NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Fan Vote: Worth Voting Even If You're Not A Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fan?

Voting for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race is on a record pace so far, with more than 400,000 votes already cast as of Thursday.

But is it worth voting if you're not a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, who is undoubtedly going to win the fan vote?

The answer is YES – it's still worth voting. Here's why: The driver who gets the most votes won't necessarily be the "winner" of the fan vote.

In fact, there are three scenarios in which the theoretical winner (we're assuming Earnhardt Jr.) wouldn't take the fan vote position to get into the All-Star Race:

• If Earnhardt Jr. finishes in one of the top two transfer spots in the Sprint Open, he won't need the fan vote. Then it would go to whoever has the second-most votes.

• If Earnhardt Jr. doesn't finish on the lead lap of the Open for some reason (let's say he has a flat tire or gets caught up in a wreck), the fan vote would also go to the No. 2 driver. Drivers must finish on the lead lap in order to be eligible for the fan vote.

• Earnhardt Jr. could win a race between now and the All-Star event, which would leave the voting wide open.

So while a vote for your favorite driver might be a "just in case Earnhardt Jr. doesn't need it" scenario, it's still worth it. You can either visit to vote or cast a vote via text on your Sprint phone (which counts double). You have to text "VOTE" to 7777 if you're going that route.

Here are the top 10 drivers in the voting as of Thursday (in alphabetical order):

  • AJ Allmendinger
  • Marcos Ambrose
  • Jeff Burton
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Bobby Labonte
  • Joey Logano
  • Paul Menard
  • Martin Truex Jr.
  • Brian Vickers
  • Michael Waltrip
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