Does Kyle Busch Really Get All Boos? Not At Texas Motor Speedway

After last week's Gluckometer ratings, which had Kyle Busch ranked No. 1 – with all boos – Busch's lovely bride, Samantha, questioned the Gluckometer's accuracy.

She tweeted:

@samantha_busch: time 4 a hearin check up, there were cheers!

Could it be? Could the Gluckometer have messed up?

Well, sure. It's possible. After all, it's just a combination of my ears and a handheld decibel meter that probably isn't the most scientific tool.

Still, I'm pretty sure the Martinsville fans booed the crap out of Kyle Busch. But Samantha's tweet certainly made me pay more attention to the Texas fans to ensure I was giving an accurate reading.

Sure enough, Busch didn't get all boos at Texas. He just got mostly boos.

So, score one for Sam (who has always been nice to SB Nation) – and also for Tony Stewart, who got the most noise of any driver in the Lone Star State.

Here are the complete rankings for this week:

Driver        dB Type of Noise Explanation
1 Tony Stewart 93.8 Cheers Texans love tell-it-like-it-is driver
2 Kyle Busch 92.9 Mostly boos My hearing checkup is scheduled
3 Jimmie Johnson 92.7 Mixed No middle ground with JJ
4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 92.6 Cheers Imagine if he qualified better
5 Jeff Gordon 92.1 Mostly cheers Boo-birds have all but disappeared
6 Mark Martin 91.8 Cheers Texans love ol' Mark
7 Carl Edwards 91.6 Mixed Some vocal Carl skeptics
T8 Juan Pablo Montoya 91.5 Boos Always booed, but boos bigger in Texas
T8 Kevin Harvick 91.5 Cheers Crowd was 'Happy' to see Harvick
10 Bobby Labonte 91.2 Cheers Love for Texas native
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