NASCAR At New Hampshire Motor Speedway: Drivers Sound Off After The Lenox Industrial Tools 301

Ryan Newman (on his fuel situation at the end of the race):

I kind of got the hunch that they didn't get as much (fuel) in as they'd hoped to. But I was saving quite a big, or just as much as I could. Luckily we had that lead and luckily it stayed green or it would have been a green-white-checkered position or situation and we wouldn't have been able to make it. But I'm just really proud of the guys. Tony Gibson (crew chief) made a gutsy call and it paid off. It's a big win for us and for our team at this point in the season and I'm just really proud of their efforts.

Tony Stewart (on what the win means for Stewart-Haas Racing):

It's huge. It's no secret we've been struggling this year. But it really shows me the depth of the people we got in our organization. It's been one of the weirdest years as far as just weird things and bad luck happening to both of us. 

Our guys at our shop just keep plugging away, they keep working, they keep their chins up. That's probably what I'm most proud of. It's easy when things are going right. But when times are tough and you have a day like today, you see how your organization battles. That's to me what shows the character of what Stewart Haas Racing is about, what our people are like.

That's probably what I'm most proud of in the last two and a half years, is how we've come from the first half of the season to a weekend like this weekend.

Tony Stewart (on what he told Ryan Newman in Victory Lane):

I just told him I was proud of him. I told him I was proud of him and it was a great day for our organization, great day for the Army. Colonel (Derik) Crotts was here. He's retiring after 31 years of serving our country. Couldn't think of a more perfect day for him to be at the racetrack. We don't get him at the races every weekend. To have Colonel Crotts here, get the U.S. Army Chevy in Victory Lane, that's an awesome weekend. You don't want him to go into retirement, but knowing he's going, it was a perfect way to send him off.

Denny Hamlin (on if he had enough fuel at the end):

Well, I don't know. We won't know until here after the race, we fill the car back up and figure out how much I had left. 

Obviously, I was running the 39 down. The crew chief is screaming that we got to back off. At that point you have to think about the risk versus reward. If we go out there and try to win the race, we get about 10 more points than what we get if we coast and get a third place finish, or if we go for it and miss, run out of fuel, we end up with minus 20, 30 points.

It's just risk versus reward racing with these fuel mileage things. As bad as I wanted to go up there and race those guys, I had to make the smart move and finish the race.

Carl Edwards (on how physically demanding the race was):

We don't sit down, come on. I thought that was a 400 lap race. They called it short I guess. I think Jimmie (Johnson) was sitting down on the pit wall because he is intimidated by our points lead right now. No, we had fun. That was a very fun race. It is fitting we have Aflac for a sponsor because I feel like I was buying insurance at the end. I was letting those guys go by one point at a time thinking that if we had a green-white-checkered we could win this thing. I knew we could lose more than we could gain there. It is hard to back up like that but it worked out.

Kasey Kahne (on his incident with teammate Brian Vickers):

It's a teammate so I wouldn't usually stay there with Brian (Vickers) because we raced each other really clean. But it was (Dave) Blaney and he was going backwards because they were just a little bit off the pace, which is perfectly fine and they doa great job. He's going to let me go as we're going down the straightaway - I know that from racing with him all the time. Then it would have been two-wide for me and Brian back at the start-finish so I thought we would just stay there and be two-wide at the start-finish. Brian must not have known that I stayed there. He probably thought that I was going to back out. I wish that wouldn't have happened for sure, but I was there.

Kyle Busch (on why he hit the wall):

Blew a bead. Fastest car here - getting through the field pretty good and kind of the only guy passing guys I guess there. We made some big changes there on that pit stop. We came back and got four (tires) just to make sure that we got all the changes we wanted to. Working our way up through there with the Interstate Batteries Camry. Just blew a bead I guess. Transferring too much brake heat through the wheel. Couldn't tell you anything else besides that. Kind of knew things weren't going to go our way today. This morning, woke up and everything went wrong that could go wrong. Pretty much seemed right.

Kevin Harvick (on his day):

I don't even need to say anything... Looking forward to a week off to regroup and take a break from the world.

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