2011 NASCAR Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony: Highlights From Allison, Pearson, Petty And More

The NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremony has concluded, and here are a couple highlights from the evening. We'll update this with post-ceremony reaction as the inductees make their way through the media center.

Words from those who introduced the inductees:

"I never heard anyone say anything bad about Bud Moore. Of course, I'm hard of hearing..." – MRN's Barney Hall, who later had plenty of praise for his longtime friend Bud Moore.

"He raced to put the food on the table. That's what it was all about. It was not about the trophies, it was about keeping the family together." – Kyle Petty, on his grandfather Lee Petty.

"Most of our favorite memories are the times we spent with our dad. And tonight is the ultimate memory." – Glenn Jarrett, on his father Ned Jarrett.

"I'm here to tell you, friends – he wouldn't let his mother win." – Donnie Allison, on his why his brother, Bobby, wouldn't let son Davey win.

"Although we know David as an icon, he doesn't understand what all the hoopla is about, why someone wants his autograph. That's what makes him special." – Russell Branham, former PR director at Darlington Raceway.

Words from the inductees' speeches:

"The answer is simple: One who made many contributions to building the sport, whose handshake was as good as any contract (and) who always gave a straight answer. Most of all, to be remembered as a man who loved his family, country and the sport of racing." – Bud Moore, on how he wanted to be remembered.

"Always felt like he was the leader. He should have been up here (in the Hall) way before I was. The way it ends up, I'm pushing him now; he pushed me all of his life." – Richard Petty, accepting on behalf of his father, Lee Petty.

"Thank" and "Thankful" – Ned Jarrett said one of those words a total of 30 times during his speech.

"All four of our kids were just really, really special kids. I just enjoyed all four of them. We lost Clifford, we lost Davey. That was just so hard on me and Judy. You know, the world I hope never is that cruel to any other family again. But it happened. We survived it. People helped us and supported us. I just really appreciate that." – Bobby Allison, on his family's personal tragedies.

"He's probably the one that made me win as many as I did. I'd run hard because he'd make me run hard. ... I've had more fun running with him than anyone I've ever run with." – David Pearson, thanking his longtime rival Richard Petty.

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