From The Mind Of @nascarcasm: Racing Imagery To Make You Laugh

Each week, our satirist @nascarcasm provides an image we hope will give you a chuckle or two.

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NASCAR Image Of The Week: DeLana Harvick's Revenge On Tony Stewart

Here's the latest from our friend @nascarcasm, who has done some investigative reporting on the whereabouts of a certain marine animal in New England.

Says @nascarcasm:

After last week's much-publicized grabbing of her behind, DeLana Harvick has hired the Loudon Lobster to help her exact revenge.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Helmet-Throwing Tony Stewart Receives Honor

The NASCAR world is still abuzz over Tony Stewart's helmet toss toward Matt Kenseth during Saturday night's Bristol race, and now Stewart is receiving even more recognition – at least according to the mind of @nascarcasm.

@nascarcasm sent in this photo with the caption: "Big day for Tony Stewart in his home state of Indiana, as a fellow state legend gives him a very rare and prestigious honor."


(Click on the image above to see the full-size version)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: Mars Rover, Danica Patrick Share Misfortune

The Mars rover "Curiosity," which has been sending pictures back to Earth for the last couple weeks, suddenly lost all communication with NASA on Monday when it hit an unexpected bump – at least according to our friend @nascarcasm.

In fact, @nascarcasm was able to obtain the last known transmission from the rover, and has shared the image below with the rest of us:



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Just How Good Was Watkins Glen Finish?

Our buddy @nascarcasm just sent this along. Seems even the latest Internet meme is going to have to change its attitude.

Just how impressive was Sunday's finish of the NASCAR Watkins Glen race?



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Pocono Raceway Critters Want Revenge

We just received this image from the anonymous satirist known as @nascarcasm, who apparently stumbled across this poster in the woods near Pocono.

@nascarcasm had this to say about his discovery: "This week at Pocono Raceway, the animal kingdom means business."



NASCAR Image Of The Week: New Pit Sign For Sam Hornish Jr.

Pssst! Hey Sam, over here!

After Sam Hornish Jr. caused a crash during Sunday's Nationwide Series race at Chicagoland and blamed it on being distracted by his hood pins, @nascarcasm submitted this idea for a new pit sign that is sure to get the driver's attention:


(Credit for the real part of the photo: Sam Sharpe / US Presswire)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: Kevin Harvick's Campaign Poster

Our buddy @nascarcasm just dropped us a note to say he's discovered Kevin Harvick is running for some kind of political office – at least according to this campaign poster.

Hope? That's not Harvick's campaign theme. Instead, a run-in with another driver at the New Hampshire Nationwide Series race appears to be on his mind.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: No. 17 Team Gets Daytona 500 Rings

Roush Fenway Racing's No. 17 team received Daytona 500 championship rings on Tuesday morning in honor of Matt Kenseth's victory earlier this season.

But the artist known as @nascarcasm didn't quite feel they captured the essence of the race enough, so he added an appropriate twist:


(Original photo via Mike Calinoff)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: Silly Season Interview Helper

The NASCAR world was rocked this week when Matt Kenseth and Roush Fenway Racing announced the driver would not be returning to the No. 17 Ford next season.

So what does this mean? It's the OFFICIAL start of the 2012 NASCAR "Silly Season" -- the seemingly endless and oft-confusing period of speculation as to to which free-agent drivers will end up with which team next year!

Until announcements are made official, drivers and owners are faced with the painstaking task of shoving aside or providing non-answers to questions from the media regarding their future destination. Now you can, too!

With @nascarcasm's series of NASCAR Silly Season refrigerator magnets, compose your own vague and non-committal answer to the question of, "Can you tell us where are you going next year?"


Here's an example of proper magnet use:


Here's another one:


And finally:


It was never been so fun and so easy to be so deflective! Try your own!


NASCAR Image Of The Week: Pit Road Penalty Bingo

Just received this from @nascarcasm. Sounds like a fun game, actually.

In light of Sunday's successful race at Pocono Raceway, the track has just announced that a new game will be available to fans heading to the August race. Keep an eye on pit road, fans, and you could win FABULOUS prizes!



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Busch Brothers Star In New Movie

Satirist @nascarcasm claims to have caught wind of a new movie featuring brothers Kyle Busch and Kurt Busch.

Here's the movie poster he submitted:



NASCAR Images Of The Week: Retro Music/Racing Partnerships Gone Bad

It was revealed Thursday that 90's-rap phenom Vanilla Ice would be driving the honorary pace car for next week's NASCAR event at Pocono Raceway.

While many scoffed at the idea, it's unfortunately NOT the first time a one-hit-wonder of questionable talent teamed up with NASCAR – at least according to the mind of our satirist @nascarcasm.

Take a look at some of these blasts from the past:

2011: JJ's Hammer Pants Firesuit

Kobalt Tools, a sponsor of Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 team, wrongly chose to affiliate themselves with MC Hammer. A poor effort of cross-promotion led to the now infamous Hammer-Pants Firesuit.


2005: The Humpy Wheeler Dance

Famed Charlotte Motor Speedway promoter "Humpy" Wheeler, known for the pomp and bombast of his pre-race shows, would rather forget his foray into hip-hop, teaming up with Digital Underground to perform "The Humpy Dance" before that year's Coke 600.

A confused crowd stood silent and cross-armed. Wishing the crowd "Peace and Humpiness forever," Wheeler walked offstage and the gimmick was never used again.


2008: Boris Said Fred

Boris Said figured a road-course-ringer and a one-hit wonder would be a perfect match. However, "Boris Said Fred" failed miserably, as did novelty single, "I'm Too Scruffy."


2009: Bobby Got Back

Former Sprint Cup champion Bobby Labonte was able to convince the desperate Sir Mix-A-Lot that the "Bobby Got Back" promotion was a bad idea, and thus, it never saw the light of day.


2012: Monster Makeover (pending)

Should the Vanilla Ice appearance at Pocono receive good press, Dover International Speedway will team up with legendary 80's one-hit-wonder A Flock Of Seagulls and...well...



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Jimmie Johnson's New Video Game

Last year, Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine video game was released. It gave players a chance to race anything from recliners to lawn mowers to shopping carts.

But the game was missing one important element, which Johnson showed after his win Saturday night in the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.

Fortunately, Johnson and his video game team are already planning an update to the game – at least according to @nascarcasm.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Hey Kurt, Look Out!

SB Nation's @nascarcasm has obtained a still from Kurt Busch's video statement addressing the pit-road incident last weekend at Darlington and the subsequent run-in with the No. 39 team's pit crew.

While the video has not been released, we speculate it does not end well based on the image below:



NASCAR Images Of The Week: Tony Stewart's New Sponsors

Our satire expert @nascarcasm just wrote in to tell us he received the following press release today:

From: Stewart-Haas Racing


Think a churlish interview would be detrimental to a NASCAR driver? Think again!

Stewart-Haas Racing is pleased to announce new sponsors for the 2012 season, based entirely on 2011 Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart's now-legendary "tongue-in-cheek" post-race interview at Talladega. They are as follows:





NASCAR Image Of The Week: Sprint's New Must-Have Device For Fans

You may have heard a lot about debris cautions in NASCAR lately, particularly after Tony Stewart said the race-altering caution on Saturday night at Richmond was unnecessary.

Fans sometimes don't see the caution-causing debris on TV, which can lead to conspiracy theories from those who desire to see the evidence – though NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton called those people "needy" on Tuesday.

Anyway, whether you're needy or not, our anonymous satirist @nascarcasm has uncovered a huge scoop: Sprint is about to unveil a new device that no debris-watcher can live without.

Click on the image below to see @nascarcasm's exclusive:


(Make sure you click the image to see the full-size version)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: A New Campaign For NASCAR Home Tracks

This week, our satirist @nascarcasm has uncovered some exclusive information that shows NASCAR is modifying its "NASCAR Home Tracks" campaign.

See for yourself:



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Victory Lane Celebrations Gone Wrong

Our friend @nascarcasm – the anonymous satirist and graphic artist – just submitted his latest piece, which we think you will find pretty funny.

Says @nascarcasm:

On Saturday night at Texas Motor Speedway, Greg Biffle held off Jimmie Johnson to score the win in the Samsung Mobile 500. As is tradition at Texas, Biffle donned a cowboy hat and fired two six-shooters into the air while in Victory Lane.


This well-known tradition begs the question: Have other tracks attempted to work their own local customs and/or attire into their victory-lane celebrations?

The answer is YES, albeit unsuccessfully. Here are a few notable failures:

Kyle Busch at Kentucky:


Matt Kenseth at Daytona:


Ricky Stenhouse Jr. at Las Vegas:


Tony Stewart at Chicagoland:



NASCAR Image Of The Week: More Bad Luck For Jeff Gordon And The No. 24 Team's Gas Man

According to our anonymous satirist @nascarcasm, things got worse for the No. 24 team while leaving California.

It seems a miscommunication while the plane taxied to the airport runway about whether everyone was on board led to more trouble for the gas man.


(Click on the image to see the full-size version)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: Bristol Motor Speedway's Newest Feature

The anonymous satirist known as @nascarcasm is back this week with the latest in his series of NASCAR images. @nascarcasm says:

He's at it again! On the heels of the success of the World's Largest HD Video Screen at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Speedway Motorsports Inc. CEO Bruton Smith has announced Bristol Motor Speedway will be getting an even more eye-popping feature – what Smith describes as "The World's Largest Free-Standing Stacks of Unused Race Tickets."

Smith's new installation will eclipse the previous record-setting stack of unused tickets, held by the Florida Marlins, by several hundred feet.


(Click on the image to see the full-size version)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: New Trophy For 2012 Daytona 500

BREAKING NEWS: NASCAR humorist @nascarcasm has obtained this exclusive photo from Victory Lane. Here's his caption:

Moment of Triumph: Matt Kenseth and the #17 crew hoist the hastily-redesigned Harley J. Earl Trophy in Victory Lane after winning last night's Daytona 500.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: What Carl Edwards' Car Will Look Like At Daytona 500

Our friend and satirist @nascarcasm is back this week, offering up an exclusive image of Carl Edwards' Daytona 500 car.

The mysterious @nascarcasm says he obtained this photo of the revised No. 99 car after learning Edwards would attempt to please all of his many sponsors for the 2012 season in one shot. He also credits the Twitter account known as @TheMiniChad for the idea.



(Click on photo for full image)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: Special Anti-SOPA Edition

It seems the anonymous NASCAR satirist known as @nascarcasm is concerned about SOPA, and he submitted this image today with the potential consequences of the legislation in mind.

If SOPA were to pass, @nascarcasm could no longer create images such as the one below.

Here's the caption @nascarcasm claims goes with this photo: Oscar winners (from left) Christian Bale (Best Actor In A Supporting Role, "The Fighter"), Natalie Portman (Actress In A Leading Role, "Black Swan"), Melissa Leo (Actress In A Supporting Role, "The Fighter"), Colin Firth (Actor In A Leading Role, "The King's Speech") and Kurt Busch (Best Directing, Cinematography, Costume Design and Short-Subject Documentary, "A Positive Step For Me"), celebrate backstage following the Academy Awards, which honor achievement in filmmaking.


(Click image to see full-size version)


NASCAR Image Of The Week: A Solution For Busy Racing Media

Man, it's been a crazy offseason. It seems like every single day there's been some sort of breaking news regarding driver movement, crew chief changes or sponsorship.

It's left NASCAR reporters like me to wonder: 'When will we get a break?'

Fortunately, our good friend @nascarcasm has come up with a solution. This early Christmas gift popped up in my e-mail today:

Motorsports journalists, are you finding the 2011 Silly Season frustrating? Does it seem like every time you're about to power down your laptop after writing a story about a driver/crew chief/sponsor change, another announcement comes along?

Well, to help you with any further Silly Season changes, we at SB Nation kindly offer you an easy-to-use template from which you can write any further stories. No more stressing about the lede, transcribing the quotes, etc. Just fill in the blanks.

Sounds good to me! Check out the image below or download the PDF here and fill in the blanks yourself.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Secret Note From Jimmie Johnson To Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Fox Sports television analyst Larry McReynolds revealed Wednesday via Twitter that NASCAR will likely ban radio communication between drivers during the Daytona 500 in order to discourage the two-car drafts.

In light of the potential rule change, our satirist @nascarcasm did some digging and discovered some secret correspondence between two high-profile Hendrick Motorsports drivers.

No word yet as to whether NASCAR will crack down on this type of communication as well.



@nascarcasm's NASCAR Holiday Gift Guide: Your Must-Haves

What should you get your favorite race fan for the holidays? Check out @nascarcasm's NASCAR gift guide. We guarantee you'll find something you like, or your money back!


NASCAR Image Of The Week: NASCAR Clarifies 'Boys, Have At It' Once And For All

Following Kyle Busch's deliberate wrecking of Ron Hornaday Jr. during Friday night's truck race at Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR harshly disciplined the skilled yet temperamental driver, parking him for the remainder of the weekend, fining him $50,000 and placing him on probation.

Furthermore, to refute any allegations that the now-famous 'Boys, Have At It' disciplinary policy is vague, ambiguous or inconsistently enforced, NASCAR has offered up a thorough, comprehensive and very detailed diagram explaining the specific protocol of the policy.

It was exclusively obtained, naturally, by our satirist @nascarcasm. Check it out:


NOTE: The above diagram is a follow-up to the diagram issued by NASCAR earlier in the year, which further detailed the specifics of the 'Boys, Have At It' policy following the Kevin Harvick/Kyle Busch post-race altercation on pit road at Darlington.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Red Bull Racing's Suspicious 'New' Driver

Brian Vickers sure made a lot of people mad while being involved in five cautions during Sunday's Martinsville Speedway race.

So according to this interesting Red Bull Racing press release obtained by our satirist @nascarcasm, the team is making a move to "satisfy any lingering animosity" toward the organization.

The suspicious press release:


We at Red Bull Racing Team are aware that following Sunday's Tums Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville Speedway, some competitors in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series were upset with the actions of one of our drivers.

Therefore, Red Bull Racing Team has announced that little-known Sprint Cup driver Bruno Grégoire Étienne Vicqares from Grenoble, France will drive the No. 83 Red Bull Toyota for the remaining three races of the 2011 Sprint Cup season.

We hope this this personnel change will satisfy any lingering animosity you may have toward our organization, and more importantly, expel any desire any competitors may have to intentionally wreck the No. 83 car.

Mr. Vicqares is excited for his Cup debut next week at Texas Motor Speedway, and hopes his car is 'très bien.'


Red Bull Racing Team

(Below is a picture of Mr. Vicqares)



NASCAR Image Of The Week: The Flight Home From Talladega

After Sunday's NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway, things got a little awkward for some of the Sprint Cup Series drivers on the way home from the race.

Graphics artist @nascarcasm gives us the scoop here.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: The Jimmie Johnson Media Meter

Looks like graphics artist @nascarcasm has picked up on the Jimmie Johnson turnaround storyline (for more, check out this week's column).

Here's his sales pitch:

"Find difficulty in evaluating Jimmie Johnson's performance during the Chase? Looking to add some intrigue to a championship race that may be won by the same guy for six years straight? Worry no longer!

Purchase the official Jimmie Johnson Chase For The Sprint Cup Media Trajectory Meter, flip it on during the next Chase race, and it'll quickly become a task easier than a Cup driver winning a Nationwide race!

Purchase now – only six races left!"



NASCAR Image Of The Week: New Hampshire Lobster Out For Revenge

Uh oh. The artist known as @nascarcasm has photographic evidence of a revenge plot currently taking place at the racetrack.

Says @nascarcasm: "With revenge on his mind from years of exploitation in Victory Lane at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, this year's Loudon Lobster unleashes a weekend-long reign of terror."



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Oliver Stone Gets Wind Of Paul Menard Conspiracy Theory

Looks like director Oliver Stone has heard about the conspiracy theory that says Paul Menard intentionally spun out to help Richard Childress Racing teammate Kevin Harvick – at least according to @nascarcasm.

Stone hasn't had too many hit movies since JFK, but this sounds like a good one.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: The Tony Stewart Anger Advisory Alert System

Tony Stewart can occasionally be unpleasant toward reporters, as he was in a televised media availability session on Friday at Richmond International Raceway.

In light of that development, humorist @nascarcasm humbly submits this color-coded "Tony Stewart Anger Advisory Alert" system:



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Snooki Does Richmond

Yes, it's true. Everyone's favorite debauched, super-tanned star of MTV's Jersey Shore, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, will wave the green flag at Richmond International Raceway!

Here's @nascarcasm's idea of what it'll look like when she pays a visit to the No. 20 team hauler.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: 'Misery' The Secret To Success?

Our artist @nascarcasm is back this week with an image concerning the secret to NASCAR success.

Says the artist: "Observing how Brad Keselowski began a streak of incredible luck after suffering an ankle injury, several drivers take matters into their own hands...and get in line."



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Not All Australians Happy For Marcos Ambrose

You'd think all Australians would cheer Marcos Ambrose's first career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory at Watkins Glen today. But nooooo.

Thanks to @nascarcasm, you can see that one of Ambrose's fellow Aussies was not too pleased about the win.



NASCAR Image Of The Week: Should This Be Pocono Raceway's New Logo?

In light of the rain-delayed Camping World Truck Series and ARCA races at Pocono Raceway this weekend – and the threat of rain for today's Sprint Cup Series race – @nascarcasm has designed a new logo for the "Tricky Triangle."


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