@nascarcasm's NASCAR Holiday Gift Guide: Your Must-Haves

Tony Stewart shakeweight pic

What should you get your favorite race fan for the holidays? Check out @nascarcasm's NASCAR gift guide. We guarantee you'll find something you like, or your money back!

The holiday season is upon us, so we here in the SB Nation NASCAR department thought it would be helpful to provide our readers with a few unique gift ideas!

Thanks to @nascarcasm – our anonymous yet hilarious satirist – here are a few items you'll want to pick up on Black Friday and add to your holiday shopping list:

1. Tony Stewart Shake(Dead)Weight

This year's Sprint Cup Champion and well-known fitness freak Tony Stewart didn't get rid of that "dead weight" – he shook it off with the Tony Stewart Shake(Dead)Weight!

Using the groundbreaking technology of Dynamic Inertia, the vigorous vibrating action will tone those triceps and help you say "so long" to that pesky (and to this date, unnamed) dead weight! It'll provide a workout so quick and effective, you'll gladly wreck your own mom for one!

2. Austin Dillon Slip N' Stop from Wham-O!

Young Austin Dillon made quite a splash in the Camping World Truck Series this year, winning the championship at the tender age of 21. He also made quite a dent in the infield grass, thanks to his patented victory celebration!

Now you can join in the fun! The Austin Dillon Slip N' Stop is five feet long (No room to slide – but you won't need it) and is made of a special galvanized rubber to ensure high grip!

Get yourself a running start, and make a full-speed, head-first dive! Celebrate your victory by coming to a painful, screeching halt in the ground! (Note: Wham-O is not responsible for any head or spinal injuries suffered as a result of using this product. Use at own risk.)


3. Joe Gibbs Racing/Weber 8-Burner Exploded-Engine-Powered Grill

Nothing says summer like backyard barbecues, and nothing says Joe Gibbs Racing like a smoldering power plant! Lucky for you, Weber and JGR have teamed up to bring you the Joe Gibbs Racing/Weber 8-Burner Exploded-Engine-Powered Grill!

Made with legendary Weber Grill technology, combined with an actual freshly-erupted JGR engine, the still-simmering fumes will give your hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks that delicious, smoky flavor!



4. Brad Keselowski 10" Digital Photo Frame

If you're like us, you have too many great photos and too little space to frame them all.

Some from family vacations. Some from your child's birthday parties. Some of your horrendously mangled ankle that you uploaded to Twitter.

Well, worry no more! The Brad Keselowski Digital Photo Frame lets you view up to 200, 2-megapixel photos of your jacked-up lower joint in crisp detail on the LCD display! The vibrant color will make every bruise, scar, scab and swelling pop right off the screen!


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