Rashad Evans Talks Title Shot, Wanting To Impress And Jones vs. Rampage On The Fight Fix

LAS VEGAS - MAY 28: UFC fighter Rashad Evans weighs in for his fight against UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 114: Rampage versus Rashad at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on May 28, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

On this week's edition of 'The Fight Fix', host Dustin Green chats with former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans about his upcoming fight with Tito Ortiz at UFC 133 in early August. Evans talks about his time off from fighting, what a win over Ortiz gets him, how his new team is preparing him and his prediction for Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson.

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Full transcription below:

27 secs, on his health: "My body feels good. That's one of the [reasons] why I'm so anxious to get in there and fight because this is really one of the first times I'm going into the fight without having any kind of injury at all.  No kind of soreness.   Nothing that's like 'man this is nagging me.'  Nothing like I usually have.  When you go through a camp and you put your body through 8 weeks of training, normally by the end of it you're gonna have some kind of bumps and bruises, but so far I've been very blessed.  Knock on wood."

58 secs, on his new team: "I'm training in Boca Raton with the Blackzillians.  We train over at Imperial.  Mike van Arsdale has been my head coach.  I train with Babu and also a striking coach I brought from Denver Fareed Samad.  The coaching's been great.  My training partners have been really good as well.  Danillo Villefort, Yuri Villefort, JZ, Jorge Santiago, Big Foot, Nick Fekete came down, Brendan Schaub came down.  This guy name Leer - one of my best training partners.  It's funny because coming from Jackson's team and having to start over, I was really unsure of how things were gonna work out.  When we got to camp, we've been building as teammates - the Blackzillians.  Now I think we definitely have a team to be reckoned with and I couldn't have done it without my team and my coaches."

2:06, on the part of his game he wants to improve for UFC 133: "I've been working on my ground game, my jiu jitsu, and my standup as well.  Those are areas where I feel like really needs to be cleaned up and areas I know that I can get better.  I shorted myself in the past and really didn't concentrate on those areas.  So now that I had this extra time off, I been really focusing on those 2 aspects of my game."

2:34, on his relationship with Greg Jackson: "I guess there really is no relationship.  I haven't talked to Greg since the whole thing went down.  Last time I talked to Greg, I would say, it was about a week before Jon's fight and I told him that there was a good possibility that me and Jon were gonna have to fight when he won.  He was like 'No, no, no!  Maybe we'll do something about it.'  But then I told him that I wanted to fight Jon and I told him why I wanted to fight Jon.  That's was pretty much the last time I spoke to him."

3:16, on getting a title shot if he wins: "I would like to think so.  In this sport there's no such thing as a sure thing.  I wanna go in there and give the fans in Philly a great fight.  Hopefully, the results that I get from that will propel me to get a title shot or even be brought up in the conversation.  It's my first fight in over a year, so I just wanna go in there and look impressive more than anything."

3:44, on whether or not he has something to prove: "Nah, you know what...I always got something to prove to people.  Everybody always...they always doubt me.  I'm the guy that everybody wants to hate.  I'll be proving myself no matter what.  Even when I get done from proving myself, I still gotta prove something else according to the fans, so I really don't wanna get into that.  More or less, I wanna go in there for myself and have an impressive win for me, not for anybody else, but more or less for me."

4:28, his pick for Jones vs Rampage at UFC 135: "I would pick Jon Jones.  Does Rampage have the tools to get it done?  Yeah, of course he does, but the thing about it is: is Rampage gonna do the things he needs to do in order to make sure that happens?  Probably not.  Rampage's footwork is atrocious.  His boxing is slipping.  He doesn't take the fight game seriously.  If you're stepping to somebody who's young like Jon Jones who's taking it pretty seriously, you can get yourself embarrassed."

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