Aftermath, Martinsville: Texts Your Friend Sent You From The Race

Your friend (not pictured here) sent you a bunch of text messages from the Martinsville race on Sunday. Here's what he said.

Your buddy attended Sunday's race at Martinsville Speedway while you were at home watching on TV. Here are the texts he sent you from the track:

Just got to MVILLE baby!!!!1 gonna be an awesome day

Where do they sell the hot dogs ? Do u know? Wonder if I can eat like 20 w/o gettin sick????haha

Damnnnnn this place is small. When it rains, Smoke's firesuit could cover the whole a tent LOL

Hey why is there such a long line at the red Bull merchandise place??? man there are soooo many chicks in line there today! helloooo ladies

DUdE totally just saw jimmy johnson on a golf cart. what a LOSER!!!! I hate that guy

Alright heading inside already. these 1 pm starts are KILLER.......not enuf time to get your drink on. Wazzup with that FRANCE???? hahaha

YEAHHHH thats right....just ate my first dog of the day. was only 2 bucks. crazy right??? i'm gonna buy 5 more

This place is awesome!!! Not a bad seat here. track aint very wide tho....skinny like kyle bush's girlfriend. LOL ... Damn she's hotttt

HAHAHA I just booed the CRAP out of jimmy johnson when he was on the stage!! i said "you suck johnson!!!" got some high fives for that! i hate that guy

Whaaaaat? every1 cheered for Tony but booed Kyle??? theyre like the same guy! WINNERS who speak their mind

Whose your pick man?? huge upset coming today...Montana wins it

Oops, meant Montoya. Stupid auto-correct!

Green flag!! HELL YEAH!!! Hamlin prob gonna dominate early on i guess

Hey you watching this? Burton is leading. remember ward burton? that guy was hilarious. i bet if ward burton came back it would fix all nascar's problems and get the fans back

You know what else would help fix the attendance? FREE BEER!! haha OMG they should pay me for these ideas

Or at least give me free beer

Haha Ambrose is crazy. He drives like hes playing Australian Rules Football. BAM! You ever watch that? AWESOME! I bet nfl would have way better ratings if they had australian rules.

Where's ambrose driving next year? Petty right? the KING man.

Hey settle a bet for me: The guy behind me says Petty doesn't own that team. false right?

Whaaat? You just cost me a hot dog. Oh well...I'm on number 8 anyway haha

They might shut Petty's team down??? whered you hear that???

Oh OK. i hadnt been on jayski lately....had to choose cable tv or internet. TV WON haha. tough times

Dude Harvicks pit crew is on fire today. They've gotten a lot faster since last week...someone should drug test those guys LOL

WOW there was almost a wreck on the restart! They were all bumping! it was probably jimmy's fault. nascar lets him get away with everything. i hate that guy

Whoaaaaaaa!! Hornish and Scott Speed took out ragan smith! remember when ragan smith tried to cheat smoke out of a win at Dega? nice try RAGAN. you just got served. karma, son!

HEY!!! That JERK MARK MARTIN tried to get in Dinger's way!!!1!! I'm pissed!! That geezer needs a whoopin! At least AJ has class. go away old man

LOL guess what? Dale Jr is restarting third. Crazy, right? It wont last. 88 team has a great crew chief, but driver can't drive

Two hours in and the race is only halfway over!!!! the longer the better baby! time for some more DAWGS! I'm up to 13.

Hey man....weird question but how did Dale Jr get the lead? I fell asleep for a minute there then everyone started cheering and i woke up. musta been the sun and the beers LOL

OMG everyone is going cRaZy for Juuuuunior! this is nuts!!!! see, i told you he could still drive!!

No way! I never said he was washed up! Ur putting words in my mouth!!! Whatever man.

I totally called this. Remember last week when I said Dale Jr would win at Martinsville?

Hornish just did another caution!!!! OMG where did they get this guy from? Had he ever raced before nascar?

WTH!? Burton is getting in Harvicks way!!! Did u see that??? Old man needs to step aside for a REAL driver. Burton is holding up the track. Go retire like ward!

Well Harvick took over the lead. I TOLD YOU junior was washed up! this one lady wearing an 88 shirt next to me is crying. every1 is sad. LOL

YEAHAHAHAAH go Kurt BUSH!!!!! Kurt wrecked GORDON!!!!! haaaaaaaaa. everyones cheering. jeff gordon is so lame.

Gordon is such a wonder he doesn't have a sponsor. glad to see GOOD GUYS like harvick stewart and kurt bush getting big-time companies to sponsor them next year.

KENNY SCHRADER is back!!! He's leading on this restart!!! Watch him hold everyone off and win this thing! This is what nascar needs!!

Aw crap. Poor schrader

Look at this!!! Kyle bush is going to wreck JIMMY!! That's right JIMMY. Kyle ain't taking nothing from no one

Take a note, see how Kyle is driving? THAT is how real champions race

Harvick has got this thing in the bag. I'm taking off...gotta beat the traffic! Nice win Happy!

I stopped for three more hot dogs on the way out LOL ... I think I beat 20. Is that a record?

Hey, you still watchin??? Who won?

HAMLIN won? Who cares...Glad I left. Where'd Jimmy finish? I hate that guy

For more texts from your friend, here's what he sent after the Rangers-Rays baseball playoff game.

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