bentley were struggling with injuries, but ended up not being as bad as we thought. We were worried after Clay's fight he was out with a broken pinky. Luckily it was dislocated. That is the worst dislocation I've ever seen, but not being broken is a great start. Len fell to the ground yelling in pain, as you all saw. We thought he must've completely blown out his knee, but all of the major stuff wasn't torn. You saw coach Brock Lesnar not really react much to Len or Clay's injuries. It wasn't that he didn't care. I've said it before, he wanted to win. I think he was just frustrated about the situation. Having guys lose is one thing. Having them fall out with injuries like we thought they were about to is another. We were relieved when we found out both could fight again.

Finally, I got to fight! I knew I was going to be picked before they announced the match-ups and I knew I had to face another wrestler in Justin Edwards. I thought that was to my benefit. I wrestled in college and while I had heard Justin was 6-0 or 7-0, I knew I could hold my own. In fact, I knew I could hold my own no matter where the fight went, but I'd been working really hard on my hands. That was something I was investing time and energy into improving. I wanted to use this fight as a chance to put them to work.

It felt, I don't know, vindicating to hear Brock Lesnar speak about my abilities or say I could win the show. You've noticed I haven't gotten a lot of air time recently. I didn't go on that show to smoke and joke. I wasn't being a cut up behind the scenes. I tried to be positive with everyone and keep to myself. My mom always told me if you work hard and keep your nose clean, a little luck will take you a long way. I've never forgotten that. I'm not getting the kind of air some other guys are getting, but I'm not worried about it at all. When I am on camera, I'm winning fights. That's what matters in the end.

You saw that dream box I had? I still have it with me. I'll never lose it. I take it with me everywhere I go. I've had my dream inside of it for a while and I keep it around as good luck and a reminder of where I've come to. I'm serious about this opportunity and it takes dedication, belief and focus to get where you want to go. You can't lose sight of your dreams. That's why it's always there.

You probably also noticed I was wearing a suit before my fight. I've done that ever since my days in wrestling. Before a big meet or a fight, I always show up to the venue in a suit. I was raised to be a gentleman and I haven't lost sight of that. I don't want to be perceived as a clown or do anything to bring shame to my name. It's important to represent yourself well, be respectful of others and to act like an adult. 

Overall, I'm pleased with how the fight went. I knew Justin was going to come out of the gate hard charging and I was mentally prepared for that. He got in on my distance and I noticed watching the tape I was dropping my left constantly. But I felt like I was using my hands, using my jab and throwing every kind of punch that's in a striker's arsenal. I can obviously do better next time, but like I said, I'd invested a lot in improving my hands, my head movement and stuff like that. Justin put a lot of pressure on me early, but obviously I was able to hang on.

I won't say I never get taken down. I got taken down twice in this round, but it doesn't bother me at all. I got back to my fight right away the first time and knocked Justin out cold the next. I think I'm a beast everywhere. That kick wasn't accidental either. From that position I've got a lot of attacks. I actually have a background in breakdancing and that allows me to position my hips a bunch of different ways to throw things at guys they've never seen. You notice that wasn't a straight up kick, bottom to top. That was a heel strike that moved side to side. That balance on my hips and the ability to still generate power comes from hard training and a little bit of breakdancing, too.

The other fight on the show was Chuck O'Neil against Zach Davis. Chuck's a great guy. Hard-nosed fighter with a lot of skills and a Boston accent. What's not to love? I didn't know much about him, but I knew he was pretty talented and very athletic.

I wasn't surprised Chuck lost per se, but I was very surprised at the way he lost. It was a good fight, although we all though coach Lesnar's advice in this fight was not very good. When he was yelling for Chuck to get his arm out of the arm bar, that's what help Zach set up the triangle. Ultimately, though, it's Chuck's fight and he knows he could've done better. He was really made at himself and really upset. More so than anyone else on the team when they lost. And that triangle was his move. You could see Chuck was a really lanky dude and he could throw up triangles from all kinds of positions. He got caught this time, but I'd bet it wouldn't happen twice. 

I will also say I think Chuck deserved that wild card slot. Len is good, but you can see he's got an attitude problem. He was talking about how he was "confused" he didn't get picked. That just means he isn't paying attention.

I'm out of here for now. Thanks for all of the support over these past few weeks and watching me fight. If you want to contact me, get at me on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks again to SB Nation and I'll talk to you guys next week!

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