NASCAR's American Idols: Trevor Bayne, Joey Logano Appear On Hit TV Show

When it comes to reaching a huge number of people and getting exposed to potential new fans, American Idol is about as big of a stage as there is these days.

So when Idol invited NASCAR drivers Joey Logano and Trevor Bayne to attend Thursday night's results show, both drivers were beyond thrilled to go.

"Man, that was awesome," Bayne said. "I have gotten to do some really cool things recently, but (Thursday) night ranks right up there. I was so excited when I found out that I was getting to go and check it out. We got to sit in the front row right behind the judges and witness it."

Bayne and Logano had a decent amount of camera time, and host Ryan Seacrest gave them a shout-out during the broadcast.

Imagine if just one percent of Idol's 20 million viewers then Googled the drivers to find out more about them. Would some of those people decide to tune into a NASCAR race sometime or perhaps even buy a ticket?

Apparently, the Idol judges themselves are already among those interested in NASCAR. Randy Jackson expressed his enthusiasm for the sport when chatting with Logano, Jennifer Lopez specifically asked to meet Bayne and Logano learned after chatting with the remaining judge that "Steven Tyler is the man, apparently."

"Maybe I need to start dressing like him," Logano joked of the Aerosmith lead singer.

Bayne was floored that Lopez and her husband, singer Marc Anthony, even knew who he was.

"The cool part to me is not that I got to meet them, but that they actually wanted to meet me," he said. "That blows my mind. I mean that is Jennifer Lopez and she wanted to meet me? It is just crazy."

Logano, who also got to meet Hulk Hogan backstage, said he "had a blast" seeing behind the scenes and getting introduced to celebrities.

"I was a total fan, you know?" he said. "I was on the other end of the spectrum than I normally am. It was cool to meet all those guys and get some pictures."

Bayne was introduced to each of the Idol contestants after the show, but said he couldn't pick a favorite because "top to bottom, all of the finalists are so good."

"I really think that it is the most talent they have had on that show in a long time, maybe ever," he said. "I think it is impossible to pick a winner. I got to meet each of them after the show and they were all really cool people. I am rooting for all of them."

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