NASCAR Opinion

Should Female Drivers Have Their Own Professional Racing Series?

What if NASCAR started an all-female racing series? Would you watch, and would it be a good thing?

Opinion: Has Kyle Busch Mellowed? No, Just Tired Of Being Disliked

The theories are numerous: Kyle Busch has changed because of marriage. He's changed because he's matured. Or is it something else? Here's our theory.

Aftermath, Homestead: In Hindsight, It Wasn't A Good Idea To Question Chad Knaus

Remember when Denny Hamlin's crew chief trash-talked Chad Knaus' decision-making with the pit crew swap? That didn't work out very well.

Aftermath, Phoenix: Whatever Happens, Kevin Harvick's Season Has Been One To Remember

Why Kevin Harvick's 2010 season has been one to remember – even if he falls short of the championship on Sunday.

Aftermath, Texas: Thoughts On Jeff Gordon Fight, Kyle Busch's Middle Finger, Pit Crew Swap And More

Thoughts on the Jeff Gordon/Burton fight, Kyle Busch's middle finger, Jimmie Johnson's pit crew swap and Denny Hamlin's points lead. What a day in Texas!

Aftermath: Recreating The Ladder System For Young Drivers

With a lack of rides these days, Mark Martin says NASCAR may be reverting to an old-school ladder system: Drivers will need to begin their careers at the very worst teams, then work their way up.

Aftermath, Charlotte II: Is Kasey Kahne A Quitter?

Kasey Kahne failed to finish the Charlotte race after feeling sick – both physically and of driving his unreliable car. Did he make the right decision to leave the track?

Aftermath, Fontana II: Shortest California Race Ever Made For Better Viewing

Fans in Fontana got a good show on Sunday, despite the race being shortened from 500 miles to 400. Or perhaps it was because of it.

Aftermath, Kansas: Delving Deeper Into Murky 'Have At It, Boys' Policy

Have at it? Fear of a NASCAR penalty means Chase drivers can't retaliate on the track, but non-Chasers can. Here's why.

Aftermath, Dover: It's A Scary Thought, But The Talent Level In The Sprint Cup Series Could Drop Soon

Here's a scary thought: With the drivers once tabbed as future stars now struggling to find rides, the real future might look like a pay-to-race system in Sprint Cup.

'Watching' NASCAR On Twitter Instead Of TV? Do So At Your Own Risk

Is it possible to "watch" a NASCAR race on Twitter and not miss anything? We tried it...with mixed results.

Aftermath, Richmond II: What We Learned Heading Into NASCAR's Chase (Plus A Few Quick Thoughts)

Saturday night's race was educational in several ways. Here's our take on the Chase and beyond, including thoughts on Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch, Richard Childress Racing and a disappointing...

Aftermath, Atlanta II: Lack Of Chase Drama Shouldn't Prompt Changes

NASCAR wants to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. make the Chase and keep fans interested in the playoff format throughout the fall. But it shouldn't change the system just to get him in it.

Aftermath, Bristol II: Three Questions For You To Answer

We have three NASCAR-related questions for you concerning driver personalities, attendance and watching races on TV. Can you come up with the answers?

Aftermath, Michigan II: Golf Has Provided Kevin Harvick's Mental Escape

How golf has provided a much-needed mental escape for Kevin Harvick during a successful – but stressful – NASCAR season

Aftermath, Watkins Glen: Do Politics Stand In The Way Of Bold Schedule Moves?

We all saw another great road-course race on Sunday, proving again that NASCAR's best racing is on short tracks, road courses and superspeedways. So why is NASCAR adding more cookie-cutter races?

Aftermath, Pocono II: Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Chase Hopes Are Over ... Now What?

With Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s postseason hopes all but gone, where does NASCAR's most popular driver go from here?

Aftermath, Indianapolis: Jamie McMurray's Success May Change The Way We View NASCAR Drivers

While we once thought Jamie McMurray was mediocre, his resurgence shows us that winning races is more about the combination of driver, car and team than just the driver himself.

Aftermath, Chicagoland: Stuck At Home, Our Writer Discovers Unwatchable TV Broadcast

All this time, we thought the quality of the racing was making fans tune out. After watching a race on TV Saturday night, we've come to a different conclusion.

Aftermath, Daytona: Questions (And Some Answers) Halfway Through The NASCAR Season

We attempt to answer some pressing questions midway through the 2010 NASCAR campaign, including whether Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s win was part of a conspiracy.

Aftermath, New Hampshire: Jimmie Johnson's Victory Reminds Us We Know Nothing

Remember when Jimmie Johnson was unstoppable earlier this season? Then he was in a slump and Denny Hamlin was dominant? Now Johnson is the Cup favorite again. Do we really know anything about...

Aftermath, Sonoma: Don't Blame NASCAR For Ambrose's Error

Yes, it was disappointing and even heartbreaking to see Marcos Ambrose blow his shot at a NASCAR win. But don't blame NASCAR for enforcing its rules.

Aftermath, Michigan: Debris Or Not, NASCAR Was Trying To Entertain Us

So what if the debris caution toward the end of Sunday's Michigan race wasn't necessary? At least NASCAR was trying to spice up a lackluster event.

Aftermath, Pocono: Can Joey Logano Become A Fan Favorite?

Young Joey Logano made plenty of new fans by standing up to Kevin Harvick. Could he be a fan favorite the sport needs?

Aftermath, Charlotte: Kyle Busch Walks The Fine Line Of Aggressiveness

Is Kyle Busch an aggressive driver, or is he clean? His desire to be both makes him unique, but it's a fine line.

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