Amanda Wright Won't Return As Miss Sprint Cup In 2011

Sprint will unveil its new Miss Sprint Cup lineup on Wednesday night, but the new trio won't include Amanda Wright.

Wright, the blonde from a small town in Maine, said Monday she won't return as Miss Sprint Cup in 2011. She declined to go into specifics regarding the circumstances, but said being Miss Sprint Cup was "one of the best opportunities I've had in my life."

"To be fair to Sprint and to everybody that's given me this opportunity, at the end of the day I just don't think our goals met," she said.

Sprint has already confirmed Paige Duke will return. It's unclear whether longtime Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo will be back as well.

Wright said she's currently looking for other opportunities in the motorsports industry, with a preferred focus on broadcasting.

"Even though it's not worked out the way I wanted it to, it's great for me to have this new opportunity to really go for my ultimate goal: To be a race reporter on the broadcasting side of the sport and really bring that to the TV sets of the millions of Americans who watch the sport," she said.

Wright continues to pursue her degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, but said she hopes to find a new gig while taking classes.

"My ideal opportunity would be doing something within the sport, whether it's working with MRN or PRN, or doing something on TV," she said. "Just something where I can share my love of the sport with everyone across the country –and across the world.

"I'm looking for anything that life will bring. I always say that things happen for a reason, so I'm willing to look at any opportunities that come my way."

Wright plans to attend Sprint's unveiling of the Miss Sprint Cup roster on Wednesday night in Charlotte to show her support for the new lineup (fans can also attend the party at Whisky River from 8-11 p.m.).

You keep up with Wright's next step by following her on Twitter at @manda_wright.

Below: Amanda Wright (left) poses with Monica Palumbo (center) and Paige Duke (right) at the NASCAR Sprint Cup banquet in Las Vegas (Photo / Getty Images).


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