Anthony Pettis, Clay Guida, Tony Ferguson And Ramsey Nijem Discuss Upcoming Fights

Below is an abbreviated, paraphrased recitation of today's The Ultimate Fighter 13 finale media conference call. Today's participants were Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis, who face off in the main event Saturday night. Also on the call were Ramsey Nijem and Tony Ferguson, the two finalists for this season of The Ultimate Fighter who will also fight on Saturday.

There wasn't much revelatory about the call, although with the exception of Diego Sanchez before UFC on Versus 3, I'm not sure there ever is. Audio is on it's way.

Clay Guida

-I've been swimming a lot lately, which is something new.

- "There's no time" to be tired.

- If I win this fight, I'll probably get another fight. No immediate title shot, I don't believe.

- Every time Pettis and I step in the cage it's a Fight of the Night candidate. But I'm more concerned with the win.

- I think TUF is bringing good talent, but not the BEST talent.

- I brought in creative training partners for this fight to anticipate unorthodox attacks.

- You can feel it when the fans are with you in a big arena.


Anthony Pettis:

- On Shane Roller fight, I became more of a complete fighter. I solidified my wrestling defense, felt more comfortable in the cage and improved over all MMA abilities.

- I'm at where I'm at for a reason. Nothing is come to me too fast. This whole experience is a blessing.

- I don't have to travel to get everything I need. I didn't have to leave Milwaukee. That's a true blessing to have the gym in my back yard.

- Duke Roufus has been in a star in Milwaukee before and in combat sports. He helps me with everything.

- I'm not looking past Clay, so who knows what will happen if I win? I'm just going to stay active.

- Danny Downes looks like a whole new fighter. He took a fight outside of the UFC and won it by submission. Look for a brand new fighter this time.

- I fought 25 minutes in my last fight and felt fine. Not worried about conditioning.


Ramsey Nijem:

- I've been training at the PIT with John Hackleman. We've been through this with Court McGee and Jonathan Brookins at the gym.

- Several guys, including Justin Edwards, didn't get a chance to show how good they were.

- I was comfortable and relaxed the entire time. I get serious when I fight, but outside of the cage there's no need to stress like that.

- I was not with teammate Brock Jardine when he fought Tony Ferguson. It was hard for him to take that loss, but he's learned a lot from it.

- I was sick heading into the house, so I'm glad I didn't have to fight my way in.

- I've made leaps and bounds working with John Hackleman since the end of the show.


Anthony Ferguson:

- I've been training under Marty Morgan. Brock Lesnar sponsored me and I've been training with Team Death Clutch and my home gym of Knuckleheadz.

- I wasn't prepared for that at all, being the villain. I'm usually a nice guy. The world will get to see what I'm made of this Saturday night.

- Justin Edwards was a super tough guy. Miles Jury was also a very tough guy. Would've been interesting to see what he could've done.

- Prepping for that Jardine fight, it brought me back to my wrestling roots. Brock's no joke and his camp is good too.

- I don't know what fan perception is going to be. But my friends, family and loved ones know who I am. I am making changes and doing the right things. I want to make people proud.

- I was preparing at home to fight my way into the house. Burned out my extra aggression in the practice room.

- Don't care about the potential of being booed. When you're in the zone, you're in the zone. Just look past that.

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