Jimmie Johnson's Sprint Cup Championship Sparks Emotional Reaction From NASCAR Fans

Twitter went quiet shortly after Jimmie Johnson won his incredible fifth consecutive championship – a feat unmatched in NASCAR history.

I asked fans how they were feeling afterward. Here are some of their replies:

@watson16: pretty disappointed at the moment. Not Just me a lot of my friends are too

@amber_cntrygrl: I decided to go hunting instead of watching the final race. I knew who the hell would win the cup, so why bother watching? :/

@HRH0308: JJ's 5 champ has done more damage to the sport than Jr's struggles - no one is that damn lucky!

@BigRob673: gonna be unfollowing a lot of NAPCAR names. It is just to boring, with 1 car dominating the points.

@KatieMcD88: So disappointed. I don't have to like it but you have got to give JJ and Chad the respect.

@blp2008: Words can't express how pissed off I am about him winning again.

@just_denise: I'm happy with Jimmie winning. I actually like him and Chad. But glad season is over and hope Jr makes some changes.

@SwayWithMe1: I'm happy for Jimmie. I wouldn't have minded another team win but I think Jimmie deserves it. He and his team are the best.

@Emergiblog: Just a little sick 2 my stomach with 48. Next year will focus on Kasey and not get so emotionally involved with sport as a whole

@Thummper08: We've hone on to bigger n better things. Football !!!!! We've seen this Movie Before !!!! Good luck

@xMalx: I feel sick to my stomach. At this point NASCAR is just embarrassing. 5 years?Nothing left to say. Over it.

@AllisonW83: I just threw-up a lil in my mouth

@MsNascar47: I'm really happy, and have to wonder if fans felt the same for Richard Petty as they do Jimmie - don't get it.

@luvjunebug88: Turned off. season over. If Dale can hang in drive piles of junk RH gives him guess I'll be back to cheer him on next yr.

@FoxFire3: I have decided to quit following u so put that n ur pipe and smoke it

@RoushGirl17: Well I'm depressed that the season is over, amazed by that 48 team, and looking forward to what next year will bring.

@jimmysand1: I'm in awe of the accomplishment but was hoping for a change to juggle what's become the norm

@simracer: freakin speechless

@kbabsglory: hey I'm not a JJ fan but you can't begrudge the man his due place. They earned it, this was not a gift.

@the14smoke: sorry...had to clean up my vomit before it stained &dreaming that tomorrow we hear 48 failed post race and denny gets crowned!!

@KarlaH48: I think its awesome. Good job 48 team.

@kelleyryan11: I guess it is just an empty cup if someone can win it 5 times in a row.

@pm3900: Disgusted #Nascar got what they wanted! Said KH sped when he was leading out the pits. That got him the title again!

@Foxeychik88: pissed off disgusted angry

@knitwitshair: I am excited! I think it is an incredible feat and in the future people will get over it, but I think it's cool

@alteringpixels: feeling empty and a little like the girl the nite after due to apathetic interview with #nascar 5x champ

@ksmith8202: getting really tired of NASCAR & of Jimmie Johnson! Not sure if I'm going to watch to much next season. Kind of over it.....

@chevygrlloves88: good job for him but damn I'm sick of seeing him win makes me sick!!! So wanted to see a new Champion like Harvick!!!

@ottonut: I was marking on my calendar when to sell my BMS tickets.

@chels2522: I love how ppl are telling you they're pissed.Any real#NASCAR fan has to respect what JJ just did, whether you like him or not.

@jessica794: would have liked a different outcome but I'm not in the camp that got pissed off or thought it was scripted. JJ's just good

@Papaw_Wayne: and as I promissed...48 win the 10 race FARCE that is "the chase" and I'm out of here! SO LONG NA$CAR!!!

@betsywhy: first time in my life I'm glad the season is over

@sarajo30: total let down

@dhammis: have to give credit where it is due. Chad and JJ are tough.

@PDXLeelaB: we have moved on to something more interesting - sick of the damned reruns.

@JenGruszka: there's nothing new to say. they are invincible.

@NCL55: This is awesome, historic and so deserved! Jimmie and Chad are 5 Time Champs! Such excellence in our fav sport!

@digertwo: I never wished for a flat tire more in my life..ruins the sport if you ask me

@CeeJayTravels: This SUCKS! I can't fault the #48, but this is so DISAPPOINTING. I feel kinda numb..

@kebzach: so sick of the #48 winning. Even more sick of the fact that no other teams can or will figure out a way to beat him.

@MelissaM88: Some of us are still here. I honestly think that we all KNEW who was going to win it. So, we're kinda pissy. Bored..

@TerriAnn14: I know one day we will look back on this and be glad we witnessed history but right now I am just so over it.

@khendrix1: Bored as hell. Why should we even watch anymore?

@KayeReshaw: It's a great day for racing! Historic. The team worked really hard and just did it better.

@ruffio77: would of prefered someone else to win it but when you as good as JJ and Chad what else can you expect other then a championship.

@KarlBarthJr: I'm so sick to my stomach. Screw Jimmie and his 5th title. He won't get #6 next year.

@ericmitz: kind of mad at NASCAR fans for threatening to stop watching, even after an amazing season.

@Cowboy_Witch: Hoping all the "fans" who promise they're done with#NASCAR enjoy IndyCar next season. We don't need them anyway.

@hollieh75883: pretty pissed. Think I broke my tv remote cause I threw it lol

@Nytewynd18: upset, deisappoitned, depressed ... do you really want to know how we're feeling? and ready to destroy Harvick

@RPMsandTKOs: i want to fly to south beach and kick Chad and Jimmie in the nuts

@iSirVictor: I was out looking for something to break to help cope with the loss.

@jhcards: NASCAR gives JJ the championship and NASCAR just lost a fan forever. Only race i'll watch is the 500

@rowdygirl1851: Lots of us disgusted. Nothing else to say.

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