Incorrect NASCAR Statements Test: How Wrong Are You?

Denny Hamlin has gotten off to a terrible start so far. If you said he'd pick up where he left off last year, you were wrong. (Getty Images)

Look, we're all wrong sometimes. In my case, "sometimes" actually means "a lot."

Just a few weeks ago, prior to the Daytona 500, all of us had at least a few misconceptions about the 2011 NASCAR season. Some of us were more wrong than others.

Below is a list of incorrect statements. Count up how many of these you said – or thought – before the season started, and see how you stack up using the key below:

• "Trevor Bayne? Nice kid, but he has no shot to win a Sprint Cup race this year."

• "Kyle Busch will always come across as a jerk during his interviews."

• "Just because Carl Edwards finished last season with two straight wins doesn't mean he'll have a fast start this year."

• "It doesn't matter what crew chief you stick with Dale Earnhardt Jr., it's not going to help anything."

• "Jeff Gordon just doesn't know how to win races anymore. He's washed up."

• "Richard Childress only signed Paul Menard for the sponsorship money. Menard won't do anything at RCR!"

• "Boy, that new 'Pick a series' points system is really going to put the spotlight on the Nationwide-only drivers."

• "Denny Hamlin is going to pick up right where he left off in the Chase."

• "There's no way ESPN will re-sign Rusty Wallace."

• "It's cool that Brad Keselowski is on Twitter, but he probably won't share his opinion very much since all the drivers are scared of getting fined."

• "The re-designed nose on the front of the Cup cars is going to have a HUGE impact on the racing."

• "Joey Logano is going to make the Chase."

• "Having only one race at Fontana won't do anything to help attendance there."

• "Sure, there wasn't much controversy at Daytona, Phoenix and Las Vegas – but I'll bet you 'Have at it, boys' is going to show itself at Bristol!"

• "Man, those Gibbs motors look STRONG this season!"

• "The two-car hookups at Daytona are going to make for a terrible race."

• "I highly doubt Jimmie Johnson will ever start tweeting."

• "I highly doubt Jeff Gordon will ever start tweeting."

• "What!? Brad Keselowski has a brother who races??"

• "Write this down: Kevin Harvick will go winless this year."



You made 1-5 of the above statements: You are the NASCAR Nostradamus. Quit your job immediately and move to Las Vegas.

You made 6-10 of the above statements: Nobody's perfect, but it's clear you follow the Sprint Cup Series closely, and your knowledge has paid off. (Psst...can you help me with my fantasy picks?)

You made 11-15 of the above statements: Uh, have you been hanging out with Charlie Sheen recently?

You made 16-20 of the above statements: Congratulations! You are now officially qualified to be a NASCAR "expert." See you at the track!

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