@nascarcasm's NASCAR Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2

Tony Stewart shakeweight pic

What should you get your favorite race fan for the holidays? Check out @nascarcasm's NASCAR gift guide. We guarantee you'll find something you like, or your money back!


5. Kurt Busch Battery-Powered Portable Paper Shredder

We know – tearing a reporter's transcript in two makes a bold statement, but does it destroy them? No! They can tape them back together!

But now, thanks to the Kurt Busch Battery-Powered Paper Shredder, you can shred up to 11 sheets at once and 110 sheets per minute, thanks to 5/32" x 2" cross-cut technology. Fits easily in the pocket of your firesuit.

That pesky reporter will NEVER see his or her notes again! Did you say it? Did you not say it? It doesn't matter – all evidence will have been quickly and easily destroyed!


6. Chia Said

Ever wanted to grow your own Said Head? Now you can, thanks to Chia Said!

This terra-cotta likeness of everyone's favorite road-course ringer is guaranteed to sprout a thick tuft of chia within two weeks! It's the road-course ringer that grows! (Note: Do not keep Chia Head in same room as Chia Biffle.)


7. The Special-Edition Talladega Tandem Snuggie

The two-car tandem racing that made the restrictor-plate tracks so exciting this year has found its way into your home, with the Special Edition Talladega Tandem Snuggie.

It's like the two-car blanket with sleeves! Once you pick your drafting partner, both of you can stay stay warm and have use of both your hands!

Change the channel on the remote. Program other drivers' frequencies into your radio. Do whatever! Get yours quick, before cooling system and restrictor-plate changes break you and your drafting partner up! (Note: For those still prefer the 15-person Snuggie that existed before the repave, we're sorry – it has been discontinued.)



8. Interstate Batteries gift paper

You're gonna need some colorful, holiday-themed wrapping paper to wrap all those gifts, and Kyle Busch recommends the Interstate Batteries-brand gift-wrap!

The ornate pattern featuring the Interstate Batteries logo comes in many patterns and colors! Keep some handy, because, well, you never know when you're going to need to suddenly have to wrap something with the Interstate Batteries logo. Or re-wrap something with the Interstate Batteries logo at the very last-minute.


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