Morning Tailgate

Hypothetical Playoff committee, 1998-2012

What if the College Football Playoff committee had been around for every year of the BCS? And does it even matter who's on it? Much of the time, the committee will end up arguing about one team, not four.

Washington's measuring stick

Washington proved about as much as it could while losing to Stanford last weekend. Now the Huskies get an even bigger test, welcoming Oregon to town.

Numbers say Florida > LSU

The common perception is that LSU will be too much for Florida to handle in Baton Rouge on Saturday. But the numbers aren't as convinced.

What happens if Baylor plays Oregon?

College football could be fast approaching Peak Spread, and a Baylor-Oregon title game would be the clearest, most visceral personification of that.

Washington states its case

Washington was just too young to do serious damage last season, but youth turns into experience, and in 2013, the Huskies have turned into a formidable, well-rounded squad. How formidable? We'll find out Saturday night.

The floodlights are on Northwestern

GameDay's in town, and an undefeated Northwestern squad has a chance to move into the top 10 for the first time since head coach Pat Fitzgerald was a star linebacker. Can the Wildcats pull off the upset?

What's wrong with Notre Dame?


A month into the season, Notre Dame is still trying to figure out its offensive identity. The running game showed promise against Oklahoma, but the passing game was disastrous mix of well-covered receivers and empty backfields. What now?

Why's it hard to win at USC?

USC is regarded as one of the best and most coveted coaching spots in college football. But if that's the case, why have so many coaches struggled to win consistently there?

Did A&M show Ole Miss how to beat Bama?

Will Alabama's perceived defensive weaknesses at cornerback be of any value to Ole Miss this Saturday?

Braxton's back vs. Wisconsin: Now what?

Wisconsin has enough strengths to give itself a chance even on the road, and if the Badgers don't do the deed, it's unclear whether anybody will.

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