NASCAR Race Day Weather Forecast At Homestead-Miami Speedway

It's race day at Homestead-Miami Speedway, and the 2011 Sprint Cup season comes down to this last race with only three points separating the the final two contenders. We have heard all week that "nothing will stand in the way" for either Tony Stewart or Carl Edwards when it comes to winning 2011 Sprint Cup.

But the only thing that could "stand in their way" is something neither Edwards or Stewart can control – the weather. 

Mother Nature has had some fun with NASCAR this season and she would be a very unwelcomed guest if she brought rain to NASCAR's final party.

Here's the good news: It appears she will end the season being a fan of NASCAR. The forecast for Sunday looks similar to what we saw Saturday at Homestead – clouds and sunshine with gusty winds. Temperatures will be comfortable near 75-80 degrees. 

There is just a small chance of an isolated shower. Winds have been coming onshore all weekend, and we have seen, on occasion, a few small showers form from this flow off the Atlantic. This is why I mention an isolated threat of showers. The threat is very low and seems very unlikely, but it still needs to be mention. 

This has been another great season. I want to thank Jeff Gluck and SB Nation for giving me a place I can provide NASCAR fans with an accurate weather forecast each and every NASCAR weekend.

It is truly a labor of love and I want all of you who check this forecast every week that I do it for you the fans. I want you all to have the best information you can. My goal is a perfect forecast every week. Sometimes it happens and other times it's a near miss. I truly appreciate the support here and over on Twitter. Thank you once again and here is to an even better 2012!

Conditions in Homestead, FL: Click here for Current Weather Conditions | Look at Doppler RadarMobile Friendly SiteMobile Radar

11:00 a.m EST
Sprint Cup  Pre-race  – Partly sunny, gusty winds, isolated threat of a shower – temp: 80
1:00 p.m EST
Sprint Cup Pre-race –  Partly sunny, gusty winds, isolated threat of a shower – temp: 81
3:00 p.m EST
Sprint Cup Race –  Windy, Partly Sunny, small threat of an isolated shower – temp: 80

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