NASCAR Issues Severe Penalties For Unapproved Talladega Windshields

NASCAR handed down severe penalties to three teams late Tuesday evening as a result of unapproved windshields confiscated this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway. 

The three teams involved were Michael Waltrip Racing's No. 00 and No. 56, along with JTG Daughtery Racing's No. 47. 

As a result of the infraction, NASCAR has suspended crew chiefs Rodney Childers (No. 00), Frank Kerr (No. 47) and Chad Johnston (No. 56) for the next four events and each has been fined $50,000. In addition, the car chiefs Steve Channing (No. 00), Raymond Fox (No. 47) and Anthony Lunders (No. 56) have also been suspended for the next four Sprint Cup Series events. 

Michael Waltrip Racing's director of competition Bobby Kennedy has also been placed on probation by NASCAR until December 31. 

NASCAR also docked team owners Rob Kauffman (No. 00), Tad Geschickter (No. 47) and Michael Waltrip (No. 56) 25 points in the owner championship, as well as 25 driver points from David Reutimann (No. 00), Bobby Labonte (No. 47) and Martin Truex Jr. (No. 56). 

According to multiple reports, neither Michael Waltrip Racing nor JTG Daugherty Racing will appeal the ruling. 

Michael Waltrip Racing issued the following statement Tuesday evening: 

Michael Waltrip Racing is ultra-sensitive and very serious about working within the guidelines of NASCAR policy. We do not condone this type of activity and as such we will take appropriate internal corrective action immediately. We thank NASCAR for providing a fair and equitable platform for all of its competitors and respect its decisions; therefore, we will not appeal.

While the current crew chiefs sit out the remainder of the season, Pat Tryson will serve as interim crew chief on the No. 56 car, with Allen Mincey serving as car chief. Bobby Kennedy, while on probation, will serve as the interim crew chief on the No. 00, with Chris Hall taking over the role of car chief. 

MWR said both crew chiefs and car chiefs will return to their posts after serving their NASCAR-mandated suspensions. 

None of the teams involved are currently competing in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. 

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