Brian Vickers Maxim Story Creates Stir At Daytona International Speedway

Brian Vickers is portrayed in this month's Maxim magazine as a wild party guy who has a "relentless, connoisseur's pursuit of pussy in all its forms" – an image that has raised a few eyebrows in the NASCAR garage.

Certainly, it was a different Vickers than NASCAR fans see on TV or at the track. Though the way he was portrayed was likely good for sponsor Red Bull, it's not exactly a family-friendly picture.

As Maxim wrote:

He gains velocity by consuming untold vodkas, lurches from club to bar to club, and staggers home with women in multiples. Whether he remembers anything the next morning is a crapshoot.

Was it an accurate portrayal?

"I know that Brian, definitely," close friend Jimmie Johnson said with a chuckle. "With a year off, I think he pursued as many things off track as possible and certainly had a lot of fun.

"Everybody sees things a little differently. Brian has always had an interesting point of view on things. He has never lacked confidence, either. I felt like that came through in the article."

The Maxim story – which also claims Vickers is "the best driver never to have won a Sprint Cup championship" – will undoubtedly give Vickers a positive image in the minds of the magazine's core audience of young males. Since many of those may not be NASCAR fans, it could help recruit those who think NASCAR is only for good ol' boys.

But not all the drivers were happy with the story – at least the portion in which they were mentioned. In one part, Vickers tells the writer he's calling Jeff Gordon to invite him out to a bar.

When Gordon declines the request, Vickers disses the four-time champion to the Maxim writer.

"Fuckin' Gordon," Vickers says. "He used to be a lot of fun."

Gordon (a close friend of Vickers) said that type of story "is not for me."

"I've had great times over the years, but I'm a family guy and I try to represent my sponsors in a way they'd like to be represented," he said."It's different for him. He's young. He's single. He's got Red Bull as a sponsor."

Gordon added: "The next time he's out with a writer from Maxim magazine and he's having a good time, he can forget my phone number about calling me to join them."

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