Kyle Busch Speeding Ticket Draws NASCAR Driver Reaction

Kyle Busch's speeding ticket has been the hot topic of the day Thursday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Most drivers that came into the media center were asked what they thought of their fellow driver's extreme speeds away from the race track.

Many dodged the question, saying it was none of their business, but others let their voices be heard.

Here is what they had to say:

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: “Sometimes you go a little fast, even away from the race track I guess. I’ve been guilty of the same thing myself, just been lucky enough not to get caught.

“I don’t really know if I got that fast. I didn’t know if we had enough straight road in North Carolina to get going that quick, but apparently there is a piece somewhere."

Kevin Harvick: “I think some people are their own worst enemy when it comes to being responsible as a person or as a business person or anything that comes with life’s responsibilities.

"For me, they won’t even let me drive down the highway because I drive five miles per hour over the speed limit and it tends to take us a lot longer to get to places. Since I’ve been about 16 or 17 years old, I haven’t been into really driving fast down the highway or anything reckless on the road. It’s not really the place to do that.

"I don’t really know how to answer that to be honest with you, because I’ve never driven a vehicle 120 plus down the highway. It could put a lot of people in a bad situation.”

Kurt Busch: “Are drivers weighing in or are they being forced to give their opinion? Talking with Kyle about it, I feel like he definitely understands the mistake that he made and that speed is supposed to be saved for here at the race track and putting on a good show.

"All of us drivers have a responsibility as being role models to what we can teach our youth on the roadways. There are posted speed limits and rules and laws; that’s what we have to do. Whatever comes of it, he has his court date and things will be ironed out. He’ll learn from the situation and be a better person from it. I think I was 26 years old when I got put through my big episode and it definitely changes the way that you look at things. There’s a responsibility that all of us have.”

Jimmie Johnson: “I think consistency is the key in whatever other issues that have taken place off the track. There should be a precedent there and that’s how they engage and interact. I don’t know how to really form an opinion on that. You’ve got to get into the fine print of the rule book.

"I think I’m learning a little bit through this as well. You don’t need a valid driver’s license to compete, is that correct? It’s in there and when you have leagues and players unions and things there are penalties that are usually passed along and make sense because you are part of a league, we’re not in that situation. I don’t know. I don’t have an answer and I’m kind of watching and learning as we go here just to see what it is.”

Ryan Newman: “If you don’t have to have a driver’s license to compete in the series, then what happens on the street has no affect as to what happens on the race track in my opinion. That’s what you hold a driver’s license for. If he’s charged criminally, then that’s a different situation, right? Versus being charged with a driver-related issue.

"My point about the license part of it is if you don’t have to have a driver’s license to compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, then, no matter what, it’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) related in my opinion. If he would have clobbered a mail box at 128, then that is a federal situation.

"There are different ways of looking at it is my point. If something was to happen to it…it is just a private car incident that has no affect on his eligibility to drive a Sprint Cup car or a Nationwide car. But, to me, it is a very gray area in reference to the police officer and what he did as to how he got away as clean as he did. I think that is probably your judgment question. If it was you running 128 in a 45, would he have treated you the same way? Every officer has to answer that question a different way depending on who he is dealing with.

“I don’t think NASCAR can do anything because they don’t require a driver’s license...(128 is) just what they clocked him at, he could have been going faster.”

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