Monday Morning Jones

Don't Forget: There's A Reason LeBron James Was The MVP

This weekend reminded us how good LeBron James is, how much better Kevin Durant has gotten, and that Father Time can sneak up on even Kobe Bryant. That and more in this week's Monday Morning Jones.

Battle Los Angeles: Why L.A. Is The Epicenter Of The Sports World

The Staples Center will be busy for at least another week. Here's a preview of Lakers-Thunder, Spurs-Clippers and much more in this week's Monday Morning Jones.

Floyd Mayweather Was Bigger This Weekend Than Even Justin Bieber

Love Floyd Mayweather or hate him, but he puts on a great show. That, plus we're one step closer to seven games of Thunder-Lakers. Here's the Monday Morning Jones.

Derrick Rose's Injury Was Unfortunate, But Tom Thibodeau Is Not To Blame

Derrick Rose's torn ACL drastically changes the landscape of the NBA Playoffs, but it was no one's fault. Although It does kill the Bulls' hopes of winning the East. That and more as we recap the weekend in sports with the Monday Morning Jones.

How Metta World Peace's Cheap Shot Managed To Hijack The Sporting Weekend

A weekend where the NHL lowered the boom on one of its repeat offenders ended with David Stern having to decide what to do with one of his own after Metta World Peace elbowed James Harden. But don't forget what was most important from Thunder-Lakers -- a double-overtime thriller.

Heat Win On The Road, And It Means Nothing; Flyers Pound Pens, And It Means Everything

The Heat won a road game against a good team. And a man does a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" mimicking a rooster. It was that kind of weekend in sports.

Bubba Watson's Memorable Masters Won't Distract Us From Laughing At Bobby Petrino

The fantastic finish at the Masters was the only thing that could top the building disaster at Arkansas. But we'll be right back to laughing at Bobby Petrino right after that.

The 2012 NCAA Championship Game Is All About John Calipari

Monday night is John Calipari's best chance to become a champion or spend one more year as "the best coach never to win a title." And he better. That and more from the weekend in the Monday Morning Jones.

The 2012 Final Four Gets Dream Game With Kentucky Vs. Louisville

The NCAA Tournament has provided a perfect Final Four scenario with the biggest rivalry in college hoops -- Kentucky vs. Louisville -- taking center stage in New Orleans.

NCAA Tournament Opens Up Perfectly For Kentucky, Kansas While Duke Flames Out (Again)

The Monday Morning Jones offers the good, bad and ugly of the NCAA Tournament -- the ugly's mostly Duke -- and a look at the quarterback of the moment on the free agent market ... Alex Smith?

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