NASCAR Champions Week In Las Vegas Kicks Off With 'Newlywed Game'

Since moving its season-ending Champions Week celebration to Las Vegas two years ago, NASCAR has come up with some pretty awesome – and hilarious – events in which drivers can really let loose and show some personality.

Wednesday's "NASCAR Newlywed Game" in the Fremont Street area of downtown Las Vegas was perhaps the best yet.

Drivers were paired into teams and had to answer questions about each other, in the style of the classic Newlywed Game game show.

The program's original host, Bob Eubanks, even hosted Wednesday's game. Teams included Brad Keselowski/Kurt Busch, Denny Hamlin/Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr./Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson/Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman/Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards/Matt Kenseth.

Below are some of the funniest and most outrageous moments from the "NASCAR Newlywed Game."


Question: "If you want a really good laugh, watch my partner when he does this."

Keselowski on Kurt Busch: "Watch his in-car camera."

Earnhardt Jr. on Harvick: "Cuss out his pit crew."

Hamlin on Kyle Busch: "Watch Kyle play any athletic sport."

Best answer: Kurt Busch poked fun at his recent incident with ESPN's Jerry Punch and said: "I've been pretty good at making myself look like an idiot just about everywhere lately. ... There's YouTube all over the place these days."

• Question: "My partner is a good driver, but he'd be better if he drove more like _____."

Keselowski on Kurt: "His brother."

Earnhardt Jr. on Harvick: "Dale Earnhardt."

Hamlin on Kyle Busch: "He thinks he's the best already, but I'll say his brother."

Best answer: Kyle Busch said, "Considering the Busch Brothers are the best out there, it'd have to be Kurt."

• Question: "Which driver's wife do you think could win a wet T-shirt contest?"

Keselowski couldn't come up with an answer, so Hamlin interjected, "Just pick one of my girlfriends."

"I don't know their names!" Keselowski replied.

"I don't either!" Hamlin joked.

Best answer: After Earnhardt Jr. said "My future wife" would win the contest, Harvick guessed Katie Kenseth instead and got it wrong. He protested to Earnhardt Jr., saying "You don't ever bring (your girlfriend) out! I don't even know what she looks like!"

• Question: "What's the funniest thing about your partner's body?"

Kurt Busch on Keselowski: "His grille."

Harvick on Earnhardt Jr.: "His smile."

Kyle Busch on Hamlin: "His hair. It looks like it was cut on Dumb and Dumber."

Best answer: When told Harvick thought Earnhardt Jr.'s smile was funny-looking, NASCAR's most popular driver looked surprised and replied, "Oh, is it??"

• Question: "What's something most people don't know about your partner?"

Kurt Busch on Keselowski: "That he's a really good driver."

Harvick on Earnhardt Jr.: "He used to live in a damn trailer."

Kyle Busch on Hamlin: "He's better than Michael Jordan (at basketball)."

Best answer: Keselowski, who is sponsored by Miller Lite, confessed to the crowd: "I get drunk very easily."

• Question: "If you had to give your partner a nickname based on the way he drives, what would it be?"

Kurt Busch on Keselowski: "Bad Brad."

Harvick on Earnhardt Jr.: "Junior."

Kyle Busch on Hamlin: "Quiet."

Best answer: Earnhardt Jr. guessed "Weapon" for his nickname and then chided Harvick for his "Junior" answer. "Come on!" Earnhardt Jr. said. "That's already my nickname!"

• Question: "What is your partner's most annoying habit?"

Gordon on Johnson: "Winning."

Kenseth on Edwards: "He's always late."

Newman on Stewart: "Always late, too."

Best answer: When Eubanks told Edwards he was always late, the host added, "You're late crossing the finish line, too." The crowd roared and Edwards responded with a playful kick.

• Question: "If you had a daughter, which driver would you forbid her from dating?"

Gordon on Johnson: "Can I pick them all? Based on what I've heard today, I'd say Denny Hamlin."

Kenseth on Edwards: "Danica."

Newman: "Himself (Stewart)."

Best answer: Stewart was one of many in the crowd who cracked up at Kenseth's answer. But he actually liked the idea. "If she starts dating her, I'm gonna be stoked!" he said. Stewart also correctly guessed Newman would not let his daughter date this year's NASCAR champ.

• Question: "What's your partner's biggest turnoff to the opposite sex?"

Gordon on Johnson: "He used to shave his legs in high school."

Kenseth on Edwards: "He likes to look at himself more than her."

Newman on Stewart: "He's the hairiest person I know."

Best answers: Johnson explained his leg-shaving by saying he was on the swim team. Edwards blurted out: "Bad body odor when I'm nervous."

• Question: "Complete this sentence: Ugly, ugly ugly – that's all I can think about my partner's _____."

Johnson on Gordon: "That moustache he had."

Edwards on Kenseth: "His feet."

Stewart on Newman: "His big head."

Best answer: Newman knew Stewart would say his head, and he was correct.

• Question: "I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I'm not too crazy about the way he ______."

Johnson on Gordon: "Whines. It's just the general tone of his voice."

Edwards on Kenseth: "Has too much sarcasm."

Stewart on Newman: "The way he belches in team meetings."

Best answer: Newman had a "TMI" moment and told the crowd, "I can fart the alphabet."

• Question: "Which driver would your partner want to bump out of the way to win a race on the last lap?"

Johnson on Gordon: "Probably me."

Edwards on Kenseth: "Brian Vickers."

Stewart on Newman: "I'd say Brian Vickers, too."

Best answer: Kenseth admitted Edwards was right, but said, "Yeah, but (Vickers) probably wouldn't be leading." The crowd erupted in laughter and Kenseth added, "Guess I'm screwed at Phoenix again next year!"

THE WINNERS: Hamlin/Kyle Busch won the first round and Stewart/Newman won the second round. Stewart's team then won the tiebreaker, which was guessing the attendance at last season's Las Vegas race.

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