Ronnie Mann vs. Pat Curran

Bellator 47 Results: Pat Curran, Marlon Sandro Advance To Featherweight Tourney Final

Bellator's featherweight tournament continues tonight at Bellator 47. Join us at 9 p.m. ET as we bring you live results and play-by-play for all of the main card action airing on MTV 2.

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Bellator 47 Results: Pat Curran Vs. Ronnie Mann

This is the other semifinal match in Bellator's "Summer Series" eight-man featherweight tournament and the main event of the evening. Pat Curran, season two Bellator lightweight tournament winner, finished Luis Palomino with a rare Peruvian necktie submission in his opening round fight, while his opponent tonight, Ronnie Mann, stopped Adam Schindler with a brutal knockout.

ROUND ONE: Curran opens up with a lazy kick and Mann responds with a flurry of punches that all miss. Mann lands a nice straight left. Curran steps in and throws left and right hooks that also miss their marks. Mann responds -- and connects -- with a nice knee. Mann explodes with a combination that misses, along with a head kick. Curran backs him into the cage and explodes with a flying knee that partially connects, but a big left hand lands all the way. Curran now had Mann up against the cage and scores a takedown. Mann, on his back, immediately keeps Curran at bay by implementing the rubber guard. Curran stands up and dives back in. Now in side control, Curran punches Mann in the face with short lefts. His right arms is tied up. He lands a nice hammer fist as the round ends. scores this round 10-9 for Curran

ROUND TWO: Mann opens up the action with a leg kick, while Curran throws a right hand. Another right from Curran. Curran attempts another flying knee, which Mann easily avoids by stepping aside. Mann, circling, lands a leg kick. Head kick from Curran is blocked. He lands a kick to the body and Mann counters with a nice hook. Flying kneed from Curran pushes Mann into the fence and he connects with a nice right. Curran lands another right and follows it up with a stiff left jab. Mann circles left and Curran bullies him back into the cage again, but Mann responds with a guillotine, which he takes to the floor. Curran hops over and escapes and that is how the rounds ends. scores this round 10-9 for Curran

ROUND THREE: Mann needs to go to work in this round if he intends on making it to the tournament final. He lands a nice right, as well as a few leg kicks to start the action. Curran lands a nice straight right. Mann backs him up with a looping left hand. Mann launches a head kick that lands on Curran's shoulder. Nice overhand right from Mann. Curran continues to work the jab very well -- Mann just can't get close. He also continues to back up Mann, who doesn't appear to feel any sense of urgency. Flying knee from Curran misses and Mann is able to secure a takedown, get Curran's back and attempt a rear naked choke. Curran, however, spins out onto his back. Mann hits him a few times just as the bell to end the fight sounds. Seems like a case of too little, too late. scores this round 10-9 for Mann

Bellator 47 results: Pat Curran defeats Ronnie Mann via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


Bellator 47 Results: Marlon Sandro Vs. Nazareno Malegarie

This is a semifinal match in Bellator's "Summer Series" eight-man featherweight tournament. Marlon Sandro, former Sengoku featherweight champion, defeated Genair da Silva via split decision in opening round action. Nazareno Malegarie, a promising submission specialist who hails from Brazil, tapped Jacob Devree with a guillotine choke to advance to the second round.

ROUND ONE: They come out touching gloves and quickly separate. Malegarie whiffs with a leg kick, as well as a flurry of punches immediately afterward. One minute in and not much action -- still feeling each other out. Malegarie lands a nice shot and the pair lock up momentarily for the first time before separating once again. Sandro lands a nice jab. And another. And another. Sandro clips him with a big right hand that wobbles Malegarie. Malegarie seems to have a little swelling around his left eye. Sandro connects again and Malegarie heads to the mat, reaching for Sandro's leg, to catch a break. Both back on their feet and Sandro connects with another left hand. Action is beginning to heat up as they exchange punches in the center of the cage. Winging wild punches at this point. Sandro connects with a kick with 10 seconds left in the round, slips and Malegarie rushes him. That's how the round ends. scores this round 10-9 for Sandro

ROUND TWO: The fighters pick up right where they left off, exchanging punches int he center of the cage. Sandro misses with a big uppercut. Malegarie puts his head down and throws blindly. He misses with a looping left. Sandro connects again with a left jab. Malegarie finally goes for a takedown and misses it, but Sandro scores a nice trip. He quickly lets Malegarie get back to his feet and eats a right hand. Malegarie lands another right. Sandro counters with a few straight punches. Sandro closes the distance and presses Malegarie up against the cage. Sandro gets another takedown, lets him up again and drills him with a punch while Malegarie is on a knee. Sandro lands a flying knee that connects on the chin of Malegarie, but he seems okay. The pair lock up once again and thats how the round ends. scores this round 10-9 for Sandro

ROUND THREE: Sandro opens up the third and final frame with a nice left hook. Malegarie charges in and Sandro backs him up with a stiff jab. Sandro lands a nice kick and an uppercut. Malegarie, winded, ties him up to slow down the onslaught. Accidental head butt and the pair separate. Sandro immediately restarts the action with a one-two combination. And another combination. Upper cut and a left hook from Sandro. Now another left hook. Sandro is now pouring it on. Another upper cut and a straight left. Despite the abuse, Malegarie is still charging forward. Sandro presses Malegarie up against the cage and Malegarie reverses him. They separate and Malegarie misses with a few jabs. Sandro connects on the chin with a short left hook and Malegarie responds with one of his own. Flying knee from Sandro as the clock ticks down and the pair exchange more blows as the fight ends. Malegarie took a lot of damage in this round. And his bloody face was evidence of that fact. scores this round 10-9 for Sandro

Bellator 47 results: Marlon Sandro defeats Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision (30-27)


Bellator 47 Results: Chris Horodecki Vs. Chris Saunders

Former International Fight League (IFL) standout, Chris Horodecki, makes his Bellator Fighting Championship debut tonight, taking on another promotional newcomer, Chris Saunders, in a three-round lightweight attraction. The 155-pound showdown is located in the backyard of Horodecki, a Canadian.

ROUND ONE: Boh fighters come out cautious. Saunders connects first with a spinning backfist. They trade kicks. Horodecki lunges in with punches, but none of them connect. He manages to close the distance and puts Saunders up against the cage. Saunders attempts a standing guillotine, but Horodecki quickly takes the opportunity to land a takedown. Horodecki attempts to ground and pound, but Saunders is moving real well on the bottom. A scramble ensues as Saunders attempts to get up and Horodecki rides him right into a tight guillotine choke. It's not that tight actually -- Saunders pops his head out. Another scramble and Horodecki once again lands in full mount. Saunders inches his way to the cage and uses it to get back to his feet, but Horodecki is still stuck to him, belly to belly. Horodecki lands another takedown, but Saunders immediately goes for a kimura. Horodecki escapes and begins to once again work Saunders from the top. He postures up and lands a shot just before the bell rings to end the round. scores this round 10-9 for Horodecki

ROUND TWO: Horodecki opens up the second stalking Saunders, just like the opening frame. He goes for the takedown, which he gets, but ends up in a guillotine choke. Saunders abandons the choke and attempts to get back to his feet by using the cage again, but Horodecki turns him back to the center. Saunders has great defense on his back -- Horodecki is busy, but isn't landing much ... if at all. Saunders has Horodecki's head trappend and all the Canadian can do is punch his rib cage. The referee steps in to stand them up. Now on their feet, the fighters trade kicks and a few punches. Now knees from the clench, which Horodecki uses to trip Saunders to the ground once again. Horodecki pummels the midsection of Saunders from full guard. He attempts to make it to side control, but Saunders stops him. Horodecki has no choice but to try and elbow Saunders, who has his head hidden behind Horodecki's back. The referee warns Horodecki not to strike the back of Saunders' head and the round ends shortly thereafter with Horodecki on top. scores this round 10-9 for Horodecki

ROUND THREE: Once again, Horodecki opens up the round with another takedown. It's too easy. Saunders throws up a triangle, which isn't even close, but gives him room to get back to his feet. He does, but again, Horodecki is pressed against him on the cage -- he isn't going anywhere. Not much happening along the fence, both fighters are struggling for position. The referee steps in and moves them to the center of the cage. Horodecki quickly dives for another takedown, gets it (again), but his head is trapped under the arm of Saunders. It doesn't look dangerous and it isn't -- Horodecki pops his head out and lands in Saunders' guard once again. Another triangle attempt from Saunders, but it isn't serious. Horodecki smothers Saunders once again, and with less than a minute left in the fight, secures full mount. Saunders rolls to his belly and Horodecki blasts him in the back of the head. Saunders rolls back to his back and eats a few punches -- perhaps the hardest all night -- just as the bell sounds to end the fight. Saunders simply had zero answers for Horodecki's takedowns. scores this round 10-9 for Horodecki

Bellator 47 results: Chris Horodecki defeats Chris Saunders via unanimous decision (30-27)


Bellator 47 Results: Neil Grove Vs. Zak Jensen

Neil Grove is making his first appearance since suffering a submission (keylock) loss to Cole Konrad in the Bellator heavyweight tournament final match. "Goliath" will welcome The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 veteran, Zak Jensen, to the Bellator cage for the first time ever. The 265-pound showdown, which will be officiated by Yves LaVigne, will lead off the MTV2 telecast.

ROUND ONE: Jensen comes out swnging right away and connects, dropping Grove to a knee and boxing his ears. Grove weathers the storm and reverses, gets into full guard and starts delivering vicious ground and pound. He stops and sits back, angling for an ankle lock. Jensen doesn't seem to feel threatened and batters Grove's belly. Grove responds by unloading repeated hammer fists to his opponent's face simultaneously. Wild action to start this fight. Grove gives up the position and heads back into full guard, which Jensen attempts to defend with a guillotine choke. Grove works his way out and lands in mount yet again. He starts to once again rain down heavy, heavy shots that are finding their marks. Grove nails him with several elbows and hard shots that make Jensen go limp. That's it! Fight is stopped just two minutes into the fight. It wasn't pretty, but that was 120 seconds on non-stop action. Fun fight.

Bellator 47 results: Neal Grove defeats Zak Jensen via technical knockout (strikes) in round one


Bellator 47 Results And Play-By-Play: Ronnie Mann Vs. Pat Curran, Nazareno Malegarie Vs. Marlon Sandro And More

Join SB Nation MMA tonight beginning at 9 p.m. ET as we bring you live results for Bellator 47. The event takes place at the Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, Canada. The main card will air live on MTV 2 beginning at 9 p.m. ET. This is Bellator's first event in Canada.

The event features the semifinals of Bellator's featherweight tournament. As part of the tourney, Sengoku veteran Ronnie Mann will take on Bellator standout Pat Curran. Another Sengoku elite, Marlon Sandro takes on fellow South American Nazareno Malegarie.

For more information and analysis, follow SB Nation MMA on Twitter: @SBNationMMA.

The Bellator 47 main card quick results are as follows:

Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann: Pat Curran defeats Ronnie Mann via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27). For full fight coverage click here.
Nazareno Malegarie vs. Marlon Sandro: Marlon Sandro defeats Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision (30-27). For full fight coverage click here.
Neil Grove vs. Zak Jensen: Neil Grove defeats Zak Jensen via technical knockout (strikes) in round one. For full fight coverage click here.
Chris Horodecki vs.  Chris Saunders: Chris Horodecki defeats Chris Saunders via unanimous decision (30-27). For full fight coverage click here.

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