Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry headlines UFC Live 4 on Versus TV.

UFC Live 4 Results And Fight Card Analysis

Real time analysis and commentary for the entire UFC on Live 4 card.

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Cheick Kongo Blasts Last In Wild Brawl, Flattens Pat Barry At UFC Live 4

It was a wild-and-wooly one round heavyweight bout that had to satisfy the cravings of the most rock 'em sock 'em robots violence nut out there. Cheick Kongo survived at least three apparent kill shots from Pat Barry then suddenly came back to stop Barry with a pair of right hands that sent Barry to the mat out cold.

Kongo took no chances and followed Barry down for a few more punches to the face before referee Dan Miragliotta finally jumped in to stop the carnage.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Cheick Kongo defeated Pat Barry by strikes (KO) at 2:39 of round 1.

Barry, a kickboxer with a bit of a K-1 career, surprised Kongo by attempting to take him down to the ground in the first exchange of the fight. After that, Kongo was landing leg kicks and it took Barry a bit of time to find his range. When Barry did catch Kongo with a sweeping right hand that caught the Frenchman on the top of the head and dropped him. He followed Kongo down but Kongo survived that exchange. Then Barry hurt him again on the feet and again Kongo survived.

Barry abandoned any sense of caution or self-preservation and charged in with his hands down low at his sides. Kongo seized the opportunity for one of the most amazing come backs in recent MMA. Two hard right hands caught Barry on the side of his head and the second one finished him.


Charlie Brenneman Upsets Rick Story At UFC Live 4

When Rick Story got the call to face Nate Marquardt in the headlining fight at UFC Live 4 on Versus, he thought it was the latest in a series of fortunate circumstances that had been blessing his career. After the events of a whirlwind 36 hours, Story is feeling anything but fortunate.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Charlie Brenneman defeated Rick Story via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

First of all, Nate Marquardt wasn't medically cleared for the fight and had to be replaced yesterday by Charlie Brenneman. Then the fight got demoted from headline status. Then Story lost to Brenneman. Wow. What a crappy day at the office for Story.

Going into the weekend, Story was looking at a possible title shot with a win over Marquardt. He'd just beaten the world's #3 welterweight Thiago Alves at UFC 130 and was very much a fighter on the cusp of the big time.

For his part, Brenneman improves to 3-1 in the UFC and could be on the contender track with another couple of wins. He showed against Story that he can out-wrestle one of the division's toughest grapplers.


Matt Brown And John Howard Fight To Dull Decision At UFC Live 4

Matt Brown got a unanimous 29-28 decision over John Howard at UFC Live 4 on Versus. Though he faded in the third round, Brown dominated both of the first two rounds by a wide margin. He used his height and reach advantage to outpoint Howard on the feet and solid take down defense to keep the fight where he wanted it.


UFC on Versus 4 results: Matt Brown defeats John Howard by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Howard stayed in the fight, landing a few take downs and presumably winning the third round on all three judges' cards. Unfortunately for Howard, this is his third straight loss in the UFC's welterweight division and he's very likely to be cut from an overcrowded roster.

Ironically Brown came into the fight off three losses without being cut. I'm guessing his status as a veteran of The Ultimate Fighter gave him some leeway with the promotion. He improves his UFC record to 5-4.

The fight was no fun to watch with neither fighter really shining in any aspect of the sport.


Matt Mitrione Lambastes Christiane Moorecraft At UFC Live 4

Matt Mitrione bludgeoned, battered, beat and bloodied Christian Moorecraft at UFC Live 4. It wasn't a completely one-sided fight as Morecraft got a couple of take downs, landed some sharp punches standing and acquitted himself well. But it wasn't enough to make it past the second round against Mitrione.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Matt Mitrione defeated Christian Morecraft via strikes (TKO) at 4:28 of round 2.

Mitrione tricked Morecraft out of position with a smooth feint to set up a potent left hook. Two more punches filled out the combination and dropped Morecraft. Mitrione knew his man was beaten and walked away from a falling Morecraft before he hit the ground.

Mitrione had dropped Morecraft with a laser-guided left hand in the first round, but Morecraft survived and managed to divert Mitrione into a tussle on the ground for the duration of the round. Mitrione, a former offensive lineman in the NFL. has emerged as something of an unlikely contender in the talent-starved heavyweight division.

I'd love to see Mitrione tested against Dave Herman in a fight or two. The winner would become a high profile contender.


Tyson Griffin Takes Decision Over Manny Gamburyan

It wasn't the most scintillating bout Tyson Griffin's ever been a part of, but it was a clear win over a tough Manny Gamburyan at UFC Live 4. The fight went all three rounds and two of three judges scored it for Griffin. The third scored it a 29-29 tie.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Tyson Griffin defeats Manny Gambruyan by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Gamburyan, who last fought for the WEC title against Jose Aldo, put on a gritty effort. He took Griffin down with a variety of techniques and never got clowned on the feet. What made the difference was Griffin's leg kicks. Gamburyan's corner vainly applied ice to his bruised left thigh between rounds, but by the end Manny had to switch to a southpaw stance to protect his lead leg.

Griffin won his featherweight debut and against a former title challenger no less. Another win or two and I figure we'll see the UFC rush him into the title picture.  He joins Kenny Florian as a long-time lightweight contender moving down to the featherweight ranks. It's a good way to break in the new division with fans.


Joe Stevenson Drops Fourth Straight To Javier Vasquez At UFC Live 4

Joe Stevenson lost his fourth straight UFC bout to Javier Vasquez in a listless three rounder. Vasquez took Stevenson down early, dominated position, threatened with a tight guillotine and even outpointed Stevenson on the feet.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Javier Vazquez defeats Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Looks like "Joe Daddy" is done in the UFC. A former lightweight title challenger and The Ultimate Fighter season two winner, he's now lost four straight fights in the UFC, including his first at featherweight. He looked flat and lost tonight.

Stevenson's coach Greg Jackson gave some dubious advice to Stevenson to pursue the take down at all costs as that played into Vazquez' ground game and very nearly got Stevenson submitted. Stevenson hasn't looked at all good since beating Spencer Fisher in 2009. He's only 29 but he's been fighting professionally since 1999.

Vazquez, a 35 year old Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and son-in-law of BJJ legend Rorion Gracie, faded in the final round.  Fortunately for him, Stevenson had little or nothing to offer him in the third round.


Joe Lauzon Utterly Outclasses Curt Warburton at UFC Live 4

Ultimate Fighter veteran and fan favorite Joe Lauzon showed Brit Curt Warburton what a huge yawning chasm exists between the mid- and bottom tiers of the UFC. Lauzon may not be quite at the level of top contender, but he certainly has more than enough to thrash the bottom feeders of the UFC's 155lb division.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Joe Lauzon defeats Curt Warburton by submission (kimura) at 1:58 of round 1.



Lauzon came out aggressive early and tagged Warburton with a tasty combination of punches that sent him reeling. Once on the ground, Lauzon wasted no time in grabbing an arm and securing a kimura. He had to advance position from mount to triangle control on his back to force the tap, but it looked painful.

Warburton stood up looking like a rooster with a twisted wing, holding his left arm limply at his side. Lauzon oozed confidence and stalked the cage like a cougar prowling a remote exurban jogging trail built too high up in the mountains. He sent a clear message to any lower level UFC lightweight with the bad judgement to sign a fight agreement with "Joe Lauzon" written on it.


Rich Attonito Does Everything But Finish Daniel Roberts At UFC Live 4

Rich Attonito had every advantage over Daniel Roberts in their UFC Live 4 fight which streamed on Facebook. Roberts came in as a short notice replacement for Matt Brown who moved up to the main card.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Rich Attonito defeats Daniel Roberts by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Attonito dominated Daniel Roberts from pillar to post and twice could have finished a stunned Roberts but failed to go for the kill when he had the chance. Roberts did manage to get Attonito down in the second and take his back but couldn't get the rear naked choke and Attonito escaped and recovered.

Roberts had a huge disadvantage on the feet but gamely attacked with lunging punches and awkward superman punch attempts. Attonito was slow to take advantage of his advantages, instead waiting for Roberts to tire almost to the point of helplessness before upping the aggression.

By the third round Roberts was virtually inert and presented a flat-footed, motionless target for Attonito. Attonito finally upped the ante and dropped Roberts with a right high kick but he failed to get the finish when he followed Roberts to the ground and let him recover. Later in the round, after many inconclusive exchanges, Roberts again got caught standing stock-still by a right hook that once again put him on Queer Street. Attonito was content to cruise to the decision though and let Roberts off the hook.


Charles Oliveira Mars Beautiful Performance With Illegal Knee At UFC Live 4

Charles Oliveira looked every bit a 21 year old phenom with championship potential against Nik Lentz at UFC Live 4. He outstruck Lentz on the feet and utterly out grappled him on the ground. Unfortunately a near masterpiece of a fight was ruined when Oliveira landed a blatantly illegal knee to the face of Lentz. 

Poor reffing by Chip Snyder allowed the fight to continue without flagging the foul and Oliveira pressed his advantage mercilessly and finished Lentz quickly by rear naked choke.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Charles Oliveira defeats Nik Lentz by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:48 of round 2.

Announcer Joe Rogan spoke to the commission after the fight and they said they would issue a ruling on the outcome of the fight. For now it goes in the record books as a win for Charles Oliveira but it may be overturned upon review.

That's too bad because Oliveira fought brilliantly against the formidable Lentz. Landing knees to the face, scoring a dramatic Judo take down, and besting Lentz in a brilliant back-and-forth display of skilled grappling.


Ricardo Lamas Lasers Matt Grice At UFC Live 4

Ricardo Lamas showed that he is one WEC veteran who is not intimidated by the sudden influx of UFC veterans to the featherweight division by using pin-point striking to first stun, and then finish Matt Grice. Lamas is a former lightweight himself who went 4-2 in the WEC so he didn't concede much, if any, power to Grice.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Ricardo Lamas defeats Matt Grice via TKO (strikes) at 4:41 of round 1.

Grice lumbered about the cage and Lamas first timed his approach then began to fire with precision artillery. A hard right hook stunned Grice early. Lamas then surprised Grice by going for a take down and putting Grice on his back. On the ground Lamas relentlessly advanced position. When Grice stood up, Lamas immediately phase shifted and caught Grice with a hurtful knee. Grice fired back with a left hook that landed but Lamas then fired a devastating high kick that dropped Grice.

Lamas followed him down and sprinkled a big helping of finishing sauce on Grice and got the ref stoppage.


Michael Johnson Pastes Edward Faaloloto At UFC Live 4

It took catching a sharp elbow to the face and seeing the blood it drew running down into his eye to get Michael Johnson fired up tonight. But once he was seeing red, Johnson left no doubt that he had Edward Faaloloto's number.

UFC on Versus 4 results: Michael Johnson defeats Edward Faaloloto by TKO (strikes) at 4:42 of round 1.

Johnson took control of the fight and used knees, elbows and fists to wear down Faaloloto before dropping him with a punch. Once Faaloloto was downed, Johnson didn't let up and poured on punches and elbows from the top until the referee stepped in to stop the fight with just under 20 seconds left in the round.

Faaloloto acquitted himself well early in the fight, landing the first flurry of the fight and consistently scoring with  sharp leg kicks but it wasn't enough as Johnson capitalized on his wrestling advantage to take him down twice in the fight. Faaloloto fought back up both times but the struggle wore him down and Johnson poured it on.

Johnson, a former competitor on The Ultimate Fighter gets his first win in the UFC.


The welterweight clash opened the UFC Live 4 undercard on Facebook.


UFC Live 4 Results And Fight Card Analysis

UFC Live 4 -- the promotion's fourth live fight card on the Versus TV cable network -- will air tonight beginning at 9 p.m ET. The undercard will stream on the UFC's Facebook page beginning at 6 p.m. ET. I'll be providing instant analysis and commentary after every fight on both the televised and internet streamed fights.

The much-changed main card is currently headlined by heavyweights Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo. Nate Marquardt had been scheduled to headline the card, but Pennsylvania Athletic Commission officials refused to medically clear him for the fight. Marquardt's opponent Rick Story will now face Charlie Brenneman in a welterweight bout.

UFC president Dana White announced that Marquardt had been cut by the promotion as a result of failing to get licensed for this card. Marquardt had been expected to make his debut at welterweight after years of fighting as a middleweight for the UFC.

The rest of the main card features heavyweights Matt Mitrione vs Christian Morecraft and John Howard vs Matt Brown in a welterweight clash.

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