Charities Set To Collect More Than $1,000 For John Wes Townley's Victory Over Danica Patrick

As it turned out, 'The Bet' didn't last for as many races as we thought it would be.

But in the head-to-head competition between John Wes Townley and Danica Patrick, Townley was victorious with a clean 4-0 sweep.

That's right – in the four races in which both drivers participated, the former driver known as the "Chicken Man" finished ahead of Patrick every time.

As such, it seems it's time for the 17 people who bet on the Go Daddy girl in our preseason charity bet to pay up.

The Twitter IDs of those people are:

TheSpeedZone - $100 to Greg Biffle Foundation
Spunk72 - $100 to Victory Junction
Roadie6 - $100 to Victory Junction
Dcumbow - $100 to Victory Junction
Stevemichalik - $100 to Kyle Busch Foundation
Becbeat555 - $100 to Victory Junction
Robsanx - $100 to Greg Biffle Foundation
MsHarleyLuxury - $100 to Victory Junction
Ancienthacker - $100 to Tony Stewart Foundation
Hogfan1980 - $50 to Victory Junction
Kicknthetires - $50 to Victory Junction
Girlwithneedles - $50 to Tony Stewart Foundation
Mmar0260185 - $25 to Greg Biffle Foundation, 25 to Hendrick Marrow Program
Canadian_Speed - $25 to Second String Santa of Charlotte
Ericasberry - $50 to American Diabetes Association
Peggyracer3 - $25 to Victory Junction
RvNGrammy - $10 to Victory Junction

Of course, some of those who bet on Townley to win are also invited to donate the money. Personally, my $100 bet on Townley will be headed to Victory Junction Gang Camp (you can click here to see the full list of bettors).

Overall, the 17 people who pledged money if Danica lost totaled $1,185. Hopefully, with the Townley bettors, it'll exceed that number.

'The Bet' was established as a tongue-in-cheek look at Patrick's first season in NASCAR. Predictions for her success were so widespread (and seemingly incorrect) that I challenged readers to take one side or the other: Danica or Townley, who had been the worst NASCAR driver of 2009.

Townley, the champion of 'The Bet,' is apparently now retired. His whereabouts are unknown in the racing community and there is no word that he is expected to return.

Patrick, as you know, isn't going anywhere for now. Stay tuned for 'The Bet, Part II' in 2011.

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