Morning Tailgate

LSU, Georgia, and the SEC offense's revenge

Because experience still matters, we probably should have seen the SEC's early defensive regression (and offensive surge) coming. But before the Ds figure things out, the Os should have a nice time...

Baylor's gonna drop 1,000 on somebody

This wasn't the most fun weekend of football, was it? Still, Stanford's first half, Baylor's fourth quarter, and broken shutout streaks give us plenty of numbers to talk about.

Grading all 29 unbeaten teams

Which undefeated college football teams should we be taking the most seriously after four weeks? And have we ever had a clearer case for coming up with a different way to do polls than "No. 18...

ASU-Stanford a contrast and a measuring stick

The Week 4 slate is underwhelming as a whole, but the main event -- Arizona State at Stanford -- is all sorts of intriguing and important.

Auburn has a chance against LSU

Death Valley welcomes Auburn on the 25th anniversary of the Earthquake Game, with an eye toward Alabama. Can LSU's offense keep up its increasingly torrid pace? And what can we learn about Auburn?

Is Clemson really No. 3?

Clemson has jumped from eighth to third in the AP poll after two games. The defense still bears obvious burden of proof, but the offense also has some questions, particularly on passing downs....

What we learned from Bama-A&M

Alabama overcame an early deficit, and Texas A&M almost overcame a late one. Here are some of the things we learned from Saturday's classic in College Station.

Prepare for a shootout in Lincoln

UCLA didn't have much confidence in its secondary against Nevada, and Nebraska's defense hasn't had much confidence, period. Yeah, we could have another shootout on our hands.

Revenge vs. middle fingers

In the game we've talked about all offseason, two of the strongest units in the country last year (Alabama's offensive line, Texas A&M's offense, period) face the burden of proof in College Station.

Baylor breaks football

Baylor's offense breaks football, Michigan State and USF's offenses break it back, Stanford passes its first test, Miami wins with one offensive play, and suddenly more Johnny Manziel/Alabama hype...

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