NCAA Wrestling Championships 2012 Results: Penn State Still Leading After Two Sessions

Perhaps it'll happen after today's first or second session, but so far all of the number one seeds are still in place. And top seeds like Cornell's Kyle Dake or Penn State's David Taylor managed to advanced strictly by pinning opposition. American University's Ryan Flores, who entered the tournament first off the pigtail rounds, pinned all three opponents yesterday.

To note: Virginia Tech's Devin Carter at 133 was upset by Steve Keith, which is absolutely a monster upset. And it should be noted outside of Kellen Russell's expected dominance at 141, the entire weight class has been savaged by a host of upsets over seeded wrestlers.

Also of importance, there was bellyaching over where Stanford's Nick Amuchsategui was seeded and while he's advanced relatively easily, he has not looked overly impressive in his run. By contrast, Cornell's Cam Simaz has throttled opposition including a tech fall in his final match of the day.

Defending national champion Zach Rey has looked better after an early scare in the first round. A collision against Ryan Flores - which served as the national championship in last year's finals - will likely be seen in the semis this year.

MMA 'prospect' Chris Honeycutt of Edinboro is still in the tournament. He'll face Sonny Yohn of Minnesota in this morning's first round. That will serve as an important match for team points as the contest between Penn State and Minnesota heats up.

Here are your updated brackets. Partial results below (get the full results here):

Team Results

1. Penn State 38.5
2. Minnesota 33.0
3. Oklahoma St. 28.5
4. Cornell 27.5
5. Iowa 26.0
6. Illinois 23.0
7. Oklahoma 19.5
8. Ohio St. 19.0
9. Lehigh 18.0
9. Nebraska 18.0
9. Northwestern 18.0

125 lbs

Matt McDonough (Iowa) 33-1 won by pin over Trent Sprenkle (North Dakota St.) 31-11 (Pin 2:56)
Ryan Mango (Stanford) 27-5 won by major decision over Levi Mele (Northwestern) 31-7 (Maj 15-6)
Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State) 26-7 won by decision over Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma) 28-7 (Dec 7-3)
Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) 27-3 won by decision over Jonathon Morrison (Oklahoma St.) 20-9 (Dec 2-0)

133 lbs

Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma St.) 26-1 won by pin over Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh) 21-9 (Pin 1:30)
Zachery Stevens (Michigan) 25-9 won by decision over Cashé Quiroga (Purdue) 21-7 (Dec 14-9)
Tony Ramos (Iowa) 30-3 won by decision over Aaron Kalil (Navy) 32-10 (Dec 3-1)
Steven Keith (Harvard) 33-8 won by decision over Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) 31-4 (Dec 8-6)
Logan Stieber (Ohio St.) 30-2 won by pin over Jordan Thome (Army) 27-12 (Pin 1:19)

141 lbs

Kellen Russell (Michigan) 30-1 won by major decision over Luke Vaith (Hofstra) 24-9 (Maj 10-2)
Hunter Stieber (Ohio St.) 27-4 won by decision over Tyler Small (Kent St.) 31-10 (Dec 7-4)
Michael Mangrum (Oregon St.) 35-3 won by decision over William Ashnault (Rutgers) 25-15 (Dec 6-4)
Montell Marion (Iowa) 29-3 won by decision over Mitchell Port (Edinboro) 28-9 (Dec 6-1)
Borislav Novachkov (Cal Poly) 29-3 won by decision over Justin LaValle (Old Dominion) 26-15 (Dec 6-4)

149 lbs

Frank Molinaro (Penn State) 30-0 won by decision over Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon St.) 34-6 (Dec 6-5)
Justin Accordino (Hofstra) 25-11 won by pin over Ian Miller (Kent St.) 29-4 (Pin 3:33)
Cole VonOhlen (Air Force) 38-2 won by decision over Steve Santos (Columbia) 24-10 (Dec 7-4)
Jamal Parks (Oklahoma St.) 32-0 won by decision over Josh Wilson (Utah Valley) 20-10 (Dec 7-2)

157 lbs

Kyle Dake (Cornell) 32-0 won by pin over Joshua Kreimier (Air Force) 24-15 (Pin 1:31)
Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg) 31-5 won by decision over Justin Lister (Binghamton) 27-6 (Dec 7-4)
Ganbayar Sanjaa (American) 24-3 won by decision over Steven Monk (North Dakota St.) 33-8 (Dec 3-2)
Derek St. John (Iowa) 19-2 won by decision over Roger Pena (Oregon St.) 29-8 (Dec 8-4)

165 lbs

David Taylor (Penn State) 29-0 won by pin over Brandon Wright (Chattanooga) 22-10 (Pin 1:52)
Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (Clarion) 33-4 won by major decision over Coleman Gracey (Army) 25-13 (Maj 11-3)
Andrew Sorenson (Iowa St.) 28-2 won by decision over Marshall Peppelman (Cornell) 27-16 (Dec 4-2)
Josh Asper (Maryland) 27-1 won by decision over Dominic Kastl (Cal Poly) 13-4 (Dec 5-2)
Shane Onufer (Wyoming) 33-1 won by decision over Daniel Yates (Michigan) 24-9 (Dec 6-3)

174 lbs

Edward Ruth (Penn State) 28-0 won by pin over Dorian Henderson (Missouri) 20-12 (Pin 1:26)
Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) 27-7 won by decision over Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland) 25-5 (Dec 5-3)
Logan Storley (Minnesota) 25-6 won by decision over Lance Bryson (West Virginia) 25-15 (Dec 2-0)
Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) 22-0 won by major decision over Tyler Koehn (Nebraska) 19-13 (Maj 8-0)
Chris Perry (Oklahoma St.) 28-0 won by decision over Curran Jacobs (Michigan St.) 25-13 (Dec 6-2)

184 lbs

Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming) 32-1 won by major decision over Erich Smith (Pennsylvania) 20-17 (Maj 11-3)
Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) 29-4 won by decision over Jonathan Fausey (Virginia) 22-4 (Dec 7-6)
Steve Bosak (Cornell) 30-4 won by major decision over Nathan Schiedel (Binghamton) 29-9 (Maj 10-0)
Quentin Wright (Penn State) 28-3 won by major decision over Ben Clymer (Hofstra) 30-7 (Maj 10-2)
Josh Ihnen (Nebraska) 25-5 won by decision over Jacob Swartz (Boise State) 20-5 (Dec 3-2)
Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) 31-1 won by decision over Tony Dallago (Illinois) 23-12 (Dec 8-3)

194 lbs

Cam Simaz (Cornell) 28-1 won by tech fall over Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) 18-9 (TF 22-7)
Cayle Byers (Oklahoma St.) 25-3 won by decision over Joseph Kennedy (Lehigh) 22-6 (Dec 5-2)
James Nakashima (Nebraska) 22-9 won by decision over Cody Reed (Binghamton) 24-17 (Dec 7-5)
Christopher Honeycutt (Edinboro) 38-1 won by decision over Daniel Rinaldi (Rutgers) 26-7 (Dec 6-3)

285 lbs

Ryan Flores (American) 20-0 won by pin over Wesley Schroeder (Eastern Mich.) 18-17 (Pin 2:21)
Andrew Delaney (Citadel) 29-2 won by decision over Steve Andrus (Michigan St.) 24-15 (Dec 9-6)
Bobby Telford (Iowa) 27-7 won by decision over Peter Capone (Ohio St.) 15-16 (Dec 4-1)
Zachery Rey (Lehigh) 24-2 won by decision over Brandon Williamson (West Virginia) 27-7 (Dec 2-1)

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