TALLADEGA, AL - OCTOBER 23: Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the #88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevrolet, waves to the crowd prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Good Sam Club 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on October 23, 2011 in Talladega, Alabama. (Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Gluckometer: Crowd Noise Rankings During Driver Introductions

Each week, SB Nation ranked the crowd noise during NASCAR's pre-race driver introductions. Which drivers got the loudest reaction this season?

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Tony Stewart Wins NASCAR Championship, Race And Tops Homestead Gluckometer Rankings

Booming bass music from DJ Irie and gusty winds prevented an accurate reading from my decibel meter for the final race of the season at Homestead-Miami Speedway, forcing me to rely on the old-fashioned method: Ears.

One thing was for certain, though: Tony Stewart had the most noise in pre-race introductions, even more than Dale Earnhardt Jr.

At the time, I remember thinking I'd be writing this final Gluckometer post with the headline: "Tony Stewart Tops Noise Rankings But Loses Title."

Like many others, I guessed wrong.

The fans who contributed to the last Gluckometer ratings of the season were treated to one of the great championship races in NASCAR history. Here's how the drivers ranked:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Comment
1 Tony Stewart 10 Cheers Fans wanted a Smoke win
2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 9 Cheers Will win Most Popular again
T3 Carl Edwards 8.5 Cheers Cheers for then-points leader
T3 Kyle Busch 8.5 Boos Bad year to be a Busch
T5 Jimmie Johnson 8 Mix Final race in champ's reign
T5 Jeff Gordon 8 Cheers Boos have mostly faded
7 Mark Martin 7.5 Cheers Last full-time race
8 Kasey Kahne 7 Cheers Missing Chase hurt cheers
T9 Kevin Harvick 6 Mostly cheers Popular driver
T9 Juan Pablo Montoya 6 Mix Miami's local driver

Kyle Busch Gets Hostile Reception From Phoenix International Raceway Crowd

You knew this was going to happen: When Kyle Busch was introduced during the pre-race ceremonies at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday, the fans greeted him with a throaty, angry reception.

Following Busch's actions at Texas one week earlier, that was to be expected.

The reaction, though, wasn't quite as loud as anticipated. While Busch did get the most noise of anyone, the volume of cheers for championship contender Tony Stewart was within one decibel of Busch.

Here are the top 10 drivers who got the most noise at Phoenix (ranked by decibels):

Driver        dB Type of Noise Comment
1 Kyle Busch 86.6 Boos Obvious reasons
2 Tony Stewart 85.7 Cheers Fans make title choice clear
3 Jeff Gordon 85.4 Cheers Won Phoenix in February
4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 84.9 Cheers Had a quiet Chase
5 Carl Edwards 84.7 Cheers More noise than usual lately
6 Mark Martin 83.5 Cheers Still plenty of supporters
7 Jimmie Johnson 83.0 Mix Champ's reign ending
8 Kevin Harvick 82.0 Cheers Lots of history at Phoenix
9 Brad Keselowski 80.5 Mostly cheers Now a prominent driver
10 Ryan Newman 80.6 Cheers 2010 Phoenix winner

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Martinsville Crowd Reaction Indicator Of Another Most Popular Driver Win?

In one month, the NMPA/Wheaties Fuel Most Popular Driver Award will be presented at a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has won the last eight MPD awards and is going for his ninth straight (the record is 10 in a row). So does his recent success in the Gluckometer Ratings bode well for another MPD award?

Junior Nation was the loudest once again on Sunday at Martinsville Speedway, where the cheers for Earnhardt Jr. got more noise than the boos for Kyle Busch.

Earnhardt Jr. and Busch have gotten the most noise in the vast majority of weeks this season (we measure the crowd reaction before most races with a handheld decibel meter).

Here are the Martinsville ratings:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Comment
1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 91.6 Cheers No surprise there
2 Kyle Busch 89.1 Boos Boos persist despite quiet Chase
3 Jimmie Johnson 88.9 Mostly boos JJ's reign nearing end
4 Jeff Gordon 88.7 Mix Fans cheered he passed for lead
5 Carl Edwards 88.3 Mostly cheers Points leader, pole-sitter
6 Mark Martin 86.8 Cheers Lots of love for the vet
7 Kevin Harvick 86.6 Cheers "Home" track
8 Tony Stewart 85.6 Cheers Lower than usual for some reason
T9 Juan Pablo Montoya 85.5 Boos Will JPM ever win fans over?
T9 Denny Hamlin 85.5 Cheers Virginia native

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Back On Top Of Crowd Noise Rankings At Talladega

It's Talladega. It's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Of course NASCAR's most popular driver was on top of the crowd noise rankings yet again at the Alabama superspeedway where his family has seen so much success.

But according to our decibel meter, Kyle Busch gave Earnhardt Jr. a challenge. The boos for Busch nearly earned him the top spot in overal noise, but he came up just short.

Here's a look at the Gluckometer Ratings from 'Dega:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Comment
1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 86.8 Cheers Come on. It's 'Dega!
2 Kyle Busch 85.3 Boos Almost more noise than DEJ
3 Jeff Gordon 84.3 Mix About 50/50 cheers/boos
4 Mark Martin 83.6 Cheers Old-school fans, old-school driver
5 Trevor Bayne 83.5 Cheers Pre-Gordon dump
T6 Carl Edwards 81.7 Mostly cheers Points leader has a few haters
T6 Juan Pablo Montoya 81.7 Boos JPM fans scarce in Alabama
8 Tony Stewart 80.3 Cheers Cheers everywhere he goes
9 Jimmie Johnson 79.5 Boos Chilly reception for the champ
10 Kevin Harvick 79.3 Mix Love 'em or hate 'em

Charlotte: Family Members Add Twist To NASCAR Pre-Race Driver Introductions

Typically, the "Gluckometer Ratings" are a measure of how NASCAR's biggest names are received by the fans during pre-race driver introductions.

But Charlotte Motor Speedway added a unique twist: The drivers were introduced by family members (if they chose to do so).

Overall, 31 of the 43 Sprint Cup drivers had a family member or friend announce their spot in the starting lineup to the fans before the Bank of America 500.

As a result, there are some unusual names in the top 10 this week. For example: JJ Yeley's daughter, Faith, charmed the crowd with an adorable introduction of her dad.

Likewise, David Reutimann's daughter and Jeff Burton's son were also a hit with the crowd.

The Busch Brothers – Kurt and Kyle – introduced each other, which gave the crowd an extra opportunity to make their opinion of the drivers heard.

Some more drivers not typically in the top 10 who barely missed the cut thanks to inspired intros by family members: Dave Blaney (daughters), Travis Kvapil (children), Brian Vickers (dad), Bobby Labonte (kids) and Trevor Bayne (parents).

Check out the Family Edition of the Gluckometer ratings this week (measured with a handheld decibel meter from the front row of the grandstands).

Driver        dB Type of Noise Introduced by...
1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 100.2 Cheers Niece
2 Jimmie Johnson 98.3 Mixed Dad
3 Mark Martin 96.8 Cheers Son
4 Tony Stewart 95.7 Cheers P.A. announcer
5 Kurt/Kyle Busch 93.2 Boos Each other
6 JJ Yeley 92.6 Cheers Daughter
7 Jeff Burton 92.4 Cheers Son
8 Jeff Gordon 91.3 Cheers Daughter
9 Carl Edwards 90.3 Cheers Mom
10 David Reutimann 90.0 Cheers Daughter

Richmond: Snooki Fails To Crack Top 10 In NASCAR Driver Introductions

All eyes were on Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi during Saturday's pre-race driver introductions at Richmond International Raceway. After all, how could they not be?

The Jersey Shore star showed up wearing a most unusual outfit – which was apparently meant to accentuate her cleavage – and sported checkered flag boots.

Anyway, when Snooki was introduced to the crowd as a co-honorary starter (she eventually passed the flag-waving duties), NASCAR fans reacted with a mixture of cheers and an odd sound that can only be described as "upset confusion."

It was the sound someone makes when they're given an unpleasant surprise and they don't know what they did to deserve it. Like: Whaaaaaat???

Snooki's noise out-rated many of the drivers on the Gluckometer (she got 84.5 decibels, which was even more than Kasey Kahne's 84.3). But it wasn't quite enough to crack the top 10.

Here are the drivers who did:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Explanation
1 Kyle Busch 90.4 Boos They love the points leader
2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 89.9 Cheers Not enough to out-rank Kyle
3 Jeff Gordon 88.2 Mostly cheers Some boo-birds could be heard
4 Denny Hamlin 88.0 Cheers Hometown driver
5 Tony Stewart 87.1 Cheers He can do no wrong in fans' eyes
6 Mark Martin 86.5 Cheers Still supportive in down year
7 Jimmie Johnson 86.3 Boos Fans not thrilled at six-pack attempt
8 Kevin Harvick 85.7 Mixed A few more boos than usual
T9 Carl Edwards 85.1 Cheers No controversy lately
T9 R. Lee Ermey 85.1 Cheers Drill sergeant from "Full Metal Jacket" was a hit

Bristol Driver Introductions: Who Got The Most Cheers And Boos?

As you've probably heard, driver introductions at Bristol Motor Speedway are unique. Each driver chooses a song to be played as they walk out, and then the driver gets on the microphone to greet the fans.

The result is some unusual names in the top 10 of the Gluckometer this week. Brad Keselowski, AJ Allmendinger and Joey Logano all made the top 10 after their comments to the fans sparked a reaction (you can see why below).

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the night and proved once again that cheers are louder than boos despite what it sounds like in person.

Without my decibel meter, I would have been sure the negative reaction for Kyle Busch was the loudest of the night. But loud boos actually don't measure as many decibels as loud cheers – a pattern consistent with what I've seen before.

Anyway, the funniest moment of the pre-race festivities was when Busch and Earnhardt Jr. were introduced back-to-back (to very different reactions) but were then both driven around the track in the same pickup truck.

One note: Tony Stewart didn't make the top 10 because he was too early in the lineup and the crowd wasn't warmed up yet. Despite telling fans that "I don't plan to be back here for long," his reaction measured just 82.3 decibels.

Here's the top 10 from Bristol:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Comment to fans
1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 90.5 Cheers "Have a good night."
2 Brad Keselowski 88.8 Cheers Brought Iraq war veteran out w/him
3 Mark Martin 88.7 Cheers "Let's get it on tonight!"
4 Kyle Busch 88.1 Boos "Here to take another one."
5 Jeff Gordon 87.9 Mostly cheers Still has some old-school haters
6 Carl Edwards 87.3 Mostly cheers "Thank you guys for being out here."
7 Jimmie Johnson 86.6 Boos Not much love for five-time
8 AJ Allmendinger 85.9 Cheers "WHAT'S UP, BRISTOOOOOL?"
9 Ryan Newman 85.6 Cheers Pole-sitter
10 Joey Logano 85.4 Cheers "(The race) is going to be better than last night's!"

Gluckometer, Indianapolis: Interesting receptions for Edwards, Keselowski

Jeff Gordon's late spike on the Gluckometer was enough to top Dale Earnhardt Jr. in this week's ratings.

Gordon's crowd noise was in the low 86 decibel range, but suddenly it spiked to 87.4 dB for a split second. I wasn't sure if I should count it, but after a little research, I decided the reading was legit.

Tony Stewart likely would have passed Earnhardt Jr. too, but he only had a so-so qualifying effort. Crowd noise always builds as the pole-sitter gets closer to being introduced (it's louder in the top 10 than for drivers 20-11, for example).

The most interesting note of the week is that Brad Keselowski got slightly more noise than Carl Edwards. It seems both made the top 10 (keeping drivers like Kasey Kahne and Kevin Harvick out) as a result of their Gateway incident.

Driver     dB Type of Noise Comment/Explanation
1 Jeff Gordon 87.4 Cheers Back home in Indiana
2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 86.6 Cheers Beat Hoosier fav. Stewart
3 Tony Stewart 85.9 Cheers Mediocre starting spot hurt
4 Jimmie Johnson 85.4 Boos Fans didn't want JJ to kiss bricks
5 Mark Martin 85.3 Cheers Respect for veteran
6 Kyle Busch 84.9 Boos Any cheers drowned out by boos
7 Juan Pablo Montoya 84.2 Boos Unloved, even in Indy
8 *Dallas Clark 83.3 Cheers Popular grand marshal
9 Brad Keselowski 81.7 Mix Slightly more cheers than boos
10 Carl Edwards 81.6 Mix

More boos than cheers

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