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Bellator 43 Results: Jay Hieron Vs. Rick Hawn, Joe Riggs Vs. Bryan Baker, And More

Bellator 42 airs live on MTV2 at 9 p.m. ET, featuring the final of the season four welterweight tournament between Jay Hieron and Rick Hawn. Also on the card: Bryan Baker vs. Joe Riggs, Chase Beebe vs. Jose Vega, and Vince Lucero vs. Ron Sparks. SB Nation MMA will be covering the event during the MTV2 broadcast.

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Bellator 43 Results: Jay Hieron Edges Split Decision Over Rick Hawn

This is the live blog for Jay Hieron vs. Rick Hawn at Bellator 43. This is the finals of Bellator's season four welterweight tournametn. Jay Hieron is 21-4, and a veteran of the UFC, Strikeforce, and the IFL. He defeated Brent Weedman and Anthony Lapsley on his road to the finals. Rick Hawn is perfect in 11 fights. He defeated Jim Wallhead and Lyman Good to reach the finals.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Jason Herzog. Hieron comeos out and takes center-cage. Leg kick lands. And another. Hawn misses with a right hand. Hieron lands a counter left. Leg kick. Uppercut and left hook for Hieron. Hawn looks outclassed early. Two leg kicks for Hieron. Jab for Hawn. Side kick sends Hawn into the fence. Cup check for Hawn after an errant leg kick. Hieron with lots of kicks early. Jab. Ducks under a right hand. Another leg kick for Hieron. Jab for Hieron. Another as Hawn comes in. And another. Jumping knee misses. Leg kick for Hieron. Little offense for Hawn with just under 90 seconds to go. Jab lands for Hawn. Right hand for Hieron. Body kick lands.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Jay Hieron.

Round 2 - Hieron circling. Quick exchange. Hieron jabs. Hawn isn't going to win a kickboxing match. Hieron just misses with a spinning back fist. Leg kick. Hawn comes forward and grazes with a right hand. Hieron with a right hand. Hawn blocks a body kick. Spinning back kick just misses for Hieron. Leg kick lands though. Hawn comes forward with a wild fury. Hieron slips momentarily. Hieron lands with a right. Hawn not checking a leg kick. Hawn is short on all of his punches. Good left from Hawn. Hieron responds with a one-two. Superman right for Hawn. Hawn plodding forward throughout. Trip takedown for Hieron, but Hawn back up as the round ends.

SB Nation scores the round 10-10.

Round 3 - Jab from Hawn lands. Hieron with a combination. Hawn landing more as this fight goes on. They trade jabs. Spinning back kick from Hieron clips Hawn's midsection. Right-left for Hieron in the clinch. Hawn lands a right. Hawn stuffs a takedown. This is a much different fight than what we saw in the first. Hieron blasts the lead leg. Stiff jab from Hawn. Right hand. Lead hook. Hawn blasts the lead leg. Another. Mirror image of the first halfway through. Hieron comes back with a one-two. Hawn responds. Left to the body for Hawn. Right hand for Hieron. Just over a minute left now. Hieron's spinning back kick just misses. Hawn checks a leg kick. Hawn lands a left and a right leg kick. Another. Sloppier action with thirty seconds to go. Jab for Hawn. Another.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Hawn, and declares the bout a draw.

Jay Hieron defeats Rick Hawn by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).


Bellator 43 Results: Bryan Baker Crumples Joe Riggs In Round Two

This is the live blog for Bryan Baker vs. Joe Riggs at Bellator 43. Bryan Baker is 14-2, and defeated Jeremy Horn in his last bout at Bellator 30. In September, Baker revealed that he was battling Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Joe Riggs is 34-13, with 1 no contest. He is a veteran of the UFC, Strikeforce, and the WEC. He lost his last bout to Jordan Mein in a regional Canadian promotion.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Jason Herzog. Glove tap. Baker comes in wild with an inside leg kick. Wheelock mentions that Riggs is only 28 years old. Crazy. Tentative start. Baker comes in with another kick. He's dropping his arms down to his side when he throws those kicks. A minute in, and we've seen two strikes. Riggs hasn't thrown anything. And he misses with a one-two. Baker throws a knee that lands low. Herzog calls time. Short break before the restart. Riggs blocks a body kick. Both guys missing with strikes. Riggs lands with a right hook. Baker lands a flying knee. Riggs lands a left and then a lead hook. Each guy is keeping their distance. Head kick from Baker stumbles Riggs for a second. Inside leg kick. Weird round with thirty seconds to go. Knees from the clinch for Baker. Using his height well here. Flying knee, Riggs answers with a lead hook.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Bryan Baker.

Round 2 - Baker comes forward with a high kick that Riggs catches. Riggs needs to figure out how to get inside on Baker. He seems tentative to wade through though, which is causing the slow pace. Riggs backed up into the fence. Baker lands a body shot. Riggs circles away to the center of the cage. Lead hook from Riggs. Inside leg kick from Baker. Left hand lands for Riggs. Baker can't catch up with Riggs footwork, and Riggs can't solve the distance problem. Knees to the midsection from the Thai clinch for Baker. Riggs motions to Herzog that the last knee was low, but Herzog doesn't step in. Baker drops down, but Riggs stuffs the takedown attempt. He's getting pounded with knees though. Baker swingsly wildly as they break, and Riggs lands a hook. Left hand from Baker sends Riggs to the mat, and Herzog jumps in. Baker's girlfriend is shrieking.

Bryan Baker knocks out Joe Riggs at 3:53 of round two.


Bellator 43 Results: Chase Beebe Chokes Out Jose Vega In Round One

This is the live blog for Chase Beebe vs. Jose Vega at Bellator 43. Chase Beebe enters with a 17-7 MMA record, and is the former WEC bantamweight champion. Beebe is currently riding a three-fight winning streak. This is his Bellator debut. Jose Vega is 9-4, and lost his last fight to Ed West by split decision at Bellator 30.

Round 1 - Our referee for this bout is Jason Herzog. Sean Wheelock reminds us that the winner of this tournament will get into next season's bantamweight tournament. Beebe opens with a lead hook. Jose Vega responds with a jab. Chopping leg kick from Vega. Tie up. Knee to the body from Beebe. Standing guillotine from Beebe. He drops down, but Vega pops his head free. Beebe quickly works back to his feet, and grabs a hold of another standing guillotine. Vegas has him pressed up against the fence. Vega slips his head out. The two trade short punches. The two disengage, and we're back center-cage. Dirty boxing from both. Uppercut for Vega. They split. Vega steps forward with a lead hook. Combo from Beebe. He has Vega up against the fence now. Drops levels and takes Vega down. Half-guard with the knee in. Short elbow from Beebe. He works to pass. Vega sits up and gets back to his feet. Presses Beebe into the fence. Short elbow from Beebe. He grabs a hold of the neck once again. Vega has a leg, so Beebe decides to drop down. He secures half-butterfly guard and forces Vega to tap!

Chase Beebe submits Jose Vega with a guillotine choke at 4:06 of round one.


Bellator 43 Results: Ron Sparks Torques Vince Lucero's Arm In Round One

This is the live blog for Ron Sparks vs. Vince Lucero at Bellator 43.

Round 1 - The referee for this bout is Kevin Nix. Sloppy exchange to open the fight. Sparks lands a left hand. Lands some more in an exchange. Lucero looks like a mix of Buentello and Konrad. Left hook from Sparks. Outside leg kick. Big right, followup left just misses. Leg kick takes Lucero down to the floor. Sparks in side control. Using his elbow to apply pressure. Looking for the Americana, but lets it go. Looking for it again. Lucero doing little to move out of the submission. Sparks torquing. Lucero grimacing in pain. Sparks really twisting that arm, and Lucero is forced to tap. Sparks pumps his fist -- almost looked like he wanted to throw a punch -- with the win.

Ron Sparks submits Vince Lucero with an keylock at 2:18 of round one.


Bellator 43 Results: Jay Hieron Vs. Rick Hawn, Joe Riggs Vs. Bryan Baker, And More

Join us tonight at SB Nation MMA as's Mike Fagan (@Mike_Fagan_13) will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 43. Our coverage will begin in conjunction with the MTV2 broadcast starting at 9 p.m. ET, so be sure to make SB Nation MMA your home for this event.

This is the seventh event of Bellator Fighting Championships' fourth season, taking place at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma. The commentators for this event will be Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith.

For analysis about this event, has previews, predictions and much more.

Tonight's televised card features four bouts:

Jay Hieron vs. Rick Hawn
Bryan Baker vs. Joe Riggs
Chase Beebe vs. Jose Vega
Vince Lucero vs. Ron Sparks

The winner between Hieron and Hawn becomes the season four welterweight tournament winner, and receives a shot at current Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren. Baker lost to Alexander Shlemenko in season two's middleweight tournament finals. This is Joe Riggs' Bellator debut.

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