NASCAR Points System Changes Met With Skepticism By Media

Much of the racing media is unhappy with the proposed NASCAR point system changes, and writers are instead suggesting all sorts of alternative ideas. If you missed it, NASCAR is considering overhauling the current points system to award 43 points to the winner and one point to last place.

The main complaint about the 1-43 model, it seems, is NASCAR may not do enough to reward winning (Note: Click any of the red links below to read the related stories).'s Terry Blount, for example, wrote NASCAR's idea is half-good, but doesn't go far enough.

"The overall points change for each race would not emphasize winning," Blount wrote. "It would increase the problem of points racing that has plagued NASCAR for years.

"Unless the winner receives a big bonus, the difference between winning and finishing second is a smaller ratio than the current system. The incentive to win is diminished because it doesn't bring enough of a reward."

Similarly,'s Bob Pockrass opined that though the system would be simpler for fans, more tweaks are needed.

"Such a new system also could make winning less important," Pockrass wrote. "Depending on the number of bonus points awarded, there could be even less of a difference between first and second under the proposed system."

On Twitter,'s Tom Jensen said the 43-1 points system would be simple and help keep the Chase closer, but tweeted he was "STUNNED NASCAR won't reward winning."

USA Today's Nate Ryan tweeted about how well a top-heavy points scale had worked for IndyCar and Formula One, adding "My take on best points system always has been a sliding scale with winning getting heavy weight but little for spots outside top 20."

Reid Spencer of the Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service tweeted simplicity wasn't necessary, and anyone seeking to figure out how many points 15th place paid could easily find that information.

"Points system developed by Bob Latford was well thought out, putting a premium on gaining positions within the top five, for instance," Spencer tweeted. "The 1-43 system would destroy some of the small but significant subtleties of the Latford system."

David Newton of had a different idea altogether. He tweeted a suggestion that NASCAR institute four divisions, then "let division winners and next four on wins get in and have at it."

My take? In this instance, I sided with NASCAR and continue to believe the 1-43 points system is a good idea. There will certainly be bonus points for winning, but the real emphasis on winning will be in how drivers qualify for the Chase.

The biggest reward for winning may not come in the form of points, but in a postseason berth instead.

As Jenna Fryer tweeted: "The top 10 in points making Chase and the other two spots going to race winners is what puts the emphasis back on winning races."

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