Kurt Busch Makes Media Rounds After 'Mutual Decision' To Depart Penske Racing

Kurt Busch made statements and answered questions all over the NASCAR media world today (though not to us), commenting on his split from Penske Racing.

Here's a collection of a few Busch interviews you may like to see/read.

1. Statement on KurtBusch.com

Below, you'll find a video in which Busch says he needs to put the fun back into his own racing. He never looks at the camera and appears to read his statement off cue cards, and it's a bit uncomfortable to watch.

It's as if Busch is trying so hard to be sincere that he comes off as insincere. See for yourself:

2. Interview with ESPN's Marty Smith

Smith sat down with Busch on Monday and the driver wasted no time in criticizing the reports he was "fired" instead of having a "mutual split."

"Everybody likes to jump the gun and post whatever they can (that is) negative, to draw attention to the story," Busch told Smith. "It's unfortunate that (storyline) was getting pushed when there was discussions between me, Roger (Penske), my agent."

Busch also told Smith "it's going to be fun to rebuild" himself through a program his sports psychologist has set up for him and said he's looking forward to doing things "the right way."

3. Interview with Sirius XM Radio's Dave Moody

Unprompted, Busch opened his interview with Dave Moody by telling the radio host he was "doing a favor for a few friends of mine in the media" by answering questions today.

"Then I was like, 'Well, I guess I'm all done now, because I don't have very many friends in the media after I get done talking with you!'" Busch said.

Gee. Wonder why?

To listen to Moody's interview with Busch, click here.

4. Interview with The Associated Press' Jenna Fryer

Busch told the AP "I'm not sure I was the best fit" for Penske Racing.

‘‘My frankness and my intensity, it didn't play the way I intended it to," he said. "It didn't fit.''

The interview (which you can read here) was also notable because Penske VP Bud Denker stressed Busch was not "fired." (Though in Denker's explanation, it sure sounded like a firing.)

"It was not a firing," he said. "We did not fire Kurt Busch. ... We said, ‘Here's where we are going in the future, Kurt, and we talked to our sponsors and they concurred with us.'"

5. Interview with USA Today's Nate Ryan

Busch told USA Today he would consider driving in NHRA next season – anything to put a smile back on his face.

"There's been quite a few things weighing on me," he told the newspaper. "Today is a day where I feel a lot lighter. I can smile honestly and go, 'This is refreshing, and this is a good start.' At end of day, I want to be remembered as a champion driver and someone who represented the sport well."

You can read the complete USA Today interview here.

6. Interview with FoxSports.com's Lee Spencer

Busch described his personality as having two very different sides in an interview with FoxSports.com.

"For 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day, ‘corporate Kurt' fits in, does a great job – I think you can ask any of the corporate sponsors that I've worked with about how well of a job I do," he said. "But when you find yourself like I did –after Homestead, after Phoenix, after Texas, with all the results that we had, it was a pretty big snowball that turned into an avalanche."

7. Interview with Performance Racing Network

Busch said he could tell the second half of the season was "wearing on me" judging by his reaction to various events.

"It was a developing theme over this past year," he told PRN's Doug Rice. "It wasn't any moment that created or started these discussions."

Though there was mixed emotions, Busch stressed he was "optimistic" and a valued free agent. He said he's gotten "quality phone calls and texts coming in" already today.

"I needed a fresh start," he said. "I need to find a way to be a better driver and a better person."

You can hear the full interview here.

8. Interview with SI.com's Brant James

Busch told SI.com his phone was ringing "off the hook as we talk" and felt he had some great options already.

"I think my frankness and intensity doesn't play well with others," he said in explaining his departure.

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