UFC 130 Fight Card: Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, Matt Hamill And Roy Nelson Talks What's At Stake

Both Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard are out of their UFC 130 fight due to injury. Expect more UFC 130 fight card updates on this StoryStream.

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VIDEO: UFC 130 Previews With Rampage Jackson, Matt Hamill, Frank Mir And Roy Nelson

I've said it numerous times, but I'll say it again: UFC 130's fight card lacks either mega fights or fights with mega stars that UFC fans care about. Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson is obviously a noteworthy talent, but most UFC fans aren't overly excited about his upcoming bout with Matt Hamill. Still, the charm of this card is that while the fights don't necessarily have fans frothing at the mouth, the fights all mean quite a bit for each of the fighters and the divisions in which they fight. When this event is over, there will be a lot to unpack and I'm not sure most fans have fully considered that.

In any case, pre-fight interviews from the major players have emerged and you're beginning to see what each fighter believes is there place heading into their bouts and what's on the line.

Rampage Jackson argues he's a fighter in the "truest sense" of the word:

Frank Mir interestingly notes he has to fight Roy Nelson moving forward, but argues he punches harder than Junior dos Santos:

Roy Nelson appears to be honored in facing a former UFC heavyweight champion in Frank Mir:

Matt Hamill says he loves being the underdog and appears to believe Rampage Jackson is close to a title shot, which means a victory over him puts Matt Hamill in that place:


UFC 130: Frankie Edgar Discusses Sidelining Injury

Details are emerging about the extent of the injuries that forced both Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. As I linked up yesterday, Maynard was going to make an attempt to struggle through, thereby putting himself in a fight with former WEC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis. Once Edgar pulled out, the entire fight was cancelled. And with good reason. Mike Straka, host of "Fighting Words" HDNet, authors the piece (he's writing for UFC.com now? Anyone else find that strange?) gets Edgar to describe the extent of the injury:

"All of the reports are talking about my ribs, it's actually my back," says Edgar. "My back's been bothering me for quite some time. A few weeks ago I had to take a week off so that my back could calm down and I was trying to fight through it. I got through it and it kept blowing out on me here and there but then I ended up blowing out a rib last week. My rib kept popping in and out and then last week my back went out on me really bad, so I went to see a doctor and he said I've got bulging discs and now I'm going to go see a specialist to see what he can do about it."


"I saw a UFC doctor yesterday and he said my L2 and L5 discs are bulged, and he recommended that I don't fight right now," Edgar said. "I can't even put my socks on or hold my kids, it's pretty bad right now."


"I think it was more my fault than anyone else's fault to be honest," he said. "I was trying to favor my back and probably putting too much pressure on my abs and compounded the injury when the rib popped out. I really don't know for sure but it's just unfortunate."

A rupture of a disc causes the "shock absorbers" between two vertebrae to leak, causing the bones to grind against one another. Consequently, nerve irritation and bone instability causes severe back pain.

"I was planning on going through with the fight with the back injury," says Edgar. "I didn't want to postpone the bout at all. I feel like I lost the fight right now. I'm very depressed about this whole situation. I'm sure in a couple of days I'll realize I did the right thing by going to see a doctor. It's not fair to myself, to Gray, it's not fair to the fans to take a fight like this. I mean, I'm never 100 percent healthy when I step in the Octagon anyway but this is something different. I'm not even 30% right now. When it's really inflamed, the pain is excruciating. When it happened on Saturday the drive back home from Ricardo's was the longest drive of my life."

Edgar goes on to explain he had back surgery at the age of 18, but isn't sure if this current injury is related to the previous one.

This news coming out the day after the UFC announces their insurance plan could not be more appropriate in terms of underscoring just how valuable this will be for fighters. Edgar likely earns enough fighting to cover virtually any medical expense incurred during training, but his injury is indicative of the strains any high-level professional fighter can face. Moreover, while Edgar is displaying otherwordly abilities to gut through tortuous pain and injury, many fighters display equal levels of unhealthy grit. The value of the UFC insurance policy is not just that fighters will be able to receive better medical care generally, but also prevent more serious injuries from happening by not dangerous ailments with them into competition.


Frankie Edgar Vs. Gray Maynard 3 Possible For August Or September 2011

On today's conference call for the new UFC insurance policy, UFC President formally announced both UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and challenger Gray Maynard were out of their scheduled UFC 130 main event title fight due to injury. White stated both incidents happened within the last two days, but that neither were serious.

He said both fighters were likely to be out only 6 to 8 weeks, so a return to the Octagon in late summer would not be out of the question. "Maybe we can do this fight in August or September," White stated.

White also noted that the Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Matt Hamill light heavyweight contest would now serve as the main event for UFC 130. Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson is the co-main event. White stated the promotion had not contacted either Mir or Nelson to inform them of their bout's new status.

Mike Chiappetta on MMA Fighting further stated on Twitter today that "If Gray would have stayed on UFC 130, Showtime Pettis would've been moved to fight him & Ben Henderson would've fought Clay Guida."


UFC 130 Fight Card: Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard Both Out Due To Injury

Absolutely devastating news delivered today by the UFC with regard to injury pullouts for their UFC 130 event later this month. The organization has announced both champion Frankie Edgar and challenger Gray Maynard are injured and their headlining rubber match originally scheduled to take place is now cancelled. The news comes courtesy UFC.com:

The highly-anticipated third bout between UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and number one contender Gray Maynard will have to wait a little longer, as it was announced today that both fighters have suffered injuries in training camp that will take them out of the UFC 130 main event on May 28th.

Stepping up into the UFC 130 main event slot is the bout between former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Matt "The Hammer" Hamill, and moving to the Pay-Per-View card will be the Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story welterweight showdown.

In Spike TV prelim action, Tim Boetsch's middleweight debut against Kendall Grove will join the bantamweight fight between Miguel Angel Torres and Demetrious Johnson.

Mike Chiappetta says the injuries the fighters suffered are severe:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys. Frankie broke ribs and Gray suffered a knee injury, sources tell me. #UFCless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Neither Maynard nor Edgar are pay-per-view stars, but the absence of this fight removes not only the headliner, it eliminates the only title fight on the card. Moreover, while their UFC 125 rematch did not achieve a high pay-per-view buyrate, the word of mouth factor about their bout was strong given the exceptional performances. There was some measure of palpable intrigue about their third fight.

UFC 130's fight card strength was its exhaustive line-up of very competitive fights with, Rampage or Frank Mir excluded, mid-tier stars. The absence of this contest undercuts the card's strength generally and hurts specifically given it's prestige and headliner status.

Rampage vs. Hamill is a noteworthy fight, but carries little anticipation or high expectations among fans or media.

More on this story and updates to the UFC 130 fight card as they develop.

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