M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Kenny Garner Finishes Patrick Bennett, Arthur Guseinov Blasts Tyson Jeffries

Live results and play-by-play of M-1 Global Challenge 26 featuring Kenny Garner vs. Patrick Bennett.

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M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Kenny Garner Finishes Patrick Bennett

Kenny Garner knocked out Patrick Bennett with a brutal series of hooks at 1;15 in the second round at their heavyweight M-1 Global Challenge 26 bout. 

Round 1

Big John McCarthy referees the bout.

Bennett comes out with a superman punch. They're swinging wildly. Garner pushes Bennett up against the ropes. Bennett reverses. Garner reverses. Knees to the body from Bennett. Garner lands a left hook. They lock up in over-unders. Garner landing body punches. Knee to the body from Garner. They trade some bombs, both men staggered briefly! Back to the clinch. Knee from Garner. Right hand from Garner. Body shots from Garner. Garner catches Bennett with a looping punch. They lock up, Garner reaching for a single leg. Bennett is cut on the hair line. 1-2 to Bennett hurts him. Bennett answers. Knee from Garner. Right hand lands on Bennett. They lock up again. Garner with more body punches. Bennett lands on the separation. Garner answers. Garner goes for a single leg with 45 seconds left. Bennett gets underhooks and gets a take down to end the round. SBNation scores it 10-9 Garner but it's very close. 

Round 2

Garner landing to open the round. Bennett answers with a right hand. They lock up. Garner digging with the body shots. Garner hurts Bennett with a bunch of hooks. Lands an uppercut. Garner hurts Bennett with a right hand and Bennett falls. The fight is over!


M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Arthur Guseinov Nails Tyson Jeffries With Spinning Backfist

Middleweight Arthur Guseinov caught Tyson Jeffries on the button with a perfect spinning backfist for the knock out at 1:32 of the first round. 

Round 1 

Jeffries immediately gets the take down off a spinning back kick attempt. Quickly takes side control. Gets the cross face. Jeffries landing knees to the body. He's got a far side underhook. Gets full mount. Jeffries turns him to the center of the ring. Guseinov spins, gives up his back. Guseinov stands up out the back door. Guseinov charges in behind a winging punch. Jeffries locks up a clinch. Gets a front headlock, threatens with a guillotine. Jeffries firing knees to the face of Guseinov. They separate briefly, Guseinov lands a perfect spinning back fist to the jaw!

Jeffries, a Team Quest product who trains with Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson, came into the bout off a loss in a title fight with Magomed Sultanakhmedov

Guseinov came into the fight off a loss to UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti


M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Mairbek Taisumov Blasts Josh Bacallao

Lightweight Mairbek Taisumov knocked out Josh Bacallao at 2:01 of the first round at M-1 Global Challenge 26 in Costa Mesa, California. 

Big John McCarthy is the ref.

Round 1

Taisumov lands a wicked leg kick. He goes for a second and Bacallao lands a take down. Taisumov in guard, firing up kicks. Taisumov fights back to his feet. They're in over-unders. Taisumov with some punches, gets a front headlock take down. Bacallao fights his way back up. They trade punches. Taisumov lands a sharp right hand that drops Bacallao. Follows him down with some vicious ground and pound to get the finish. 

This is Taisumov's 10th straight win. 

Bacallo looked good early, but ate the kind of shot that would finish a middleweight's night. 

Taisumov combines a nasty effective stand up game with considerable wrestling skill. He could very well be challenging for Jose Figueroa's lightweight title in short order. 


M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Daniel Weichel Batters Beau Baker

Daniel Weichel took a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)over Beau Baker at M-1 Global Challenge 26 in a lightweight bout. 

Weichel battered Baker for three full rounds, landing at will with punches, kicks and knees to the face. He busted up Baker's face and dropped him repeatedly throughout the fight, but the gritty Baker refused to go down and hung in there for three brutal rounds in which he was utterly outclassed.

Herb Dean is the ref. 

Round 1

Weichel backing Baker up. Baker fires with a body kick. Weichel backs him up, Baker comes out behind some punches, eats a right. Baker with kicks that get blocked. Flying knee by Weichel. Catches a kick and pulls Baker down. Leg kick. Baker with some awkward spinning attacks. Push kick by Baker, decent leg kick. Weichel lands with a flurry of punches. Weichel with a hard body kick. Baker lunges and Weichel gets the Thai plum, lands some knees to the face. Leg kicks from Weichel. Baker lands a kick. Punch-kick both land for Weichel. Thai plum and knee to the face. Baker answers with a 1-2 body, head combo. Weichel lands a counter right hook and follows with more. Baker lunges and lands. Thai plum and a series of knees to Baker's face and body. Right from Weichel. Right hand/knee combo from Weichel. Round ends with the two clinched up in the corner, Weichel driving Baker back. SBNation scores it 10-9 for Weichel.

Round 2

Weichel opens up with a hurtful punch combination. Baker lands a body kick and drops Weichel briefly. They clinch, Weichel lands on the break. Baker lands a left hand. Weichel with a punch combo. Another. Then a right hook that hurt Baker. Baker throws three kicks. slips, falls. Plum + knee. Baker lands a left hook. Weichel eats a jab and a leg kick. Weichel opens up. Bakers hangs in, fires back. Body kick from Weichel. Baker snatches a single leg. Weichel fights free. Back to the plum. Baker escapes, lands a knee to the body. Weichel lands a knee. Baker gets the clich, lands an uppercut. They separate. Baker lifts his leg to kick and Weichel busts him with a straight right. Drops Baker with another punch. Baker's nose is busted and bleeding. Weichel scores a few more times before time expires. SBNation scores it 10-9 for Weichel. 

Round 3

Weichel opens up with some punches and a knee. Baker punches back. Weichel lands a counter. Catches a kick, lands a hard punch that briefly drops Baker. They're fading a bit. Weichel continues to batter Baker but Baker just won't drop. Baker's face is bloodied and battered. Weichel landing a brutal combo with a minute left. Baker coming forward like a zombie. Weichel lands a winging right hand at the end of the round, trying to get the finish. Nothing doing. SBNation scores it 10-9 and 30-27 for Weichel. 

Weichel had been set to face  Jose ‘The People's Champ' Figueroa in a championship bout.


M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Eddie Arizmendi Tees Off On Jason Norwood

Middleweight Eddie Arizmendi had no trouble finding his striking range against Jason Norwood, finishing him at 4:55 of the second round with a brutal kick-punch-punch combination. 

Round 1

Big John McCarthy referees the fight. 

Norwood forces a clinch against the ropes. Arizmendi briefly reverses but is quickly pushed back into the ropes. Some trading of knees. Arizmendi opens up with an elbow-punch combination on the break. Norwood eats a right hand and ties up in the clinch again. Arizmendi with a surprise take down. Arizmendi takes his back. Attempts the rear naked choke. Loses it. Flattens him out, Applies body triangle. Arizmendi tries for another choke, goes for an arm bar, gets reversed. Norwood in Arizmendi's guard with a minute left. Hammer punches from his back for Arizmendi. Norwood fires a few shots. They trade as the round ends. SBNation scores it 10-9 Arizmendi.

Round 2

Arizmendi opens with a kick. Norwood coming forward behind some punches. Arizmendi drops him with an uppercut. Norwood recovers, gets a take down, half-guard. Arizmendi attacks with a double wrist lock, goes for a sweep. Norwood counters, takes his back. Arizmendi stands up. Norwood gets double unders and tries for the slam, gets him down. They stall in half-guard for a bit before Arizmendi gets full guard. McCarthy stands them up after a stall. Arizmendi pops Norwood and hurts him. Norwood shoots for a single, gets Arizmendi down. Norwood gets mount, transitions to the back. Norwood punching feebly. Arizmendi tries to stand, Norwood goes for the rear naked choke. Arizmendi bucks him off and turns to face him. Norwood forcing the clinch against the rope with a minute left. McCarthy separates them and Arizmendi catches Norwood with a high kick, followed by a right hand/superman punch and then a fatal left hook that dropped Norwood for the KO.

Arizmendi is the former Rage in the Cage champ. This is his ninth straight win.


M-1 Global Challenge 26 Weigh In Results

Weigh-ins for tonight's M-1 Global Challenge 26: Bennett vs. Garner were held yesterday at Hooters in Costa Mesa, CA. All ten fighters made weight. 

The main event is a rematch of the finals of M-1's 2010 heavyweight American tournament between Kenny Garner and Patrick Bennett.  Garner beat Bennett via KO in their first meeting. 

Garner talked some smack at the weigh ins.

"You know I beat people's brains out? The must mean I left some last time that I need to take care of," said Garner.

"Deep down, I think he knows I'm a much better fighter than I showed in our last fight. Every heavyweight has knockout power - that's just a fact of being a heavyweight. It doesn't matter who you're fighting, you just have to keep your hands up," Bennett replied.

Complete Weigh In Results:

Patrick Bennett - 240 pounds
Kenny Garner - 256.6 pounds

Arthur Guseinov - 183.4 pounds
Tyson Jeffries - 184.8 pounds

Mairbek Taisumov - 155 pounds
Josh Bacallao - 154 pounds

Daniel Weichel - 155.5 pounds
Beau Baker - 156 pounds

Jason Norwood - 184.6 pounds
Eddie Arizmendi - 186 pounds


M-1 Global Challenge 26 Results: Kenny Garner Vs. Patrick Bennett, Tyson Jeffries Vs. Arthur Guseinov, More

Join SBNation MMA tonight at 11 p.m. ET as we bring you live coverage of M-1 Global Challenge 26 which takes place in Costa Mesa, California, from the The Hangar at the O.C. Fair and Events Center. Five fights will air live on Showtime headlined by a heavyweight tilt between Kenny Garner and Patrick Bennett

The card was originally set to feature M-1 Global heavyweight champion Guram Gugenishvili against Bennett, but Gugenishvili had to pull out of the fight with an arm injury suffered in training. Garner stepped in to rematch Bennett, a man he beat in 2010 in the M-1 Americas tournament finals. Garner went on to lose to Gugenishvili in the world finals in October 2010.

We'll have all the results plus unbridled commentary at 11 p.m. ET.

The full card:

Pat Bennett vs. Kenny Garner
Arthur Guseinov vs. Tyson Jeffries
Mairbek Taisumov vs. Josh Bacallao
Daniel Weichel vs. Beau Baker
Jason Norwood vs. Eddie Arizmendi

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