DALLAS, TX – JUNE 17: Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum Weigh-in at AT&T Plaza at American Airlines Center on June 17, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images)

Strikeforce: Overeem Vs. Werdum Fight Card Results: Fans Lose, UFC Wins Overeem Vs. Werdum

Real-time results, commentary and analysis of Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum by Nate Wilcox and Luke Thomas.

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Strikeforce Results: Fans Lose, UFC Wins Alistair Overeem Vs. Fabricio Werdum Bout

Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum both rode waves of hype into the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. The tides ran out for both fighters tonight.

Overeem, coming back to MMA after winning the world's most prestigious kickboxing title in K-1's annual championship tournament, boasted of the "40 pounds of ass whipping" muscle he'd put on since his 2007 loss to Werdum. 

For his part Werdum dethroned the greatest heavyweight of all time last year when he tapped Fedor Emelianenko in 0:69 seconds. Sadly, having "The Last Emperor's" ten year undefeated streak on his trophy room wall didn't mean much for Werdum tonight.

Read Thomas Myers' exclusive interview with Alistair Overeem.

It was an ugly fight that few enjoyed. 

Overeem landed the harder shots, but Werdum landed more, coming after Overeem with lunging punches and knees to the face. Werdum made no bones about his desperation to get the fight on the ground. Werdum shot for numerous take downs that Overeem slung off. He also pulled guard about a bajillion times.

Unfortunately for the fans, by the third round, the heavily muscled Overeem was too tired to stay off of Werdum and Werdum was too tired to do anything much with the opportunity. So we got to watch Overeem lay in Werdum's guard.

After the fight UFC announcer Joe Rogan tweeted, "Not a very impressive performance for Werdum or Overeem. The winner of this fight was Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos"

It's hard to argue with Rogan about that. 

Read our live blog of Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum. 


Strikeforce Overeem Vs. Werdum Results: Did Josh Barnett Succeed In Winning Over The Fans?

Josh Barnett did everything he wanted to do against Brett Rogers. He landed the better punches on the feet. He scored slamming high altitude take downs. On the ground he eased into the most dominating positions like a knife through butter. Most importantly, he ended with a submission and made him made tap out. 

After the fight Barnett did what he wanted as well. He took the mic away from Commentator Gus Johnson -- thus smoothly avoiding any controversial questions. Barnett, a veteran with almost a decade of professional wrestling experience as well as even more MMA experience, is one of the best public speakers in MMA. He's known for his outrageous statements and willingness to bait the crowd. Playing the heel, if you will.

Jonathan Snowden's 52 Things I Love About MMA: Josh Barnett's Rise To Stardom

But not tonight. Tonight Barnett took the mic and literally pleaded for the support of fans. That's a bit of a stretch for the man who was described on air as "the only man in MMA history to fail three drug tests". Barnett's been stripped of the UFC title -- of which he was the youngest ever possessor -- and brought entire promotions down with his inability to get licensed for fights. 

All that makes him an unlikely candidate for fan favorite. Frankly, I'd expected Barnett to bait the crowd as he's been known to do. Judging from responses to Barnett's speech on Twitter he'd have been better off doing just that. Some fans were angry that Barnett seized the mic, but more seemed bummed out by the content of the speech. 

Take Away: Josh Barnett has his work cut out if his goal is to win over fans. 

Read our live blog of Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers.


Strikeforce Overeem Vs. Werdum Results: Jorge Masvidal Puts The Whoopin' On K.J. Noons

There are some fights -- whether they happen on the school yard, in a parking lot, a jailhouse or a submarine -- that leave no doubt about who is the better man. Tonight Jorge Masvidal busted up K.J. Noons on the feet, on the ground, and against the cage at Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum.

Masvidal was quicker with his fists than Noons and left the former pro-boxer looking like a victim in a slasher film. Noons brought male model looks into the cage and left looking like Frankenstein. 

Noons, a former pro-boxer with a win over Nick Diaz, was expected to dominate on the feet against Masvidal, more of a jack-of-all trades type fighter. But Masvidal's sharp counter strikes consistently popped Noons hard. He also dominated Noons on the ground, repeatedly putting him in a cuddle-esque spoon position that was more about domination than romance. He very nearly finished Noons in the first round and left no doubt as to who was the better fighter. 

Noons might never be the same after that fight. His reputation as one of the most dangerous strikers in the lightweight division is as tattered as his facial tissue. 

Heading into the fight Noons spoke to SBNation's Luke Thomas about his desire to face Strikeforce lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez. By the end of the fight, Masvidal had proved Noons a pretender with title aspirations. Instead it was Masvidal who was calling out Gilbert Melendez after the fight. 

Key Take Away: Masvidal is ready for his title shot. 

Read our live blog of the fight here.


Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum Results: Daniel Cormier Eases Off On Jeff Monson

Former U.S. Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier had absolutely no trouble with Jeff Monson in their heavyweight bout at Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum. Monson, a former ADCC submission grabbling champion, was giving up hand speed, foot speed, and reach on the feet against Cormier and apparently had no hope of getting Cormier to the ground because he only made one half-hearted attempt late in the fight. 

Luke Thomas' exclusive interview with Daniel Cormier. 

Despite out-striking Monson by 120-40 (per CompuStrike) and hurting him several times, Cormier never went in for the kill. Early in the third round he stunned Monson badly with sharp sequence of combinations but then was content to force a clinch and fire lazy knees to Monson's thighs for much of the rest of the round.

Cormier  was either tired or looking to pick up some cage time. He's only had 8 total pro MMA bouts and can use all the experience he can get as he's on his way to the top of the thin heavyweight division in short order. The American Kickboxing Academy product won't be able to coast against fighters like Alistair Overeem, Antonio Silva or Josh Barnett, any of whom could be in his future.  

Read our live blog of the fight here. 


Strikeforce Overeem Vs. Werdum Results: Chad Griggs Buries Valentijn Overeem

Let there be no doubt, Valentijn Overeem has experience in losing fights. In his 55 fight, 15 year career, Overeem has come up short 26 times. 

He was in rare form tonight against Chad Griggs at Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum.

Overeem was quickly taken down and, according to CompuStrike, ate 28 punches in a little over a minute on his back before tapping out to strikes. If you're new to MMA, you might not know that tapping to strikes is frowned upon at the highest levels of the sport. But it didn't seem to bother Overeem, who popped up when it was over, smiling and laughing and happily shaking hands with Griggs and his corner. 

Showtime announcer Mauro Ranallo called Griggs the "Strikeforce cockroach" after the bout due to the fighter's habit of winning fights he's not supposed to win. Griggs is 3-0 in Strikeforce. He made an impressive Strikeforce debut in 2010 when he came back to beat heavily hyped former pro-wrestler Bobby Lashley at Strikeforce: Houston. Griggs then beat highly touted prospect Gian Villante at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva earlier this year. 

Key Takeway: It's time to end Valentijn Overeem's run at the highest levels of the sport. 

Read our live blog of the fight here.


Strikeforce Overeem Vs. Werdum Results: No Decision - Justin Wilcox Gets Poked By JZ Cavalcante

Mistaking MMA for Facebook, Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante inadvertantly poked Justin Wilcox in the eye thirty-one seconds into the second round of their lightweight bout at Strikeforce: Overeem vs Werdum and that was all she wrote. The officials declared it a "No Decision" after Wilcox was unable to recover from the eye poke.

I have no idea how a "No Decision" differs from the more common "No Contest".

It was a bitterly disappointing end to what had been shaping up to be a very good clash. Both fighters looked sharp in the first round, exchanging strikes on the feet and both landing. Wilcox was a tad sharper, landing jabs, combinations and a nifty kick to JZ's face. Cavalcante looked good too though, springing back to his feet quickly the only time he was taken down and showing a good sprawl to foil a second Wilcox take down attempt. 

Cavalcante has a little bit of an unfortunate history with inconclusive fight outcomes. Back in 2008, his first bout with Japanese star Shinya Aoki had to be stopped after JZ landed a series of elbows to Aoki's spine that were ruled illegal and forced a stoppage. Aoki won the rematch. 

Here's our official live blog of the fight.


Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum Results: Magno Almeida About Breaks Conor Heun's Arm, Still Loses Fight

Conor Heun's unanimous decision win over Magno Almeida was the third straight undercard bout of Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum to go to the judges but it was a whirlwind tilt featuring lots of nasty submission attempts, dramatic double hammer fists and even an exchange that sent referee Leon Roberts flying. 

Heun took the decision but Almeida very nearly took his right arm. An extremely vicious arm bar in the second round left Heun favoring a visibly dislocated right arm. Almeida wasn't the only one showing some formidable jiu jitsu though as Heun showed off an effective rubber guard in the first round and almost landed an omaplata-arm bar combination.

Heun's superior striking made it an easier call for the judges as Almeida's limp jab dangled in the breeze like a flag on a windless day. Almeida did enough on the card of my colleague Luke Thomas to get a 30-27 decision, but I have to agree with the judges that Heun's ground and pound, take downs and superior striking on the feet were enough to earn the win. 


Strikeforce Overeem Vs. Werdum Results: Nah-Shon Burrell Grinds Joe Ray

Joe Ray was game in a 180lb catchweight bout with Nah-Shon Burrell on the Strikeforce: Overeem vs Werdum undercard, but Burrell wore him down and took a clear decision -- 29-28 on all three judges cards. Ray won the first round off his back in a rare show of MMA understanding by all the judges. 

Burrell deserved the decision, bringing the Texas judges to 1-1 for the night after gifting Isaac Vallie-Flag with an inexplicable call over Brian Melancon

Burrell got the initial take down but Ray, an American Top Team product, fired off a succession of submission attacks that seemed to come very close to getting the tap although only Burrell knows for sure. Ray threw up a triangle, a double arm bar attempt, a kneebar and a second arm bar attack to take the round.

Burrell fought back in the second and especially the third, edging Ray on the feet and dominating the take down battle. More importantly the fading Ray wasn't able to replicate the barrage of submission attacks in either of the later rounds. He did threaten with a nasty guillotine in the third but it was a dying gasp of a losing effort. 

Here is our official SB Nation MMA live blog of the event.


Strikeforce Results: The Judges Hate On Brian Melancon And Gift Isaac Vallie-Flagg With The D

Harder to pick than a broken nose indeed. Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum kicked off with the de riguer questionable decision as Isaac Vallie-Flag got the nod from 2/3 of the judges. Fighters, just an FYI if you ever see Judges Jesse Reyes and Dan Mathisen working one of your fights, look to get taken down a couple of times in the swing round cause that's what they're looking for.  And get beat up on the feet too just to ice the deal.

For full blow-by-blow results check out Luke Thomas' live blog of the bout. pparently being taken down twice and beat up on the feet is enough to win a round because that's about all that Vallie-Flag did in the first and third rounds. 

Melancon came in heavy against Isaac Vallie-Flagg  -- he missed the welterweight limit of 170lbs by a full 5lbs. -- and hitting hard early. Melancon looked overwhelming to start the bout, he busted up Vallie-Flagg on the feet then took him down for a tour of dominant positions on the ground. Melancon tried out side mount, full mount and back mount, even throwing in a rear naked choke attempt in at one point, but he wasn't able to finish Vallie-Flag in the first. 

Vallie-Flag came back for an extremely even second round as the two mostly traded on the feet. At one point Vallie-Flag landed a nice overhand right but Melancon answered with a sharp uppercut at the same time. 

In the third, Melancon forced a clinch against the fence but Vallie-Flag answered with knees. A nifty trip toss from Melancon led to another tour of dominant positions, side mount, full mount before Vallie-Flag got guard and then back up to his feet. Vallie-Flag answered with sharp elbows and knees in the clinch. 

Melancon clearly needs to put more judges on his Xmas card list.


Strikeforce: Overeem Vs. Werdum Fight Card Results Commentary And Analysis

Join us tonight for real-time commentary, opinion and analysis of tonight's Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum fight card as it runs on HDNet and Showtime. As a compliment to SBNation's complete fight results for every bout Luke Thomas and I will be sharing our reviews, commentary and analysis of every bout here in this stream in real time. 

Come back when the fights start, we won't be pulling our punches. 

Strikeforce Interviews: Alistair Overeem | Josh Barnett | Daniel Cormier | Brett Rogers | K.J. Noons

The Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum fight card is as follows:

Main Card (airing on Showtime at 10 p.m. ET):

Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum
Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers 
Daniel Cormier vs. Jeff Monson 
Chad Griggs vs. Valentijn Overeem
Jorge Masvidal vs. K.J. Noons

Preliminary Card (airing on HDNet at 8 p.m. ET):

Gesias Cavalcante vs Justin WilcoxMagno Almeida vs Conor HeunBrian Melancon vs Isaac Vallie-FlaggMike Bronzoulis vs Todd MooreNah-Shon Burrell vs Joe Ray

Be sure to follow SB Nation MMA (@SBNationMMA) on Twitter as well as Luke Thomas (@MMANation) and Nate Wilcox (@KidNate).

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