Official Gate Totals Released For Strikeforce Challengers 17

Live fight by fight results for Strikeforce Challengers 17: "Voelker vs. Bowling 3".

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Official Gate Totals Released For Strikeforce Challengers 17

Official gate totals from "Strikeforce Challengers 17: Voelker vs. Bowling III" have been released. According to reports, the July 22 event drew a live audience of 1,876 and pulled in a gate of $42,987.50, topping June's Strikeforce Challengers promotion that only brought a gate of $42,725.

1,418 of the 1,876 total tickets were given out free of charge. The remaining 458 tickets generated an average of $93.86 in revenue. Strikeforce failed to sell the residual 98 tickets.

Strikeforce Challengers 17 was the first incarnation of the promotion to take place in the series' new Zuffa-instituted home at the The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The event also aired live on Showtime.

It was headlined by a rubber match between Americans Bobby Voelker and Roger Bowling. Voelker seized the win in Strikeforce's first trilogy by pounding out Bowling in the second round of the bout after dropping him with a devastating knee from the clinch. 


Strikeforce Challengers 17 Results: Bobby Voelker Takes The Rubber Match From Roger Bowling

It's over. After 14 months and three bouts, we have our answer. Bobby Voelker has Roger Bowling's number. After the two welterweights split their first two bouts, Voelker put an emphatic stamp on it with a TKO win at 2:16 of the second round at Strikeforce Challengers 17.

Bowling came into the series, which started at Strikeforce Challengers 8 in May of last year, as an undefeated hot prospect on his way to bigger and better things. But Voelker just put a hex on the kid. In the first bout, Bowling, the more impressive athletic specimen, was dominating the fight when an eye poke forced a stoppage in the third round. Bowling took the decision but gave Voelker a rematch.

That was a mistake. Voelker took advantage of his opportunity by out-thinking Bowling in the second round, riding out his attacks and countering hard. That was enough to stop Bowling in the second round at Strikeforce Challengers 11 in October. 

Tonight Bowling came out and dominated the first round with hard kicks and punches to the body. He clearly took the first round. But in the second, an early eye poke by Voelker took Bowling out of his rhythm. He came back from the break with an all-out assault that didn't succeed in really hurting Voelker. After he began to tire he started trying to force a take down. Voelker fended him off again and again and Bowling began to fade. Then Voelker caught him with a knee in the clinch and finished it with ground and pound. 


Strikeforce Challengers 17 Results: Devin Cole Gets Hard Fought Win Over Shawn Jordan

Devin Cole got everything he could handle from short-notice replacement opponent Shawn Jordan at Strikeforce Challengers 17.  Cole took the unanimous decision but he lost the first round and was in trouble briefly in the third. 

Jordan, a stocky bull of a man, hurt Cole with uppercuts in the first round and even threw the wrestler with a sharp hip toss. From there it got crazy as the 255 plus pound heavyweight took Cole's back with the agility of a spider monkey. He almost had Cole flattened out but gave up the position to go for a rear naked choke. The gritty Cole fended it off, but Jordan came back to hurt him with punches to end the round.

In the second, Jordan landed a superman punch and seemed to have Cole on the ropes briefly, but Cole's wrestling skill came to bear at that point. Once Cole got Jordan down, he didn't waste his opportunity and wore down Jordan with knees to the face and body.

In the third, Jordan visibly faded but still managed to lock in a guillotine choke briefly but lost it when he went to his back. Big mistake against a powerful wrestler like Cole who dominated position for the rest of the round to cruise to a decision win. 

Lavar Johnson had been expected to face Devin Cole but got hurt with only days left before the fight. Jordan took the fight on an unbelievable three days notice. 

Both men turned in excellent performances. Cole has earned a shot at a bigger name opponent and Jordan certainly earned a return shot at the big time. 


Strikeforce Challengers 17 Results: Ovince St. Preux Mauls Joe Cason

Ovince St. Preux welcomed Joe Cason to Strikeforce with a beating. St. Preux, or OSP as he is known, forced Cason to tap to strikes at 1:12 of the first round at Strikeforce Challengers 17. 

OSP improves to 4-0 in Strikeforce's light heavyweight division. After his win he called out former champ Gegard Mousasi and Renato Sobral. He credited his coach Eric Turner as well as his time at the Team Quest and Grudge training camps.  

Cason scored the first blow with a straight right but soon walked into a gnarly combination of punches. Then St. Preux landed a crushing knee that dropped Cason. OSP flirted with a rear naked choke briefly, but then elected to finish it with ground and pound. 

A replay showed that OSP was attempting a round house kick that Cason charged into, the resulting collision of St. Preux's knee and Cason's chin sent the formerly undefeated rookie staggering to the mat. It was over quickly from there. 


Strikeforce Challengers 17 Results: Sarah Kaufman Dominates Liz Carmouche

Former 135 lb champ Sarah Kaufman utterly dominated Liz Carmouche to coast to a unanimous (30-27 x 3) decision at Strikeforce Challengers 17.

Former champ Kaufman immediately forced Carmouche against the cage to open the fight. They contended for outside position but Kaufman managed to counter Carmouche's early reversals. They traded knees and a little bit of dirty boxing in the clinch. Carmouche finally managed to reverse Kaufman and back her into the fence. She had double underhooks for a bit and was looking for a throw, but Kaufman got over/unders and diluted the threat. Carmouche went for a hip toss and fell on her stomach with Kaufman on her back. Carmouche stood back up and again forced Kaufman into the cage. Kaufman managed to spin Carmouche around as they traded knees and punches in the clinch. With just over a minute left, they separated and traded strikes at distance. Kaufman landed some combinations and Carmouche countered with single punches.

Carmouche drove forward to open the second and forced the clinch against the fence. Kaufman fended off the take down attempts and they separated by the four minute mark. Kaufman took center cage but seemed hesitant to pull the trigger. Still, she applied a slow but steady peppering that bloodied Carmouche's face. They clinched again with about 2 minutes left and the pattern of knees, dirty boxing and reversals against the cage returned. Back to center cage with just over a minute left and Carmouche shot for a single leg that gave Kaufman a chance to show off her sprawl. A bloodied Carmouche ended the round on her back butt scooting as Kaufman looked to land punches from the standing position. 

Kaufman landed some punches and then sprawled away from a take down attempt. They clinched and Carmouche attempted a trip and ended up on her back under Kaufman. Kaufman hopped back up and got back to beating Carmouche up on the feet. Carmouche desperately went for more single leg attempts, but Kaufman's sprawl only improved with age. Kaufman seemed content to score points with punches as the fight wound down to the 1 minute mark, then she launched a flurry but soon eased off again. 


Strikeforce Challengers 17 Results: Adlan Amagov Takes Split Decision Over Ronald Stallings

Chechen middleweight Adlan Amagov took a split decision win over Ronald Stallings in his Strikeforce debut. 

Middleweights Stallings and Amagov opened up the Showtime broadcast of Strikeforce Challengers 17: Voelker vs. Bowling 3. 

Amagov dominated the first round with a somewhat unusual mix of strikes: side kicks, spinning strikes and a sprinkle of punches. He sealed the round with a take down and a throw against the grappler Stallings. Stallings kept coming forward, but did nothing notable offensively. 

In the second, Stallings landed a sharp knee to the face and worked to force the clinch against the fence. Amagov's judo background showed in his persistent use of the right hand overhook aka whizzer. Stallings landed some effective dirty boxing in the clinch then went for a trip, but Amagov fended off the take down attempt. After some exchanges, Stallings forced another clinch against the fence. Amagov used his overhook to land a quick pair of hip tosses. Amagov followed up with punches from the top position. Stallings fought his way out of a front headlock and went back to the clinch where he landed a sharp knee. Amagov went wild to end the round, so wild he ended up falling on his back attempting a flurry of spinning attacks. 

Stallings forced a clinch to open the third and landed a series of knees to the face from the Thai plum. A quick double leg put Amagov on his back. Stallings quickly got side control and worked for a kimura. Stallings traded the submission attempt for the mount. Amagov escaped out the back door and got back to his feet. They traded knees in the clinch with Stallings backed into the cage. After a referee restart, they traded in cage central. Amagov winged wild punches and Stallings tried a flying knee. Stallings locked on a standing guillotine choke and Amagov used a nifty spinning escape to get free. Amagov used some fence grabbing to foil a take down attempt. 


Strikeforce Challengers 17 Results: Roger Bowling Vs. Bobby Voelker, Ovince St. Preux Vs. Joe Cason, More,

Join SB Nation MMA tonight at 11 p.m. ET as we bring you live results for Strikeforce Challengers 17. The event takes place at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fights will air on Showtime (tape delay on the West Coast). The event is headlined by a welterweight rubber match between "Relentless" Roger Bowling and "Vicious" Bobby Voelker as they fight to decide once and for all who's the better man. Bowling took the first fight and Voelker the second, tonight only one will prevail.

The card also features light heavyweight prospect Ovince St. Preux, who's run up a 5-0 record in Strikeforce, against Joe Cason, a 9-1 product of Duke Roufus' vaunted gym. 

Top women's MMA 135 pounders Sarah Kaufman and Liz Carmouche will meet in a bout with clear title implications.

Be sure to follow SB Nation MMA (@SBNationMMA) and Nate Wilcox (@KidNate) on Twitter for the latest fight-by-fight results.    

Here's the full fight card, only the top five fights will air on Showtime:

Main Card

170 lbs.: Roger Bowling vs. Bobby Voelker
265 lbs.: Devin Cole vs. Shawn Jordan
205 lbs.: Joe Cason vs. Ovince St. Preux 
135 lbs.: Liz Carmouche vs. Sarah Kaufman 
185 lbs.: Ronald Stallings vs. Adlan Amagov

Preliminary card

205 lbs.: Lionel Lanham vs. T.J. Cook
185 lbs.: Anthony Smith vs. Ben Lagman
155 lbs.: Maka Watson vs. Bill Cooper
185 lbs.: Sterling Ford vs. Brian McLaughlin

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